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Monsoon Bass | June 3 Report

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What a morning!

Just a few years ago getting out of bed at 4AM on a Saturday was absolutely unheard of.  Today I'm actually enjoying not burning the candle at both ends, and actually feeling energetic on weekend mornings.  Having a nice morning on the beach beats going out and staying up late in my least some of the time!

With some serious rain and high winds predicted yesterday I figured my best bet for squeezing in a fish trip was between 5AM - 7AM.  So I hopped out of bed, grabbed the lucky iced coffee and blueberry muffin combo and began driving down Cape.

The wind was howling when I stepped out of  my car and onto the beach.  SE around 20mph without a doubt.  It wasn't raining yet but I could see purple/gray clouds looming just on the horizon.  Time was of the essence if I wanted to avoid getting soaked to the bone.


I was fishing a long sandy beach with a rocky point on its northernmost end.  The plan was to cast along the beach and wade down towards the boulders.  There were some birds working the area which was a good sign.  The area looked pretty fishy and I had a pretty good feeling about the trip.

The old reliable pencil popper got a good workout along the sandy beach, however nothing was showing as far as stripers were concerned.  I picked up the pace towards the rock, knowing that my best shot would probably come around the boulders.


The wind was howling but it still wasn't raining as I launched the plug out amongst the compact car size boulders.  It only took a couple "pops" and then WHACK!  a nice size bass crushed the plug.  Fish on!

My light setup doubled over immediately as the fish began to pull line from the reel.  Low and behold this bass had a little size to him!  Of course he ran straight at the biggest boulder in the area, and successfully caught the braid up somewhere in the rocky mess.

We were at a standstill and I could feel the braid rubbing up against the rock.  Braided line parts very easily when under tension, so you have to be super careful when a bass gets you tangled in the rocks.


I moved to the left and to the right but couldn't get the fish unlodged from the rock.  The bass was stuck in water well above my waders so physically removing the fish from the snag was not an option.

I made a decision to just open the bail and let the bass run - hoping he would do the dirty work himself and free the line from the rock.

Fortunately it worked!

After a few tries the bass was free and swimming hard yet again.  I set up shop on a small rocky outcropping and eased him in towards shore.  At this point the fish was exhausted and he easily came in towards the jetty with the next wave.

He was a nice, healthy looking 32-34 incher.  Not a monster but he put up a great fight and absolutely crushed the plug on the initial hit.  I decided that this guy was going to be dinner, so I bled him out and continued casting around the rocks.


The area still smelled very fishy but after 30 more minutes of casting I failed to register any more bites.  Satisfied I picked up the bass and made the walk back to the car.

As luck would have it the skies opened up and began dumping rain just as I began unloading my gear.  Good timing!

All in all a fantastic pre-monsoon trip.

There's been a lot of bass around the boulders so far this spring on Cape Cod.  Lots of schoolies but a few fish in the low to mid 30 inch range have been mixed in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck fishing!

Take care,


cape cod fishing report

Beach Blues | June 1 Report

cape cod fishing report

Hope you aren't getting sick of the "up close and personal" pics! I'm realizing that taking quality fish photos is not easy by yourself.

If only I could save bluefish like the one above for a live bait tuna trip!

Speaking of tuna, I heard that an 83 inch giant was taken yesterday east of Chatham.  It must have been a little snotty out there with the Northeast wind, but some hard working soul stuck it out and was rewarded.  I'd imagine more fish were taken yesterday - hopefully we'll hear some positive reports soon.

I'm not a huge fan of catching bluefish from a boat, but I do enjoy catching them from shore.  May and June is a great time to target blues from the beach, so we might as well take advantage before they head out to deeper water.

I fished a few different areas yesterday searching for any signs of life.  Unfortunately it was hard to spot much of anything in the wind and waves.  After hitting up 3 different beaches I decided to make a move east to a nice little deep harbor that I had scouted out using Google Earth.

