The “Wildest” Place to Fish on Cape Cod

Fortunately I had calm conditions during this portion of the hike. Waves during storms in this area can reach amazing heights.

This is part #3 of a series of posts and videos about my 27 mile surfcasting journey along Cape Cod's Great Beach. Click here to read part #2 and
click here to read part #1.

The warm sun coupled with the potential of striped bass feeding in the shallows jolted my body into action. Newfound energy coursed through my veins, despite virtually no sleep for the past 36 hours!

The sandbars in this section of the Cape are dramatic. They run perpendicular to the beach and waves crash alongside them. If there were stripers here I figured they would be close to shore and in between the bars.​

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Sharks Have Surrounded Cape Cod

cape cod thresher shark

During our last several tuna trips we have been seeing and catching mako sharks, blue sharks and a crazy amount of thresher sharks. My father actually had a thresher shark jump into his boat!

Thank God my Dad didn't get hurt, because that thresher was close to 400 pounds. Fortunately the thresher stunned himself immediately upon hitting the deck of his boat.

During one of my last trips I watched what I believe to be a big mako chasing a small tuna on the surface. I have also heard of several great white sharks being spotted in the area.

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The 1st Ever My Fishing Cape Cod Derby


Throughout this season many folks from MFCC have been asking when we are going to have our own tournament. Well, I am happy to report that the time has come!

The first ever "My Fishing Cape Cod Derby" will start today and end at 11:59PM on October 31st​. This derby ought to be a fun way of competing with other MFCC folks for bragging rights and some pretty unique prizes.

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What it’s Like to Spend a Night on Cape Cod’s Great Beach

Me gazing out at the altantic ocean

This is part #2 of a series of posts about my 27 mile hike along Cape Cod's Great Backside Beach. Click here to read part #1.

It was 8:30pm by the time I reached Ballston Beach in Truro, which at this time of the year, means the sky was pitch black. In fact the past 3 miles of my hiking had taken place in complete darkness. 

With 100 foot tall cliffs looming above my head, the hike had been quite an experience. I was walking along a "corridor" of sand, squeezed between the giant cliff and the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Fortunately the wind was light and variable. During stormy conditions the ribbon of sand on which I stood simply does not exist. In a tempest, monstrous waves often pound against the giant cliff​s-a situation I would not like to be caught in.

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Scenes from Day 1 of “The 27 Mile Journey”

thumbs up newcomb hollow wellfleet

Wow! I cannot believe it has been a full week since I embarked on this journey. What an experience it was walking and casting the 27 miles from Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, to Race Point in Provincetown.

A lot happened each day of the journey, and in this post I am going to do my best to share the experience via select photos and videos taken along the way during Day 1.

I hope you enjoy the sights and feel inspired to set off on journeys and adventures of your very own.​​ All things are possible!

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The Journey of a Lifetime

Not a bad morning view...

After hiking and fishing for 27 miles, I finally reached my end goal of Race Point Lighthouse this morning around 10am. This was certainly one of the most memorable journeys of my lifetime!

I wanted to post these below videos for those of you who do not participate in Facebook. These videos were shared in real time from the beach.

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Peanut Bunker Bass Blitzes

Blog Featured 2

Every day for the past couple of weeks I have heard reports of peanut bunker. It seems there are more peanut bunker around this year than in the past couple of seasons - would you agree?

Albies, schoolies and even some very large striped bass have been having a field day boiling and busting on these baby menhaden from Nantucket Sound to the Canal and beyond.

In some instances the topwater action has been terrific!

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The Sharks Are Back…

20150829_215737 copy

The sharks are back in the surf!

The last few weeks have been tough going for me on the beach. Five trips without a fish. I guess that's why they call it fishing and not catching. However the last few days have paid off big time and we finally caught some bigger fish on a different tide.

It just goes to show, you can have all the theoretical knowledge you want, but at the end of the day it comes down to time and effort and you have to put in both to be successful.

On this particular excursion, I was with a good buddy of mine named Nick, who is an Afghanistan veteran. Nick doesn't get out that much so he sounded pumped when I called to see if he wanted to go fishing.

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