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July 12 Report

Well the tough streak continues for another day.  I've got to report the good and the bad.

Things started off fantastic.  Marked A LOT of nice fish.  Put the tubes out, and BANG - 30 pounder.

And then the wind started blowing.  The predicted 10-15 out fo the Southwest turned into a howling 20-30mph.  A bit too much for the Miss Loretta.

This pic was taken last fall. It wasn't quite this bad out there last night, but it wasn't all that much better either.

We spent the rest of the night trudging back to the canal.  A long, wet sloppy ride.

The weather for tonight looks better though, and with the amount of fish marked on the sonar last night, it's just a matter of time until it breaks wide open.

It's 7am, time to go to bed!

Catch em up!


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