There's no better way to catch bluefish in my book than casting big top water plugs.  Catching blues with top waters during the spring is pretty straightforward, as long as you are working the plug nicely back and forth and making some commotion.  There's a lot of squid around right now, so odds are that bluefish on the end of your line was expecting some calamari when he bit.

I did not get in on a full bluefish blitz yesterday but I did manage to cull up some action.  At around 8pm I made it to the spot and began blindly casting around.

On my third cast, and only about 20 feet in front of me, a super aggressive blue came hurdling towards the surface and smacked my pencil popper.  Fish on!

He put up a good little tug like bluefish always do, but I soon managed to get him up on the beach.  I was happy, as this was my first bluefish of the season.  Nothing huge but a healthy looking guy that, like I said, would have looked real good under the kite.  If only little blues like this were easy to get the morning of a tuna trip!

After a couple quick photos I sent the guy back into the ocean and watched him swim off.  I continued casting around and had a few more chases.  Before I knew it the sky was dark and the action I had was gone.

All in all a satisfying little surf casting trip.  The first blue of the season has been checked off my to-do list.

I've been hearing good reports of bluefish in certain areas around the Cape this week, so I would imagine that if you give it a good shot in the right spot you'll be able to connect.  With the weather the way it is right now fishing from shore may be the only option this weekend, so why not toss some top waters to aggressive bluefish.

Click here for more information on the areas fished, and your best bet for a blue this weekend.

Stay dry and good luck fishing!

Take care,


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Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach is a good place to look for bluefish.

If you check the area out on Google Earth you will notice that deep water is located relatively close to shore.  Anytime you find deep water within casting range from the beach, odds are that there will be either bass or bluefish in that area at some point in time.

Centerville Harbor as a whole is shaped like a half moon, making it a natural attractor of bait fish and predators.  I even remember not being allowed to go swimming in this area, because the bluefish were in so thick.  The lifeguards were concerned (and rightfully so) that a bluefish would mistake a finger for a sand eel.

Swimming through a school of ravenous bluefish is definitely not recommended!

Here's an overhead shot of Craigville Beach and Centerville Harbor.

Some other areas to scout out for bluefish include:

Popponesset Beach

South Cape Beach

Oregon Beach

Out of those three I have had my best bluefish success in the spring at South Cape Beach.  You can read up on South Cape by clicking here.

Top water plugs is the name of the game for blues at these spots.  Just bomb it out there, reel it in at medium speed and make the plug dance back and forth.  Piece of cake - hopefully!

Good luck,


Tons of Surface Action | May 31 Report

This morning felt more like mid-August than late May.  Believe me I am not complaining one bit.  I will take flat calm conditions, sunny skies and 70 degrees at sunrise any day.

I decided to get out and do some exploring today.  I'm really enjoying finding new areas throughout the Cape Cod region that I have never fished before.  For me at least, it is a lot more fun than continually hitting the same old spots.

I grabbed my lucky combo of a medium iced coffee and a reduced fat blueberry muffin this morning around 4:15AM and made the 40 minute drive to the spot.


After parking I embarked down a nicely wooded trail that meandered through untouched Cape Cod woodlands.  It was a unique experience and I really enjoyed the walk.


After 5-10 minutes of walking I could hear the waves lapping against the shoreline.  I rounded a corner, passed by a few more bushes and was greeted by a glass calm ocean.  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday morning.


I immediately noticed a few terns working the water and then, as if on cue, a bass broke the surface not more than 25 feet from shore.

I chucked my old reliable pencil popper right on the fish and was able to coax him into following the plug right up to my feet.  My second cast produced an explosive top water strike from a bass in the 25-30 inch range.

My third cast produced a half-hearted swipe and my fourth another follow.  It was quite the start!

As I looked up and down the beach I could see bass slurping bait off the surface in every direction.


There were stripers in tight to the beach and there were bass breaking a few hundred yards off shore.  It was so calm that it was even easy to see the bait fish skimming the surface.

Despite the abundance of stripers I was having trouble getting a solid hook set.  Most of the bass were on the smaller end of the spectrum so they were struggling to suck down the pencil popper.  After around 10 hits and misses I decided it was time for a change.

