A Dream Come True For Those Who Fish The Canal?

canal sonar featured

This is a guest post from Dex Chadsey, who first joined MFCC back in 2013.

I am excited to have Dex contributing to MFCC!

I recently saw this post by MFCC member Ron Enos, in the Cape Cod Canal section of our forum...

“Gonna head down (to the Canal) in a couple of weeks and practice finding some holes to jig, start a journal to keep some notes which I'll use this year...hope it helps. Just looking forward to spending some time there.”

As a canal fisherman myself, I share Ron’s desire to understand what the Canal's bottom looks like.

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Targeting Early-Season Stripers On Cape Cod

winter holdover striped bass fishing on cape cod

The temperature was cold and snow was falling, on a late winter day nearly 10 years ago. My cousin Kevin and I were trudging through a muddy estuary on Cape Cod, in search of holdover stripers.

​Catching holdover stripers on Cape Cod had, up until this point, been a cold and difficult endeavor for me. I had caught a few here and there, but nothing too crazy.

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Boating Safety By Captain Bob Hovey / USCG Rescue Swimmer

bob coast guard jumping crop

This is a guest post from US Coast Guard rescue swimmer Bob Hovey. With the start of the fishing season just on the horizon, I feel publishing a post about safe boating is a smart thing to do.

​The recommendations Bob shares in this post are already helping me prepare for a safer season on the water. I feel they will help you too, whether you operate a skiff or a sportfisher.

In case you were wondering, Bob is the rescue swimmer who assisted in saving the life of this offshore lobsterman ​during 2013. Needless to say Bob is a terrific resource for anything safety or survival related!

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3 Easy-Access Shore Fishing Spots Perfect For Spring [VIDEO]


My favorite thing to do right now is hike several miles to remote shore fishing locations and catch fish far away from roads and parking lots. However I understand that not everyone is able, or interested in walking that far to catch a fish.

This season my friend Garet Suomala will be assisting me in highlighting some easy-access shore fishing spots everyone can enjoy. ​If you or someone you know requires easy-access, then the 3 shore fishing spots highlighted in this video are great places to start.

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3 Spring-Time Boat Fishing Trips [VIDEO]

cape cod fishing spots during the spring for boats

Temperatures hit 40 degrees today and at least a little snow began to melt. Can you believe it? Spring is nearly here!

This slight increase in air temp got me thinking about splashing the boat. If you own a boat, kayak or anything else that floats, you can probably relate to how I feel right about now.

So here's a brief video, followed by a more detailed blog post, about 3 spring-time boat fishing trips I feel may interest you.

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Sight-Fishing For Spring Tautog From Shore

cape cod tautog fishing from shore

Catching tautog from shore on Cape Cod during the spring is a blast! Plus it is super simple fishing. No expensive gear or boat required.

In this post I'll share with you a quick video overview of the concept, and also provide MFCC members with some locations I feel will produce tautog from shore this spring.​

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10 Reasons To Already Get Excited For Spring Fishing On Cape Cod

cape cod bluefish

There may be 3 feet of snow outside, but in my mind, spring is not that far away. I plan on wetting a line about one month from now, as soon as the snow and ice begins to melt.

Whether you want to catch trout, stripers or just some fresh air, we sure have a lot to look forward to!

Here's 10 reasons to already get excited.

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Getting Started With Trolling Bunker Spoons

green mackerel bunker spoon cape cod bay

Bunker spoons often catch the largest striped bass in a given area. If you want to target the cows, then consider trolling spoons.

I first trolled bunker spoons off Cape Cod when I was 18 or 19 years old. Since that time the majority of stripers I have caught trolling bunker spoons have weighed at least 25 pounds, with the largest 43 pounds.

In this post I will share with you my super simple approach, for getting started trolling bunker spoons off Cape Cod.

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Fishing the Cape by Boat | Replay of the 9:30am Bass Pro Fishing Class

glory shot featured

We cover a lot about fishing the Cape by boat in this 1 hour and 10 minute long presentation. In general here are the 4 major items we'll discuss:

  • Spots on Cape Cod to find stripers in your boat
  • How to find striped bass using your sonar and other tools
  • Techniques that work best for striped bass in specific areas around Cape Cod
  • Night fishing from your boat
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Night Fishing Cape Cod’s Beaches For 40 + Pound Striped Bass

night fishing cape cod for striped bass from shore

An idea that crossed my mind during the 2014 season was to catch a 40 + pound striped bass from the beach. I wanted to catch a huge fish with my feet firmly planted in the sand.

Sometimes an idea requires a great deal of time to come to fruition. For example, it took me 5 years to catch my first holdover striped bass on Cape Cod, and virtually my entire life to catch a tuna.

So I was happily surprised when one of the largest stripers I have ever seen, lay at my feet in the wash of a wave, on a cool August evening, not long in my pursuit of a 40 + pound striped bass from shore.

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