Cape Cod Fluke Tactics Part #3 | The Finer Details

martha's vineyard fluke ron powers

This is part #3 of a series of posts about fluke fishing on Cape Cod. To read part #1 click here and to read part #2 click here.

If you really want to go all out for a potential trophy-size manhole cover, then you have to think big (as the old axiom says: big bait = big fish). Try live-lining small snapper bluefish or scup along the bottom.

Fluke are voracious feeders and will aggressively attack baitfish up to 8 to 10 inches in length. The largest fluke I have ever battled was hooked while using a live snapper (juvenile) bluefish for bait.

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Cape Cod Fluke Tactics Part #2 | Gear & Tackle

fluke fishing on cape cod spro jig

This is part #2 of a series of fluke fishing on Cape Cod.
To read part #1 click here.

Gear and tackle for deepwater fluking starts with a stout, medium or medium-light spinning or bait-casting rod. The reel should have a smooth, dependable drag.

Large fluke can be tough to pull off the bottom as they stubbornly cling to the sea floor like a sunken truck tire. Once they are finally brought to the surface, that’s when the real battle begins.

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Cape Cod Fluke Tactics Part #1| Locations

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Thanks in part to sound management in recent years by state fishery agencies along the upper east coast, previously endangered summer flounder (fluke) stocks have made a rapid recovery.

Over the last two decades, tight commercial restrictions, stricter recreational limits and shorter fishing seasons have all contributed to help save these highly coveted ground fish from the brink of disaster.

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Giant Tuna In The Fog

bob hovey troll naked bluefin tuna cape cod

The morning began with my Dad and I launching my 26 foot Sea Vee. We started running out and began marking bait and were able to put a few macks in the live well.

Then we  headed east as the fog got heavier and heavier. By the time we got to our fishing spot visibility was about 100 yards. I idled down the boat for safety's sake and began listening for signs of life.

Then through the fog the life appeared. Tuna were crashing around us on the surface, but it was real difficult to get on the fish due to the fog. Instead of casting we decided to setup right there among the life.

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“Speed Trolling” Sebiles

speed trolling sebile magic swimmers

Trolling is often regarded as not an exciting way to catch fish. However, "speed trolling" for stripers is certainly an exception!

In this video filmed last week, 3yr MFCC member David Benoit and I are "speed trolling" Sebile Magic Swimmers on the surface.

I got lucky and just happened to have the camera rolling when a "pack" of aggressive stripers came by and whacked the plugs.

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June 17-20 My Fishing Cape Cod Surfcasting Trip

fishing cape cod from shore

This June is shaping up to be a terrific month for surfcasting on Cape Cod. Bass are here in bulk and they are swimming close to shore.

Of course things can change quickly in the fishing world! The fish are here now but who knows how long they will stick around for.

Nevertheless I want to organize a group surfcasting trip for sometime between June 17-20 to take advantage of this good bite while it lasts. 

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Exploring Off-Cape: Boston Harbor Flounder Fishing

Flounder Landing fishing Boston Harbor

I always like to take the day off from work each year during the 2nd week of May to go fishing on my birthday. Call it a present and a little psychological breather I like to give myself each spring.

This day in May often turns out to be one of the nicest weather days of the year, and often the trip ends up happening around Mother's Day. Of course the fishing part always had to be juggled around our national day of mother worshipping, especially when I became a married-with-children working guy.

But all in all, I was usually able to work things out one way or another. Once the kids became grown adults (and my own mom retired to Florida), Mother’s Day freed itself up along with all the rest of the days on the calendar.

I’ve never been one to filch out on my holiday gift-giving obligations, so a good deal of freedom and good will has been earned over the years.

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Easy Access Fishing Spot: South Cape Beach


Hello My Fishing Cape Codders! I hope you are well.

It's me, Garet again, with another fishing trip to tell you about. 

Last week ​I tried for bluefish off South Cape Beach in Mashpee with Ryan and my Dad.

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Exploring Off-Cape | Wachusett Midday Marathon

featured Ron Powers Lake Trout 2014

It was the third Sunday in April. The weather was warm and pleasant. I arrived at the usual spot near the usual gate in Sterling, Massachusetts for my annual rendezvous with friend and colleague Ron Powers.

But the timing was far from the usual time. After several years of clandestine, wee-hour meetings on Wachusett Reservoir, it became somewhat of a Patriots Day holiday tradition for us.

We would hike in to our favorite, most productive hotspot and do a little long-range horizontal jigging for lake trout and landlocked salmon. The difference this year, however, is that rather than meeting in the pre-dawn darkness, we instead greeted each other under a bright, sunny sky and warm spring temperatures.

The day was already well under way.

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“Welcome To My Fishing Cape Cod” Video

tube and worm trolling striped bass on cape cod

As the fishing heats up and the 2015 season gets underway, I wanted to take a moment to capture what our community is at its core. We have a terrific group of people here on this site, and I am honored to be a part of it!

Click play below to watch this new welcome video, which will be featured on the homepage of MFCC throughout 2015. As always let me know what you think!​

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