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Our mission to inspire people of all ages to get outside & fish, and to instill in our viewers an appreciation of Cape Cod's unique natural environment and fisheries.

Tune to NBC SportsBOSTON this Saturday morning at 9:30am for a new episode! 

For most viewers in Massachusetts the channel number is 52 or 852 for HD. For everyone else you can lookup your local listing by going here.

Our 2nd season includes a lot of boat fishing for stripers, black seabass, tautog, albies (and more) in various locales all throughout Cape Cod. Learn more below! 👇

Episode One: 
Live Mackerel Fishing for Striped Bass

It’s early summer on Cape Cod, and striped bass and mackerel have arrived in good numbers. Join host Ryan Collins and Ryan's childhood fishing buddy Jason Mazzola, for an afternoon of live-lining mackerel for stripers. 

Episode Two:  
False Albie Fishing On Cape Cod

It’s September on Cape Cod and anglers all over the Cape have been going crazy chasing down false albacore. Join host Ryan Collins, Dave Steeves of the Goose Hummock Shops, and MFCC member Hayden Gallagher as they attempt to track down these hard fighting (and elusive) fish.

Season #1

Episode One:  Surf Fishing Cape Cod's Fall Run

It’s fall on Cape Cod, and big striped bass and bluefish are running in the surf. Join host Ryan Collins and Dave Steeves of the Goose Hummock Shops, for a morning of big surf (and big fish) on topwater plugs and the fly rod.

Episode #2:  | Fly Fishing The Wilderness Of Lower Cape Cod

Join host Ryan Collins and My Fishing Cape Cod member Doug Blanchard for a trip into the wilderness of Lower Cape Cod.  Learn about fly fishing this magical area of the Cape, as the guys explore the bays, beaches and dunes of the National Seashore.

Episode #3: Trout Fishing Cape Cod's Kettle Ponds

Join host Ryan Collins, and Danny and Sam from the Goose Hummock Shops, for an educational introduction to Cape Cod’s kettle pond trout fishery. These ponds have been designated as ecological, recreational, and aesthetic treasures by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage Program for their biodiversity and rare species. Cape Cod is home to hundreds of kettle ponds, created by receding glaciers roughly 18,000 years ago. 

Episode #4 | Fishing Outside The East End Of the Cape Cod Canal

Join host Ryan Collins of and the crew from Canal Bait & Tackle, as they cruise the banks of the canal, and fish from a boat outside the canal’s East End - providing viewers with a rarely seen perspective of the canal’s unique environment and productive fisheries. Constructed in the early 1900’s, the Cape Cod Canal is an important shipping route and popular fishing destination. 

Episode #5: Fishing Cape Cod With Your Family

Join host Ryan Collins, his dad Jake, and Ryan’s cousin Chris Colbert, as they fish the sunrise from shore, and the afternoon from boat. Learn how to fish eels, spook plugs, and tube and worm - plus get valuable advice about fishing the Cape with your family. Catching fish is just a bonus - fishing with family and friends is what it’s really all about!

Episode #6: Freshwater Bass Fishing On Cape Cod

Join host Ryan Collins and MFCC television producer Shane Uriot, as they take a step way from the beach and into the woods, for a morning of freshwater bass fishing . Get a gorgeous view of what it can be like to freshwater fish on the Cape, and see just how therapeutic and relaxing freshwater fishing can be. 

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