June 11 2022

Joe Mangiafico Boker Plus “The Brook” Knife Giveaway

by Ryan Collins

Giveaway closed! Congratulations to our winner, 2nd year member Greg Spear.

So far this spring we've been hosting one giveaway per week here on myfishingcapecod.com. Last week we gave away packs of Joe Baggs Sandeels and I'm happy to announce that second year My Fishing Cape Cod member Kevin Touhey won those lures!

Today I'm excited to launch another fun giveaway, this time for a Boker Plus - The Brook knife created by Joe Mangiafico of the Goose Hummock Shop. This high quality knife is valued at $149.95 and has a beautiful brook trout design on the handle.

Joe started making knives at the University of Vermont in 2014, and he pulled just about as many all-nighters making knives as he did writing papers. For years knife making was just a hobby for Joe, but in 2018 he entered the knife industry in a professional capacity, and began exploring methods to combine his two passions: fly fishing and knife making.

The "Brookie Knife" has evolved over the years, and is constructed with a structural mosaic of G10 fiberglass, brass, and copper to replicate the colorful patterns of the native trout. This method of construction is time consuming, but it is incredibly rewarding for Joe when he sees an angler carry a brookie knife on the river in its “natural habitat”.

The knife comes in a quality box with a Boker sheath, informational pamphlet, and two Mangiafico Knives stickers. As mentioned above the knife retails for $149.95 and is currently available online at TheMightyFish.com.

As far as knife construction goes, Joe really enjoys working with top notch steels that boast edge retention and corrosion resistance. After all, they are meant to be carried on the river, on the beach or out on the boat, so resistance to corrosion is important.

Joe is originally from Oregon but as mentioned above he's currently on Cape working at the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans. In fact Joe was a guest on our most recent fishing report podcast!

Joe has also contributed to several publications and has a popular Instagram page which you can check out by clicking the links below.

All members and fans of My Fishing Cape Cod are welcome to enter this giveaway for free by simply leaving a comment below.

I will draw the random winner one week from today on Saturday June 18th and I will display the winner's name at the top of this blog post.

Good luck and tight lines! 🎣

Congrats to our winner Greg Spear!

2nd year member Greg Spear is the winner of this giveaway. Stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming soon!

About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • We still have a few native brook trout streams in my area. Knife reminds me of my youth in tiny streams worm dunking for 6 inch brookies.

  • I remember seeing joe talk about his knives on the goose hummock Instagram. Truly a work of art. I would feel bad using it normally. It looks like it belongs in a display case

  • Joe nice job! Art meets functionality! All I had to do was look at the knife & I didn’t have to read the name- it screams Brookie- nice job!

  • Having a well made knife is an important tool for any fishermen to carry and by the sounds of how this knife was manufactured to looks to be a vital tool that any fisherman would be proud to ow, Peace and Prayers Carl

  • These give-away’s are awesome! What a great story Joe has.. the diversity of interests and talents within the MFCC community is amazing and really makes this site special.

    Please count me in for a chance to win.

    Awesome work Joe!

  • I’ve seen Joe’s handiwork and craft since his time at UVM. His attention to detail and passion for creating quality knives is awesome.

  • I’m in. What a beautiful knife. I’ve met Joe a few times at the Goose while he has steered me in the right direction for some fly gear. He knows his stuff for sure.

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