The old reliable Red Gill teaser was given the nod.  I quickly tied the Red Gill (which imitates  a small sand eel) to a barrel swivel in front of the pencil popper.  This allowed me to chuck the pencil popper and the Red Gill out to where the fish were feeding.  When retrieved the pencil popper danced back and forth on the surface while the Red Gill swam a foot in front of it.


The rig looked real nice in the water and on my second cast I was hooked up!  Sure enough the bass had sucked down the Red Gill and was firmly hooked right in the top of the mouth.

The bass were still feeding all over the surface.  Fish were slurping down small bait to the left and to the right.  The main bulk of bass was out of casting range, however there were enough in close to shore to keep me busy.


If I had a kayak or small boat at my disposal things would have been real interesting.

The pencil popper and Red Gill continued to produce good action as the sun rose in the sky.  It was a ton of fun catching all of the bass on top, even though the majority of the bass were schoolies.

This area had a lot of really cool features to say the least.  A rocky coastline chock full of car sized boulders extended as far as I could see to my right.


To my left was a rocky point and right in front of me was a sandy beach.  Around the corner was a harbor.  There was a lot going on as far as structure is concerned, which may of explained why there was so much bait and bass in the vicinity.

By 6:15AM I was satisfied.  No keepers today but I did catch a bucket load of small guys and watched 20 or more bass crush the pencil popper/Red Gill rig right on the surface - which is always a ton of fun.

If you happen to be a big kayak fishermen I would highly recommend this area.  There's a parking lot nearby and a harbor area that I imagine would be ideal for launching the yak.  The whole area is rather protected from the wind, with plenty of nooks and crannies to explore.

With the amount of bait and bass in the area this morning I would imagine these fish will be here tomorrow.  Bass were breaking on the surface from the time I arrived until I left.  All in all a great trip.

Tight lines and catch 'em up!


The Knobb

The Knobb itself is actually very small, but very cool looking at the same time.

This morning I fished the Knobb, which is located just to the north of Uncatena Island in the town of Falmouth.

I've wanted to fish the Knobb since I was a kid but just did not get around to it until this morning.  The entire area is very different from most shore bound fishing spots on Cape Cod.  You'll know what I mean once you visit the Knobb - it's a pretty special place for sure.

Parking here is very easy.  I believe the harbor which I parked at is called Quisset Harbor.  I'll have to double check on that but I'm 90% sure that was the name.  Either way the harbor itself is gorgeous and definitely worth a picture or two.

Here's a pic about 1.5 hours after sunrise.

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Blog Readers and Members Cash in on Big Bass | Spring 2012 Report

So far the 2012 striped bass fishing season is off to a great start here on Cape Cod.  Over the past few weeks many big bass have been caught which is a great sign of good things to come.

Even more exciting (for me at least!) is the fact that many My Fishing Cape Cod blog readers and members are getting into some awesome striper fishing.  For some of you this season has produced your first ever striped bass or keeper striped bass.  Other readers and members are off to their best season ever.

Hopefully the hot action and productive fishing reports will continue to flow in as spring gives way to summer.  As for now congratulations to the below anglers and crews - keep up the good work!

John D. Silva and crew cash in on a great bite in unfamiliar waters

Over the past 10 months John Silva has become a good fishing buddy of mine.  He's a real knowledgeable guy when it comes to outdoors writing, photography and everything fishing.

Last week John had some buddies with him that wanted to catch some nice fish.  Needless to say the pressure was on for John to produce!  Fortunately the bass cooperated.

John and his crew slammed bass all morning long on live baits, chunk baits and poppers.  Average bass was in the 33-36 inch range.

Be sure to check out the awesome pics below.  Thanks again to John for checking out the blog - hope to see you guys on the water soon!

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 New boat = big fish and fun times for Jason Mazzola and crew

My long time fishing buddy and friend Jason Mazzola purchased a beautiful 23 foot center console this past winter.  Needless to say he was really chomping at the bit this spring and was eager to christen the boat with some big bass.

