December 23 2023

A Productive New Lure for Cape Cod Browns

by My Fishing Cape Cod member Russ Glinos

*This report is part of our recently launched Offseason Challenges program. You can learn more about how the challenges work by clicking here.  For this challenge, My Fishing Cape Cod member Russ Glinos recaps a successful freshwater fishing trip from December 16th, 2023. 

Like many of you, it is nearly impossible for me to go a week without wetting a line. This fall, I am working on learning some different trout ponds on the Cape.

Brown trout in the winter fascinate me due to their ability to acclimate to our waters seemingly better than rainbow trout. The potential to land a 3+ lb trout on the Cape always excites me.

A Different Technique for Cape Trout

This past month, I have been heading out to trout ponds around 2pm and fishing through sunset with the primary goal of simply enjoying the outdoors and perhaps catching a fish.

Normally, my tried and true trout lures are Thomas Buoyant spoons.

The Thomas Buoyant Spoon is a favorite of Russ's, but this December he's tried fishing a 1/8oz jighead paired with a 3-4 inch Gulp Smelt.

However, I figured it was time to try another method that might lead to more success and more species. Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can view the lure below...

I have caught countless lake trout ice fishing in Maine and New Hampshire with this matchup. Here on Cape I have been casting the lure out or along the bank, and twitching/bouncing it on the bottom with a slow to moderate retrieve. 

The "Great Trout Blitz" of Cape Cod

A few days ago, I saw what I would call the "Great Trout Blitz of Cape Cod’ happening a few hundred yards away from me. I decided to make my way over to the commotion right as the sun dipped below the canopy of the trees.

It felt similar to a saltwater blitz… I managed to pick off one rainbow and lose what I imagine was a brown. Shortly after, the fish vanished and I continued hiking into a small cove. I made one cast in a deeper area of this cove and was hit by a big fish but I missed the hook set.

If anyone wants a good laugh, I welcome you to come watch me swing and miss on dozens of trout. I felt like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football.

Towards the end of that cast, two large browns followed my lure to the bank. I continued casting and whiffing hook sets. Before my frustration mounted to a state where I needed counseling, I called it a day.

Nevertheless I was excited to have found an area that seems to hold a good number of browns this time of year.


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About the author 

Russ Glinos

Russ fishes fresh and saltwater on Cape Cod, from boat and from shore. He's been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since 2021.

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