PUBLISHED ON March 23 2024

Albie Episode | Extra Info

by Tyler Putney

This report from Tyler provides extra information about the albie trip featured in My Fishing Cape Cod TV Season 7 Episode 5 which aired on March 23rd, 2024.

In my opinion fall is the best time to go fishing on Cape Cod, and this day was a perfect example.

We had a group of four My Fishing Cape Cod members ready for a day on the water, leaving the harbor shown below just after first light.

Earlier in the week the fishing had been great both east and west of the harbor breakwater, so I was anticipating a lot of boat traffic.  

I wanted to get a good head start and get as far west as possible to the area shown below.

This area has a rocky landscape that can hold large schools of baitfish, so the goal was to set up along the shoreline anticipating albies pushing bait up against the rocks.

Whenever I have a crew from MFCC, I know I’m going to have some talented anglers onboard.  Albie fishing can really require good fishing technique, due to their fickle and finicky nature.  

We started along the shoreline shown below and immediately encountered fish crashing. 

Luckily we had some great action right away.  

After a few casts without any takers, we pushed down the shoreline.  From there we came into some birds picking right off the rocks and as we got closer the fish were pouring in.

There were groups of fish breaking all around the boat, and after a few great casts we landed our first albie, and our crew was fired up.  

From there on the fishing only got better and we were able to enjoy the great weather and beautiful surroundings. 


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