Our First Trip Of The Year


Garet Suomala

This was my first fishing trip of the year with Ryan. He picked me up at my house during the afternoon back on Thursday April 21st.

Our plan was to get a bite to eat and then walk out onto the beach and fish.

​After Ryan picked me up, we headed to downtown Hyannis.

I thought it would be nice to grab a bite to eat at a place with a water view.​

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“Boat to Table” Dining on the Cape Cod Canal

fisherman's view seafood market and restaurant

Ryan Collins

Fishermen's View Seafood Market & Restaurant is a new "boat to table" establishment which will open this summer on the banks of the famous Cape Cod Canal.

This exciting new effort is being led by longtime fishermen and brothers, Robert and Dennis Colbert. Fishermen's View will be a family-owned business delivering a "boat-to-table" experience.

Its focus will be on food source transparency, competitive pricing, and on using the brothers' three core seafood products (lobsters, Jonah crab, and scallops) among other locally caught seafood, for both classic New England dishes and innovative seafood fare.

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You’re Invited! To Our Season Kick-Off Breakfast

ryan collins todd baranowski bob hovey jason mazzola

Ryan Collins

All are welcome to attend this Sunday's MFCC Season Kick-Off Breakfast. 

This event is being held at the Brookside Club in Bourne, MA. Doors open at 9am.

This breakfast will be a great opportunity for you to meet other people from My Fishing Cape Cod. We will also have a benefit raffle, with prizes including a Van Staal reel, fishing trips and other valuable items.

Register online (instead of paying at the door) and receive a FREE raffle ticket! This rest of this post will explain the breakfast itinerary and details of what to expect.​

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Fly Fishing Recon

cross country skiing on cape cod

Ryan Collins

I'm still pretty shocked by the 25+ pound holdover striper which I was fortunate to catch last week. 

It just goes to show that you never know what you may find when you "get out there" and do some exploring.

Right now is also a fantastic time to scout new fishing areas before the migratory stripers arrive. In particular, I have recently felt inspired to try fly fishing for stripers, so I now need to find spots ideal for the fly.

With the wintry weather of the past few days, I figured now would be a good time to share a report with you which I have been meaning to post for several weeks now.​

During this unique reconnaissance experience, I cross country skied my way through some of the Cape's dunes and marshes, and ended up discovering a spot that could give me a great chance to catch a huge striper on the fly.

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Harwich’s New Artificial Fishing Reef

building the harwich artificial reef copy

Mark Timmerman

Recently The Town of Harwich, MA put a project out for bid. The idea was to construct an offshore artificial reef for fishing.

The foundation from the old Harwich High School was thus saved, and intended for use as the main material for the new fishing reef.

Robert B. Our Co., Inc. was the winning bidder to construct the reef project.

Since then the scope of work has been altered a bit, and additional material has been added to create better fish habitat.

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America’s National Fish

striped bass

Ryan French

Approximately 33.1 million people fish in America. Fishing has gained popularity in recent decades, with dozens of different species being available targets.

Each coast of the United States offers unique fish, and the East coast is a notable area for a variety of gamefish.

Among these fish is the striped bass. The striped bass is perhaps the most important species along the East coast, both for the environment and economy.

​The striped bass, commonly known by fisherman as 'stripers', ranges from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, with a stock also being introduced to the West coast.

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Targeting Spawning Smallmouths

smallmouth bass

Ryan Collins

​This trip began before sunrise nearly one year ago, on May 22nd, 2015.

My friend Jeff Coates and I were en route to New Hampshire, to target big smallmouth bass as they prepared for the spawn.

Although we would fish in New Hampshire, it is also very possible to target spawning smallmouths here on Cape Cod.

The techniques and strategies I share in this report can definitely be applied to smallmouth bass fishing on the Cape.

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Fly Fishing the Upper Connecticut River – Pittsburg, NH


Michael Mathias

​In the Great North Woods, in the State of New Hampshire, about 15 miles south of the Canadian border, lies one of the Northeast’s finest fishing destinations.

In and around the small Town of Pittsburg, the mighty Connecticut River runs through the landscape, weaving its way to Long Island Sound-some 407 miles to the south.

My wife and I started going to Pittsburg about 11 years ago, at first for only a few days, then for a week, and now for 2 weeks.

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Cape Cod Searun Brook Trout Report

cape cod searun brown trout

Michael Mathias

I arrived at this particular Salter Run at about 11am.

The weather was sunny, and the temp on the dash was exactly 50 degrees. The wind was from the SE at about 10 knots.

​My plan was to hike upstream as far as I could.

The hike would take me about a quarter of a mile upstream, where I would enter the water and wade downstream, drifting small streamers and fishing all the areas I thought might hold fish.

Since this particular stream averages just 10 feet wide and about 2 feet deep, waders are more than adequate. The stream itself was fairly easy wading except where the blow downs made wading impossible.

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Fishing Boston Harbor For Holdover Striped Bass

Fishing Boston Featured

Ryan Collins

I had been sitting at my computer all day and all night long, when suddenly an emotion swept over me.

At 11:30PM I decided to leave Lauren and our cat Izzy behind, and drive on a hunch to a tributary of Boston Harbor.

The "fishing fever" had hit me unexpectedly, and it had hit hard, during February of all months. I am certainly more accustomed to these spur of the moment adventures during the summer!

So I drove to Boston, a place where I have never fished before. It was the middle of the night and I wondered what fishing access would be like, and I was curious what people (if any) I would meet out there in the dark.

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