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How to Catch August Stripers from Shore with Swimming Lures

Ryan Collins

During the heat of August on Cape Cod, the best fishing for striped bass from the beach will almost always occur during the night.

There are many different baits and lures that work well for stripers at night. However, there is one particular type of lure that is my "go-to" for surfcasting balmy summer nights.

In the following video tutorial I will "bring you with me" for a night of surfcasting the beach on Cape Cod. This video was filmed last summer but everything is still applicable.

You'll learn the best tide for 80% of the beaches I fish on Cape, and as the title of this tutorial suggests, I'll show you exactly how to catch stripers from shore on Cape Cod with swimming lures.



  • 00:25 - shot of the lure
  • 01:20 - how to retrieve the lure
  • 02:18 - why I crush the barbs on the hook
  • 03:30 - striped bass #2
  • 05:00- three things to watch out for when unhooking a striper
  • 06:00 - mackerel on the beach - maybe this is what the stripers are feeding on?
  • 08:40 - important tips for safely catching & releasing stripers
  • 10:00 - striper #3 and demonstration of how to use the fish grip (plus a hook in my knee! LOL)
  • 13:50 - how to crush barbs on treble hooks
  • 15:20 - striper #4, slightly larger bass
  • 16:25 - second demonstration of how to safely use the fish grip and pliers to unhook a striper
  • 17:10 - explanation of where most stripers will bite the plug
  • 17:30 - theory of perhaps why purple/black colored lures work so well at night

Equipment used in this video:

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  1. Ryan, after a pretty dismal August surfcasting I took your advice and grabbed a Joebaggs blurple swarter. Hooked up a blue on my first cast this morning on the south side, from the beach. More blues and a striper followed. One blue chased the lure the way to shore before taking a swipe. All schoolies but still lots of fun. This is definitely going to be my goto lure for early mornings. Thanks for the tip.

    1. That’s great Campbell! Happy to help 🎣 Good luck if you make it back out later this week!

  2. Hi Ryan. Are you running any fishing trips in the next few weeks? Maybe for stripers? I live in Plymouth and am fairly flexible on timing. Looking to join a small group, just myself or maybe me plus one more.


  3. just wondering what size rod you were using?

    1. Hey Chris 👋 I was using a 9ft rod. Here is a link to the rod I’m using now.

  4. Ryan,

    FTLT. I know I enjoy the top water action myself. Something as little as a white Yo-Zuri popper. Darker colors work better at night? Your take please?



    1. Hey Ben,

      I definitely have a lot of confidence at night with the blurple color.

      Having said that, I have also had great nights on the beach using yellow and white plugs. Go figure!

      I’d say give white and blurple a try some night. Experiment and see what works best for you.

      LMK how things go!

  5. Burple swarter vs SP Minnow?

    1. I’ve got to go with the Swarter because Joe and I are friends, LOL 😎

  6. Have you fished the swarter without the tail treble?

    1. I have not, but I know a lot of you guys in the forum love removing the tail hook and replacing it with a fly.


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