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Flying Fish at the Cape Cod Canal | August 1st Report

Ryan Collins

This morning at around 1:30am, I encountered a tropical flying fish in the area of the Cape Cod Canal.

I have seen flying fish before when I was fishing the canyons, but that was nearly 100 miles offshore in the tropical waters of the Gulf Stream.

I also saw flying fish this past winter while fishing the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Costa Rica.

But I have never seen flying fish in the Cape Cod Canal, or anywhere else along Cape Cod's inshore coastline - until this morning.


Fortunately I had my GoPro camera with me, and I was able to capture a pretty cool underwater video.

Please click play below to watch! 👇

This was such a cool encounter!

You just never know what wildlife you are going to see when you go fishing. 

If you would like to learn exactly where I encountered this flying fish, then please click here for the location. ✌🏻

Tight lines! 🎣

What do you think?

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  1. WoW a real flying fish what is next?

    1. I guess we just never know, but for me, I would love to capture a great white shark predation on drone camera.

  2. I’m heading out to the Canal striper fishing at sunrise tomorrow. How is this fishing looking lately?

    1. It’s been very productive lately.

  3. I saw one over 30 years ago while fishing the Wareham River. I was just a kid but I’ll never forget it. Many of the old timers that fished off the banks for years were amazed at the sighting as well.

    1. Very cool Ricky. Thanks for sharing 👍

  4. Wow, super cool,very interesting!

    1. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

      Have you gotten out fishing recently Leslie? 🎣

  5. Further evidence of species migration due to climate change.

    1. Who knows what changes may be in store…

  6. unreal! We’ve all heard of flying fish, but the first time i saw one while fishing the Cortez Baja Sur, I REFUSED to believe what i was seeing was a fish. I thought the guide was pulling my leg and that it was some fast moving, low flying bird. Those things are a sight to behold if you’ve never seen one in action. Thanks for sharing Ryan. He looked pretty darn relaxed?!?!?

    1. Hey Doug! Yes he was super relaxed. Just chilling in the light! Awesome fish 🐟


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