November 15, 2023

Black crappies have a beautifully spotted pattern along their sides. They are a cool-looking fish with a mouth similar to a bass. Black crappies bite well but don't fight as hard as other species like smallmouth bass.For some reason black crappies never made it to the Cape in big numbers. ...

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How to Catch Black Crappie in SE Massachusetts
October 18, 2023

This post was originally published in November of 2015 Kettle ponds are one of the great natural treasures of Cape Cod. With so many cold, clear, pristine habitats—all within a reasonable travel distance from each other—quality trout fishing possibilities are plentiful on the Cape. Among the lakes and ponds that ...

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Top 4 Trout Fishing Destinations on Cape Cod
October 10, 2023

Smallmouth bass are a hard fighting and acrobatic freshwater fish which inhabits many of the deep and clear kettle ponds on Cape Cod. Fishing for smallmouths on Cape can be very exciting and challenging!This video was filmed on May 13th 2021. This footage originally aired during March of 2022 in ...

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3 Ways to Catch Smallmouth Bass on Cape Cod
April 20, 2023

The Goose Hummock Kids' Fishing Festival is happening this Saturday April 22nd at Flax Pond in Brewster from 9am-12pm! The location is Nickerson State Park - Area 1. Team Goose will be supplying fishing rods, bait, burgers and more. In fact, the first 200 who attend get to keep their gear ...

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The Goose Hummock Kids’ Fishing Festival | This Saturday April 22nd
April 18, 2023

After a long and dreary winter with little to do due to lack of ice and snow, I always look forward to spring in New England.  In my eyes, there are many instances where you can feel the new season coming into full bloom.  From the buds and bulbs sprouting, ...

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The Spring Grand Slam
March 28, 2023

There's no shortage of productive lures for trout fishing on Cape Cod and new lures are continuously coming onto the market. In this video you'll learn about 5 of our favorite lures for catching rainbows, brookies, browns and tigers from Cape Cod's ponds. This footage originally aired during April of ...

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5 Effective Lures for Trout Fishing Cape Cod
March 20, 2023

Today marks the first day of spring, and already the reports are coming in about excellent fishing around Cape Cod for largemouth bass.  The ponds have also been stocked with rainbow, brook, brown and tiger trout, with sightings of ospreys also being reported. Today I'd like to take the opportunity ...

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Spring Freshwater Fishing Has Sprung On Cape Cod
March 14, 2023

Yellow perch are native to ponds throughout Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts. Fishing for yellow perch with lures and live bait can be very productive and a lot of fun, especially during late winter and early spring before the stripers arrive.An added bonus is that yellow perch are also a ...

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Fishing Cape Cod (and SE Mass) during March for Yellow Perch
March 7, 2023

Sure it may still be March, but the first official day of spring is now less than one month away. This means that many anglers here on My Fishing Cape Cod will soon be out fishing for trout (if they aren't already).Trout are not native to Cape Cod's ponds. They ...

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Get Ready for Springtime Trout Fishing from Shore, Boat & Kayak!
March 5, 2023

There comes a point every winter when Ryan just needs to get out of the house, fishing pole in hand, and catch something. Anything!Luckily for me, when he goes freshwater fishing on Cape Cod during the winter, he will sometimes come home with yellow perch. This means we get to ...

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How to Make “Quick & Easy” Freshwater Cajun Fish Sticks
February 22, 2023

Spring is on the horizon, and the state of Massachusetts will soon be stocking many of Cape Cod's ponds with rainbow, brook, brown and tiger trout.I'm often asked what ponds on Cape Cod are stocked with trout. This information is available elsewhere on the internet, but I still wanted to ...

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The Complete List of Cape Cod’s Stocked Waters
February 15, 2023

With the exception of a few subzero days, this winter on Cape Cod has been quite mild. It hasn't been cold enough to go ice fishing on the Cape, but nevertheless some of our members have been making the trek out west and up north where safe ice can be ...

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Ice Fishing off Cape for Pike, Lakers & More