I am happy to report that so far so good with the new boat!  Mazzola and his crew of family and friends have been chipping away at bass in the 30-40 inch range over the past few weekends.  Everyone including his fiancee, mother, father, brother, sister and friends have gotten in on the action.

His reports last week helped me out big time when it came to finding the bait and the bass during one of my charters.  I was then able to pass that info along to John Silva (featured above) which helped him zone in on the bass and have a great trip.

It was a great all around team effort which is the ultimate goal of the members' side of the blog.

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Chris French logs in the first keeper striped bass of his life

I met Chris last autumn.  He's a very enthusiastic guy who is chomping at the bit when it comes to saltwater fishing.  Over the winter Chris logged in a lot of hours studying up on the best areas to fish from a kayak, and the best techniques to use to catch stripers from the yak.

I'm happy to report that so far so good for Mr. French.  This past week Chris was able to pull some of the first keeper striped bass of his life from the kayak fishing the Billingsgate area.  Congratulations to Chris on a fantastic start to your season!

I'll be looking forward to receiving more positive reports from Chris in the future as he continues to learn the ropes and improve as a striped bass fishermen.

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Brian T. Atchinson and crew start the season off with a bang

Brian has been an integral part of the blog since its inception.  Last week he wrote up an incredible report in the member's forum, highlighting the great striped bass and sea bass fishing he and his crew were able to get into off Cape Cod.

The guys found the bass inside Cape Cod Bay up tight to the beach.  They were able to limit out with nice size bass using light tackle, and even caught a few mackerel right next to the beach in shallow water.

The sea bass fishing in Nantucket Sound wasn't bad either!  For Brian's full report click here.

Here's a few pics so far from Brian's 2012 season.

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Paul Morgan enjoys his best ever start to the striped bass season

Paul and I have been exchanging emails all spring about bass fishing.  He's off to a great start so far and is enjoying his most productive season to date.

So far he's logged in a fair amount of days on the water, and has racked up as many as a dozen or so keepers/trip.  He's also helped me zone in on the best mackerel bite which has been a huge help.

Nice work with the sonar images as well - gotta love seeing those red arches right along the bottom.

Hopefully the nice catches will just keep on coming as spring gives way to summer!

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Rick Spada and son Dominic hook up with estuary keepers

I've been in touch with Rick for a few months now.  He's a real nice guy who is looking to catch a few bass this season from the yak with his son Dominic.

It seems like yesterday that I was fishing the same areas as Rick and his son, with my own Dad from our 12 foot aluminum boat.  I can remember those early fishing memories with the old man as if it was yesterday.

So far Rick and Dominic are off to a great start. Here's a pic of their latest small keeper caught this past week.

cape cod fishing 101

Congrats to everyone for a great start to the season.  It's great hearing from blog readers and members so don't be shy and be sure to post something in the forum, send me an email, or ring me on the phone.

The best way to catch more fish, in my opinion, is to develop an expansive network of reliable contacts.  I can already see this happening for a few guys here on the blog, so let's definitely keep it up!

Tight lines and take care,



Nantucket Surf Casting | May 28 Report

nantucket fishing report

Even after a night out on the town it is always worth getting up early.

Today was absolutely awesome

I think I have logged in 45 minutes of snooze time over the past 48 hours.  Surprisingly I have never felt so energetic.  I think it may have something to do with fishing in a completely new area.  Right now it is 2:50AM Sunday morning and I am still good to go.  Funny how just the slightest chance of catching a fish keeps us fishing addicts alert.

I woke up this morning at 4:45AM, a full 1.5 hours after the bachelor party cooled down.  I'm not a huge fan of burning the candle on both ends but I had no choice this weekend.  I am wicked glad I sucked it up and crawled out of bed just before sunrise.

I met up with Phil Alberston, president of the Nantucket Anglers Club at 5:15AM.  I was able to connect with Phil because of the fishing blog, which is awesome.  It just goes to show that having a strong network of anglers is again, without a doubt, the most important factor to fishing success.

