PUBLISHED ON April 1 2024

Catching Bait for Holdover Stripers

by Ryan Collins

This afternoon I headed out in hopes of catching a highly effective bait for holdover striped bass. 

Conditions were quite pleasant with a very light breeze and an air temperature of around 50.  The marsh was still brown but I did catch a few shades of green here and there, which was refreshing to see.

As mentioned above my goal was to catch a highly effective bait for holdover stripers, which we'll talk more about later in this report. 

Holdover stripers, for anyone not familiar with the term, refers to striped bass which have spent the winter here instead of migrating south. During this time of the year they get more active, but can still be challenging to catch on lures. Therefore using the right bait can make a big difference.

I walked through the muddy marsh and stopped at the first good looking spot I came across (shown below).


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