Fishing New Jersey

new jersey street featured

Jim Murphy

Here are some things I learned about fishing in New Jersey in early to mid November. New Jersey is big—much bigger than Massachusetts, at least on a longitudinal basis.

You may have seen photos and videos of New Jersey scenes in the fishing mags, on Facebook, and Instagram.

The photos and videos of big cow bass and gator blues going nuts on acres of baitfish. Adult bunker hurl themselves onto the beach and surrender to landing nets to escape the predators below.

All the action is tight to shore. It’s a fall-run surfcasting paradise!

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Winter Flounder Comeback!


Jason Colby

Today I'd like to share some thoughts with MFCC readers about one of my favorite subjects-winter flounder.

I wasn't always like this you know.

I spent decades thinking flounder were somehow beneath me. I was what you might call a "bass snob" and if it didn't have stripes on it, then I wasn't interested.

Sure I would fish for other things but only if I had to. I often worked on party and charter boats, draggers and gillnetters. Even as a commercial fisherman it often made sense to fish for "something else."

However, I always felt I was just doing it for money and my heart wasn't into it.

That all changed when I moved to Quincy...

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My Recommended Travel Rods, Reels And Tackle

yellow eye canal swimmer

Ryan Collins

​Whether you are traveling to a far off country or just trying to figure out essential gear for a road trip to Cape Cod, figuring out what gear and equipment to bring on a long distance fishing trip is not easy!

For my Costa Rica fishing adventure, I spent a lot of time packing and unpacking, and researching different travel rods etc.

I also had to work with a strict weight limit of 30 pounds for 1 checked bag and 10 pounds for my carry-on.

Despite the challenging luggage requirements I chose to bring 3 different travel rods and 5 different spinning reels to cover a variety of different scenarios.

I also brought an assortment of plugs, lures, hooks and other fish catching equipment I hoped would work on different species in diverse environments.

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Getting Started With Oystering on Cape Cod

oystering on cape cod

Richard Banks

It was just a little past sunrise as I was standing in 53 degree water that was up to the top of my chest waders, with a strong wind blowing and rain starting to come down in a torrent.

I couldn’t help but ask myself again why I was doing this. The answer to that very simple question was equally simple-fresh oysters.

People around the world pay good money for oysters from Cape Cod. The reason being is that the waters of the Cape provide a very good environment in which oysters thrive.

This is something that you can do too. It doesn’t take a whole lot of equipment, and in a short period of time you can get a bucket full that will make your friends both jealous and glad to know you, all at the same time.

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Circumnavigating Cape Cod & Fishing Along The Way

round the cape

Ron Rudowsky

Why would I embark on a trip around the Cape?

Because I always thought about exploring the Outer Cape, using my boating and navigation skills, and fishing along the way.

For me that made it an easy decision.

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Top 4 Techniques for Cape Cod Trout

Casting and retrieving while wading around the circumference of a pond is a terrific way of exploring new areas (and of course catching trout).
john d. silva my fishing cape cod

John D. Silva

I’m always surprised by the number of people who believe that the annual trout fishing season runs for only five or six months a year. 

I’m often asked if I’m “anxious” to get back out on the water during the winter months.

What these folks don’t realize is that there is no beginning or end to the fishing season, just ongoing adaptation 12 months a year. 

No matter the tackle or the techniques involved, the important thing is to just get out there and enjoy.

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Top 4 Trout Fishing Destinations on Cape Cod

At Cliff Pond you'll find plenty of shoreline to explore and wade. You may also find a variety of fish, including brown trout such as this.
john d. silva my fishing cape cod

John D. Silva

Kettle ponds are one of the great natural treasures of Cape Cod.

With so many cold, clear, pristine habitats—all within a reasonable travel distance from each other—quality trout fishing possibilities are plentiful on the Cape.

Among the lakes and ponds that receive seasonal stockings, there are but a select few that stand above the rest. Need proof?

Just check the annual Massachusetts Sportfishing Awards and you’ll see the same premier coldwater fisheries listed year after year. Among these, in no particular order, are my top 4 trout waters on Cape Cod.

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My 5 Best Cape Cod Kayak Fishing Trips Of All Time

5 Best Kayak cover 600 wode

2015 was my second year ever fishing from a kayak. I learned a lot, caught some fish and explored unique areas only accessible via kayak or shallow draft boat. 

I still have no electronics whatsoever installed on the kayak. I am tempted to outfit the boat with the latest gadgets because I know my catch rates would increase.

Yet when fishing from the kayak it's the hunt which I enjoy the most, and with no sonar or GPS, finding and catching fish is much more of a challenge. 

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6 Secrets Of Fishing Live Mackerel For Giant Tuna

live mackerel in livewell

Nearly all of the giant tuna I have heard about being caught during 2015 have been taken on live mackerel. If you check out this year's tuna reports then you'll see what I mean.

Last week while tuna fishing we hooked and lost what was most likely a pretty good size tuna, and of course that fish also bit a live mackerel. There are still plenty of big tuna around the Cape Cod area.

In this post I want to share with you 6 "secrets" to successfully fishing live mackerel for giant bluefin tuna.

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A Look Back at the Final Leg of my 27 Mile Journey

I only saw my own footprints on this lonely stretch of beach.

This is the final installment in a series of posts and videos about my 27 mile surfcasting journey along Cape Cod's Great Beach. Click here to read part #3, click here to read part #2 and click here to read part #1.

Ryan Collins

The sky was pitch black and I had never seen the Atlantic so calm. It lapped against the shoreline as if it were a gentle trout pond.

Things are much different in this spot during hurricanes and winter Nor ‘Easters. Monstrous waves and ice cold winds regularly pound this section of beach.

Could there be some fish out there? So far it had been an uneventful trip fishing-wise.

My only action had been a few missed hits several miles to the south earlier in the morning while fishing somewhere in Truro.

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