Phil was nice enough to chauffeur me around the entire island.  I have never fished Nantucket (although I have always wanted to) so it was great having some local knowledge on my side.  Not to mention that hitching a ride in Phil's F-150 really beat huffing it on my rental bike!

nantucket fishing report

It was flat calm this morning, but the rips right off the southside of Nantucket were raging.

So after a somewhat groggy start on my behalf we made our way to our fist destination.  I'll dive into more detail about this incredible spot in the members' report, but I will say that I was really shocked by the standing waves located right on shore.  Put another way this area featured huge standing waves within just a few feet of the shoreline.

There were humungous seals prowling the coast, and an enormous fog bank rolling in from the east.  I was fortunately able to snap a few quick photos before we were completely socked in by f0g.

Phil was a great guide and once he realized things were not happening at the first spot it was then time to move on.

The next area we tried out was right up my alley-a nice little estuary with a lot of potential.

As soon as we arrived we saw two beautiful white tail deer hanging out across the channel.  From what I learned the white tail deer population on Nantucket is booming.  With no natural predators the deer, and rabbits, are thriving on the island.

nantucket fishing report

Phil leading the way through a little known marshland.

The area Phil showed me was really nice to say the least.  Although we failed to raise a fish I would not doubt that this area can produce at dusk during late summer and early fall.  For all I know it may be fishing well today!  We just hit the right spot at not the right time which is of course, A-OK in my book.

Phil took me around the entire island today.  One of the coolest areas was a point that jutted right out into the open Atlantic.  This was striped bass fishing at its wildest.  Horseshoe crabs pelted the sandy spit as well as mung-the dreaded weed of surf casters up and down the Cape Cod coast.

Unfortunately once you encounter mung the fishing gets that much tougher.

At around 9AM the fog rolled in big time and we decided to make another move around the island.  At this point I had lost track of my current location.  The heavy fog didn't help.  Luckily Phil brought us right into another picturesque fishing hot spot.

I enthusiastically cast my pencil popper into the surf wile simultaneously admiring the erosion ridden cliffs behind me.  Long and harsh winters had eaten away at the southern Nantucket coastline.  This area really does display nature at in its rawest form.

Phil and I put in one hell of an effort this morning.  We fished 8 or so different locations scattered around the island.  If you are interested in learning more I will delve deeper into the areas and techniques used in the members extended report.

If the bass were in thick we would have done some damage today.  It just goes to show that you never know what you'll encounter until you actually get out of bed and give it shot.  We may not have caught a huge bass today, but I learned just how important establishing good contacts is in the world of striped bass fishing.

nantucket fishing report

I could not get over the rips and standing waves located close to shore on the south side of Nantucket.

Thanks to you guys and your emails and forum posts, we have all been able to zone in on the best and most recent bite which is really awesome.  I plan on doing the same one day after I log in a little bit more time on Nantucket.

In the mean time I owe a huge thank you to Phil Alberston for showing me around the island.  I'm looking forward to coming back and giving bonito and false albies a good shot.  At the least I hope to surf cast the Nantucket coastline again for bass and blues.

For more information on fishing Nantucket for big bass click here.

Hopefully you have had a productive Memorial Day weekend.  If not, there is always next weekend!  There are plenty of fish around Cape Cod, so if you put your time in you will most certainly be rewarded.

Tight lines and take care,


Brant Point, Point of Breakers, Low Beach and Hoicks Hollow

Well I am in a bit of a dry spell.

This is, however nothing new at all.  If you get into this whole saltwater fishing scene you will quickly realize that some times you smoke 'em and other times you can't catch a thing.

Although I have caught some nice bass in some beautiful places this week, I have certainly not been setting any records.

The bass fishing in the Cape Cod Canal seems to be holding strong.  Since it is now 3:30AM and I am still on Nantucket, I have not been in touch with the Canal crew.  Although what I have seen via Facebook has been impressive.  Hopefully I will have the full scoop on the Canal bite by this time tomorrow, if not sooner.

As far as Nantucket is concerned I can not recommend a destination more than this island.  Even now with all the tourists this dot of land is something special.

