July 23 2019

My Experience Filming An Episode Of My Fishing Cape Cod TV


Garet Suomala

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod. ?? 

Garet Suomala here with another interesting Cape Cod fishing adventure to share with you. So sit right back, and you will hopefully enjoy this adventure.

Something really cool happened to me back on June 10.

I was fortunate enough to be invited on Ryan's boat the Miss Loretta to film an episode for the 3rd season of My Fishing Cape Cod TV.


The day started off well. Ryan, his camera crew and I, drove to the Goose Hummock Seasonal Shop in Dennis, MA. 

This was a very cool way to begin my very first TV shoot!

Filming required us to do a few takes to get it right, but after several attempts Ryan and his TV crew got all the shots they needed. 

The filming was done by cinematographer Evan Schneider of Hop Top Films. Evan's audio guy (wait for it) is also named Ryan Collins!  

I had never got "mic'd up" before so that was interesting, but it kind of hurt tearing off all the microphone tape from my chest at the end of filming. 

So myself, Evan and both Ryan Collins' went to the boat launch. It was a beautiful day. 

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Additional information about locations fished, the harbor we launched from, and technique used.

Evan's camera is really, really fancy. I had never seen a camera quite like his, and Ryan said he uses it to make movies. 

After we got set up, it was then time to catch the mackerel, which was lots of fun to do.

After we were done catching the bait it was time to fish for some bass.

None of the fish we caught were very big, but I just felt very blessed to be part of the episode. I was also happy to catch my first striped bass of the 2019 season.

All in all it was a great day. We only landed a couple of fish landed but any day I am out fishing with my best friend is a good day. 

I had a lot of fun and Ryan got to finish another episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. Filming an episode was an awesome experience to be part of, and I hope to be invited back!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Until next time...

Tight Lines! ?


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Additional information about locations fished, the harbor we launched from, and technique used.

What do you think?

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Garet Suomala

My name is Garet Suomala. I've had to overcome a lot of things in life, but I have a strong faith, and loving friends and family. I'm also a happy graduate of "Project Forward" at Cape Cod Community College.

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