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A Morning on the Cape Cod Canal with JoeBaggs Lures

Andrew Burke

Hello Everyone! I hope you're doing well, and had a great Memorial Day weekend! I know I had a terrific time hitting the water this past weekend with friends and family.

The fishing hasn't cracked wide open yet, but sporadic keepers have settled into a few areas on the Cape, one of them being the Cape Cod Canal. 

Back on the morning of Saturday May 19th, I had the pleasure of joining Joe Baggs Tackle founder Joe D'Agostino on the banks of the Canal. Though the fishing was on the slower side, the beauty of the sunrise more than made up for it.


A Sunrise to Remember

I planned to meet Joe around 5am, and bring my camera gear along to take photos and video of our morning at the big ditch. The moment I stepped out of the car, I had to grab a picture of the Sagamore Bridge as the sun crept over the horizon. 

This view was quite the treat, and a sight for sore eyes after a long winter! 

I met up with Joe in the parking lot, and within a few minutes we were on our bikes cruising towards our selected spot. 

We settled into the spot, and readied our gear to hopefully land some quality striped bass. However, as the sun continued to light up the sky, I couldn't resist the urge to pick up my camera and film. 

A Cape Cod Canal Short Film

I kept the camera rolling as the sunrise turned the sky various hues of red and yellow, and compiled some of the highlights in a video I posted on my YouTube channel "Seven Stripe Fishing."

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture any catches on film this particular morning. However, the beauty of the Cape Cod Canal was more than enough to make this early morning trip well worth it.

Joe Baggs Patriot Fish in Green Mackerel - Photo by Andrew Burke

Joe and I decided to call it a day after a few hours, and headed back to our vehicles. Before going our separate ways, Joe provided me with a few of his jigs to try out, as well as some advice on fishing them. I listened to his words carefully, as I have little experience jigging the canal. 

An Unexpected Surprise

As I drove back over the bridge towards my home on the Lower Cape, I had a strong urge to make a last ditch effort to catch a fish.

I parked at an access point on the Cape-side of the canal, and began casting. I tried my usual plugs of choice such as pencils, SP minnows, and magic swimmers all without so much as a strike.

Since the fishing was still slow, I figured I might as well get a better feel for jigging the canal. I clipped on a Joe Baggs Green Mackerel Sand Eel with a 4oz head, and heaved it out into the current. 

Joe Baggs Sand Eel Jig in Green Mackerel - photo by Andrew Burke

Once I felt the jig hit the bottom, I gave the rod a few lifts and suddenly felt a sharp tap on the end of my line. Instinctively, I set the hook and sure enough I was connected to a fish! 

I was shocked that on my very first cast with a Joe Baggs jig on a very slow morning, I was hooked up! After a fun battle lifting the fish from the bottom of the canal, I was holding a nice 30" striper. 

Joe is a great guy, and makes some top-notch jigs! I certainly won't be hitting the canal without one of his jigs in my bag. They can be a real trip saver.

Tight lines and take care everyone!


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  1. Great Article! Thank you!

  2. Nice article, thanks … can you pass on any of Joe’s tips?

    1. Yes! I filmed some of Joe’s tips, along with him explaining the specifics of his techniques. Looking forward to sharing them with MFCC soon!


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