December 17 2021

The Cape Cod Challenge: Can You Name These 4 Famous Locations?


Cape Cod is home to many beautiful locations. The first person to correctly name the 4 locations in this video will win a MFCC hat!

All of this footage was filmed on Cape Cod during the summer of 2021. I am sure many of you will recognize these areas.


Please click play below to watch! 👇

Do you know the 4 locations shown in this video?

If you do, then please leave a comment below identifying the spots.

The first person to correctly identify all 4 locations will win a My Fishing Cape Cod hat!

To view the hat which is up for grabs (or to order one of your own) please visit this page.

Good luck and I hope this video footage helped you reminisce of warm summer days at the Cape! 😎

Tight lines ?

    • You’re close Robert! You’ve guessed 2 out of the 4 locations correct. However number 1 is not Hemming Way Landing, although you’re in the right ballpark. Location 4 is not Chatham Bars, but again you’re in the right ballpark.

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