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Welcome to the Weekly Spot! Each week on this page, I will share with you a new place to explore and fish on Cape Cod & The Islands.

We'll showcase some of the best and most beautiful areas for tuna, striped bass, bluefish and more. Whether you fish from a boat or on foot, I feel you'll enjoy following along.

Keep in mind I won't be sharing the exact locations of every honey hole. That just wouldn't be fair. But you will get plenty of super-valuable information you can't find anywhere else.

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Falmouth |

  • The Knobb is one of my favorite places on Cape for a quick hike through the woods. Schoolies and bluefish can be found in the early mornings here, often times feeding right on the surface. This area is one of the most photographed spots on the Upper Cape and for good reason.

Barnstable |

  • This fishing spot, located in the town of Barnstable, is a place I have been visiting since I was just a kid. Awesome sight fishing, sunrises and sunsets are in store for anyone willing to venture here. This area has a special place in my heart and I think it will have a place in your heart as well once you visit.

Cape Cod Bay |

  • I first heard of this Cape Cod Bay spot when I was working at a bait shop at age 14. During that time giant tuna were being targeted here. During the spring large schools of 25 plus pound stripers would tear up mackerel and sea herring on the surface. Needless to say it was not long until I found myself venturing to this spot in my family's 19 foot Carolina Skiff.

Provincetown |

  • The town of Provincetown is famous for many different things, including of course fishing. In the old days 50 pound bass, huge pollock and tuna could all be caught during one trip - from shore! Nowadays the fishing is still good, especially on this particular beach. Read on to find out more.

Chatham |

  • Not only is the walk through the dunes here just plain awesome, but the shore fishing opportunities are pretty good too. Bluefish, bass, fluke and even the occasional weakfish can all be caught here. For a chance at a cow striper, try fishing here after dark.

Sandwich |

  • Over the years I've seen huge bass, bluefish, whales, dolphins, sharks and even tuna from this shore based location. This is where I caught my first keeper striped bass, and where countless blitzes have happened over the decades. If you time your trip right and get a little lucky, you too may witness one of these incredible feeds.

Atlantic Ocean |

  • There aren't many spots on Cape Cod where you can catch a striper on one cast and a tuna on the next, yet this happens each season here. An absurd amount of sand eels, herring and other bait fish attract whales, dolphins, stripers, tuna and other sea creatures like sharks and seals. Fishing here can be incredibly productive-just be sure to keep an eye on the fog and east wind.

Dennis |

  • This beach is one of the best spots on Cape to watch the sunset. Conveniently this is also the perfect place to explore vast tidal flats and tidal pools in search of stripers, bluefish and fluke. There may even be a population of spawning stripers residing here during the spring.

Wellfleet |

  • This particular section of Cape Cod Bay attracts millions of sand eels and other forage fish, which in turn attract both schoolie stripers and bass up to 60 pounds. Bluefish, fluke, flounder and even bluefin tuna can be found in the general vicinity. Be sure to pack accordingly, because you just never know what you may find along this productive stretch of H20.

Bourne |

  • I will always remember afternoons spent sprinting down this beach, chasing blitzing schools of striped bass. Once in a while the bass would drive thousands of baby pogies up onto the sand. From a distance it appeared as if the beach itself was moving, as the pogies flipped and flopped in the sand. Aside from stripers, you can catch flounder, fluke and the occasional sea bass not far offshore.

Stellwagen Bank |

  • On certain days this spot can resemble a scene from Planet Earth. Giant tuna, whales, birds, dolphins, striped bass, bluefish...they all call this spot home, at least temporarily. Stellwagen Bank is an expansive area to fish, and this area can be as good a starting point as any.

Truro |

  • The beaches of Truro are some of the most scenic on all of Cape Cod. In this particular spot, the dunes and woodlands extend as far as the eye can see. Because of these reasons, this is one of my favorite places to visit and fish. Aside from the scenery, the striper fishing here can be pretty good. I'm yet to encounter a massive feed on this beach, but I know it will happen if I put in my time.

Mashpee |

  • The fishing here can get downright nutty when conditions are right, especially during the spring. My favorite trips happen when bass and bluefish push squid in close to shore. Sometimes the water turns black with ink and I've even caught 2 bluefish on the same plug, at the same time! Fishing here is a great way to start or finish the season. The fact that the area is still "wild" and protected from development is the true icing on the cake.

Buzzard's Bay |

  • This is the place where schools of thousands of adult stripers stage during the spring before heading north into the Cape Cod Canal. This is also the location of the epic sea bass bite of 2013. During the summer you can find more tropical species here and during the fall some of the nicest tautog of the entire season are taken here. Access is easy and simple and there are plenty of bottom fish as well, which makes this a good place to take the kids fishing.

Eastham |

  • Not many beaches on Cape can compare to the beauty of this one. Mix in the stories of 50 pounders I have heard being caught here, and you have a recipe for a really enjoyable and potentially productive surfcasting trip. Just keep an eye out for raccoon, deer and coyote!

Yarmouth |

  • The very name of this spot sounds fishy. If you have a kayak or small tin boat, then this area is perfect for you. On a nice clear evening this spot has been hailed as one of the best places on Cape Cod to watch the sunset.

Harwich |

  • This particular spot is located in close proximity to some of the nicest vistas Cape Cod has to offer. Rolling dunes and unspoiled shoreline stretch for miles here. Toss in some current, squid and stripers, and you have yourself a melting pot of fishing opportunities.

Nantucket |

  • I had been up all night partying with my buddies. It was my friend's bachelor party, and on top of that it was Figawi weekend. Nantucket was jam packed with party-goers. Nevertheless I had promised myself that I would fish this specific spot, no matter how bad the hangover was.

Martha's Vineyard |

  • 40 keepers in one morning? I almost didn't believe my ears. Was that even possible? In fact it was possible and it was happening with regularity here. This area is a long ride away from just about every Cape Cod marina, however I have always found the ride worthwhile. Even if the fishing is not good, the scenery alone makes it worth the effort.

Cape Cod Canal |

  • For me, this place is full of memories. It has always been, and will always be, one of the first places I check for life in the spring. I remember many mornings as a kid growing up, watching anglers line up shoulder to shoulder here, in search of that first keeper striped bass of the season.

Vineyard Sound |

  • It's hard to beat the peace and quiet of this particular special place. On top of that there have been 70 pound striped bass caught here. You never know when the next true cow will show up in tight to the rips, rocks and jagged shoreline.

Duxbury |

  • In recent years some very bizarre and interesting catches have been happening here. I am not just alluding to bass of over 30 pounds either. Many different species inhabit these waters, which helps make fishing here very exciting.

Plymouth |

  • For years this area has been known to attract big bluefish, especially during the summer. This is convenient for giant tuna fishermen, who use bluefish as live bait to capture tuna up to 1,300 pounds, at spots well within reach of most small boats, as long as the weather cooperates.

Sandwich |

  • Cape Cod is famous for its saltwater fishing, however many great freshwater fishing opportunities exists on Cape as well. This particular pond is home to many different species that will pique the interest of even the most seasoned sweetwater fisherman.

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