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Top 10 Tube and Worm Tips for Monster Bass

The tube and worm is one of the most productive and consistent striped bass fishing techniques around.  Season after season the tube accounts for more big bass (at least in the area I typically fish) than any other technique.

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2012 Tube and Worm Seminar PowerPoint Presentation

I'd first like to give a BIG thank you to everyone who attended the January 26th seminar at the Holly Tree Resort in Yarmouth. I had a great time meeting all you guys, and from what I've been hearing you guys enjoyed the night as well.

I'm looking forward to hosting more fishing seminars in the future, so if you have a special request or venue in mind please let me know.

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Tube and Worm Trolling for Big Striped Bass

Often time’s anglers become puzzled as to what bait or lure to use in a certain scenario.  There exists today hundreds of different ways to catch a striped bass.

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Scorton Creek Fluke and Old Harbor Stripers

Last night was absolutely incredible.  The weather was out of this world perfect.  It was so clear and calm that I could see the stars reflecting off the water's surface in every direction all around me.  If only the weather could be like this more often!

This is a fantastic time of the year for fishing Cape Cod.  The nights are crisp and cool, the days are still perfect for the beach, and Cape traffic is starting to ease off.  Once Labor Day passes, shore access will open up a little more, and the fishing should start to pick up big time for the surfcasting crowd.

A couple of weeks ago I fished the tidal pools of Old Harbor in Sandwich, MA.  That night the bass were everywhere, chomping down on small minnows, sand eels and mummichogs in waist deep water.  I had bass after bass whack, and follow my live eel right to my toes, but I couldn't hook a thing.  Even though I didn't hook up, it was awesome watching schoolies and small keepers in such skinny water.  Definitely an evening to remember.

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Fishing Over the Flats at Chapin Beach in Dennis


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Experiencing low tide at Chapin beach is like being in the Florida Keys.  Expanses of sandbars stretch in every direction for miles.  You could hold a PGA Tour golf event on this beach at low tide-that's how much space there is.

These tidal flats are, I believe, part of the Brewster Flats which run for close to 25 miles to east.  That folks, is a TON of sand.  Chapin beach is also home to one of the most picturesque sunsets on Cape Cod.  The pink, red and orange light reflects perfectly off Cape Cod and the tidal pools that litter that flats.  This creates a sunset scene unlike any other on the Cape.

Fishing Cape Cod

A view of Chapin beach looking eastward over the flats.

If you could not have already guessed, I like this place a lot.

Believe it or not I went 25 years of my life without stepping foot on Chapin beach.  Somehow, yesterday was my first time exploring this place.  I'm not sure how I overlooked it all these years.

One of the coolest parts of the Chapin beach experience is the drive in.  A winding road takes you through the sand dunes and eel grass to a perfect Cape Cod parking lot encompassed by dunes.  Just beyond the parking lot there is 4x4 access to the beach.  Folks with off-road vehicles have about a mile or so of beach to the west on which to drive.

As I alluded to, the tidal range in this area of Cape Cod is utterly dramatic.  Places that are high and dry at low tide will have over 10 feet of water during the high.  This translates into a very long, very enjoyable walk to the water at low tide.   Tidal pools and tributaries are scattered amongst the sandbars.  Sea clams can be picked directly from the sand.  The striper fishing is a lot like bonefishing in the Caribbean.

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Scudder Lane

I had always heard stories growing up about the great schoolie striper fishing at Scudder Lane.  It only took me about 20 years but I finally made it down there tonight.

This is a really cool place with easy access and plenty of fishing options.  There is even a tide dependent boat ramp that would work well for launching small skiffs, kayaks and row boats.

There's been a TON of bass in Barnstable Harbor this spring so I figured Scudder Lane would be a good bet.  I definitely did not see any keeper size bass tonight, but I think that would have been different had the tide been high.

The last time I fished Barnstable Harbor from a boat the main bulk of fish moved into the harbor itself during the last part of the incoming tide.  This makes sense if you think about it.

The incoming tide allows these bigger fish to explore the shallows and tidal creeks.  They ride the tide way up the harbor and then retreat back into the main channel when the tide drops.

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Barnstable’s Schoolie Hot Spot

After a day of not fishing I was starting to go through withdrawals so I made a concerted effort to get out for an hour tonight.  I didn't have much time to plan the trip, but I still liked my odds of at least catching a fish or two.

I really enjoy exploring new areas so that is exactly what I did.  Once again I grabbed my Dad and headed out for a relaxing night of surf casting.

So far most of the action I have found from shore has been around boulder fields.  I dug way back in the memory bank and recalled an area I had heard a lot about, but had never actually fished.  We decided to head to Barnstable to cast pencil poppers around car-size rocks.

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Over the past two seasons Chatham has held one of the largest bio-masses of striped bass Cape Cod fishermen have ever seen.

It is hard to say why these enormous schools of striped bass have chosen Chatham over other Cape Cod striped bass fishing hot spots.  There has been an absurd amount of bait present off Chatham in recent years, however there has been plenty of bait in other Cape Cod locations as well.

fishing cape cod

A healthy Chatham striped bass taken on a red tube and worm during 2011.

It seems that certain Cape Cod fishing spots produce abnormally well for streaks of a season or two.  Then after a year or two of incredible fishing, the spot dies down a bit.  Then another striper hot spot experiences an influx of striped bass with little or no warning.

Four or five years ago this same striper phenomena occurred at Provincetown.  For an entire summer huge schools of stripers stacked up like cord wood on the drop-off west of the Bath House and Race Point.  The bass were so thick that they threw off the accuracy of fish-finder readings.

I vividly recall my sonar telling me we were in 10 feet of water when we were actually in over 30 feet.  The bass were so thick, the sonar had mistaken the fish for the sea floor.  Now that's a lot of bass!

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Stripers at Race Point

I was around 20 years old when I first took the Miss Loretta to Provincetown.  We had just upgraded from a small skiff to a 21 foot walk-a-round.  The 21 mile jaunt across Cape Cod Bay to Race Point had always seemed a bit too precarious in the skiff, but with the new boat came a new found confidence.  The flat calm seas and beautiful sunrise made the ride that much better.

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Late Summer Bass and Tuna

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In my opinion, September is the best month for fishing Cape Cod.  The early morning air has a crisp bite to it that was not present during August, the crowds at the boat ramp dissipate, and the fish show up in larger numbers and are more aggressive.

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