All day today Phil and I had no company whatsoever.  We had miles of beach all to ourselves which was awesome.

If you plan on fishing Nantucket this year you may want to consider fishing Brant Point, Point of Breakers, Low Beach and Hoicks Hollow.

With the fog and all the  off road driving I had a hard time keeping tabs on my location.  That island fog closes in on y0u like you wouldn't believe to put it kindly.

Although we didn't catch any fish today the trip was still a huge success.  I was able to fish a brand new area and have a great time doing so.

Best of luck if you are able to get out this weekend.

Tight lines and good luck!



Brant Point

Brant Point is easily accessible and features deep water and a strong current close to shore.

I was hoping to get out of bed before sunrise today, but needless to say that did not happen.  We stayed up way too late last night and there was really no chance of waking up by 5AM.

But that is A-OK with me.  My good friend Brain McCowan is getting married in a few weeks, so we all got together and rented a place on Nantucket for his bachelor party.  So far it's been a blast and to top it all off I get to sneak away and cast a line each morning.

I owe a big thanks to Captain Phil from the Nantucket Anglers Club for pointing me in the right direction, and giving me a little Nantucket insider intel.

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Barnstable’s Schoolie Striper Hot Spot | May 24 Report

Barnstable fishing

Fishing around boulders is a good way to increase your odds of at least catching a bass or two.

After a day of not fishing I was starting to go through withdrawals so I made a concerted effort to get out for an hour tonight.  I didn't have much time to plan the trip, but I still liked my odds of at least catching a fish or two.

I really enjoy exploring new areas so that is exactly what I did.  Once again I grabbed my Dad and headed out for a relaxing night of surf casting.

So far most of the action I have found from shore has been around boulder fields.  I dug way back in the memory bank and recalled an area I had heard a lot about, but had never actually fished.  We decided to head to Barnstable to cast pencil poppers around car-size rocks.

As soon as we arrived the conditions went from warm and sunny to cool and foggy.  We could actually watch as the fog bank rolled in from the East.  Tonight was another strange one weather wise.

barnstable fishing

A future 75 pounder.

To my surprise the current was ripping through this stretch of shore line.  We had made it there for the very last part of the outgoing tide.  Immediately we could see bait fish in tight to the shoreline and birds working a bit farther offshore-all good signs!

It's not often that the first cast produces action but tonight was the exception.  My very first cast enticed a nice SMACK! from a juvenile bass.  He didn't get the hook but it felt good to know there were at least a few fish in the immediate area.

A couple casts later I had another miniature explosion on the pencil popper.  After a quick battle I had the fish in to shore.  This bass probably tipped the scales at a whopping 2 pounds.  Hard to believe that in 15 or so years this fish could reach the size of the near 75 pound bass caught the other day down in Connecticut.

I continued wading down the shore line casting as I went.  Every now and then a swirl or footprint would show behind the pencil popper.  Once in a while a small bass would give it a half-hearted swipe.

Not every trip produces unreal fishing and huge bass, but that is A-OK by me.  It's all about just getting out there, having fun and staying active in my book.

I managed to hook and land another micro-schoolie as we made our way back to the car.  All in all a great night with a couple beautiful fish to boot.

striped bass fishing

It's hard to go wrong when fishing around boulders.

I would like to return to this spot during the incoming tide.  There were so many big boulders and nooks and crannies that I think would fish very well when covered by the high tide.

Another added bonus was being completely alone for miles on end.  Just me, my Dad and a few terns.  Not a soul in sight which was proved very refreshing.

I'm hoping to get some fishing in during this weekend's bachelor party on Nantucket.  I'll be sure to report back if I'm able to find an internet connection.  I've always wanted to fish Nantucket from shore and now I finally have an excuse to go over there and give it a shot.  Should be fun!

In the mean time best of luck fishing this Memorial Day weekend.  Stay safe out there on the water and try to keep your patience at the boat ramp!

For more information on good areas to surf cast in the town of Barnstable, click here.

Tight lines,


cape cod fishing report