March 24 2020

Amazing Underwater Footage of Striped Bass Chasing an Eel


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In this video, we go underwater for a unique view of a school of Cape Cod striped bass as they chase a live eel in shallow water.

I filmed this footage during the 2019 season, and it will air during this weekend's episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV.

Striped bass love eating eels, however as you'll see in this video, sometimes dozens of stripers will follow the eel without biting!

Please click play below to watch. ?


Striped bass need time to rest, and I believe that could be a contributing factor as to why I could not get these fish to bite. In fact, these bass had been feeding all morning on peanut bunker.

Regardless, watching this footage for the first time nearly gave me chills! I really enjoy observing striped bass in their natural habitat.

You can watch more footage like this in the final episode of season 3 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, this Saturday at 9:30am on NBC Sports Boston.

If you haven't been able to watch the episodes on tv, then you can tune-in online over at ? 

Right now all episodes from seasons 1 and 2 are online, and I will probably be able to add episodes from season 3 to the website this April.

Tight lines! ?

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  • Was that a fresh or frozen eel (thinking about your segment with the frozen mackerel) ? The discussion about the benefits of fresh bait over frozen reference the slime present on fresh bait….. do you think it would be beneficial to coat lures with fresh bait slime to increase their attractiveness to these sometimes finicky fish? Just thinking ….. appreciating the opportunity to escape to fishing thoughts for a respite.

    • Hey John, that eel was half-dead. I believe a livelier eel would of helped, but they still might not of bit. Your idea about coating lures in fish slime is something I have tried before. Growing up I would occasionally dip tubes and other lures into a bucket of pogie slime/blood. I don’t know if it helped, but it certainly can’t hurt! Hope all is well with you and your family. ?

  • I was always under the impression Bass have a target bait, if they were feeding on peanut bunker they probably weren’t interested in a white lure.????

    • I definitely would of had a better chance of catching these fish, if I was using something like a 5.5inch bunker Dartspin, or really anything similar. A 4 or 5 inch long clouser fly would of worked well too I would imagine. An eel was definitely not the most effective choice, but it did make for an interesting video! lol

  • Hey Ryan,
    In addition to the bass simply not being hungry after gorging on peanuts, they may have been leader shy as your leader appears fairly heavy and the water is quite clear. Also the eel doesn’t seem very frisky and seems to be pulled through the water in a somewhat unnatural manner. Lastly this may be a simple case of not matching the hatch. Not trying to be critical-just observations. I love all your video footage. Keep up the good work! Rick

    • All good observations Rick! ? The leader is 30lb Seagur Fluorocarbon, and I think the lighting is what makes it look heavier and more visible than it probably really is. Plenty more videos to come during 2020, and I appreciate you watching!

  • Loved the Costa Rica episode. A couple questions.. was a license required down there and did bring all of your own gear? A saw that 3 piece rod and assumed you packed it in your luggage.

    • I’m pumped you enjoyed that episode Mike! It’s my understanding that a license is “required” if you aren’t fishing aboard a charter boat (and I got a license the first year I went down there) however there is no enforcement and I haven’t bothered getting a license the past 3 trips. I do usually pack two 3-piece travel rods. Here is a link to the gear I like to bring.

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