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Live Presentation Recording: Spring 2020 Video Review

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Back on November 7th I hosted a group of members from My Fishing Cape Cod for a live presentation, Q&A session, and online meetup.

During this event I shared a video presentation which featured some of my favorite video clips from the 2020 Cape Cod spring fishing season. 

Content included squid fishing, tautog fishing, striper fishing and more. If you are interested in re-living some of the fishing from this past spring, then this video presentation will be a worthwhile watch.

Please click play below to get started!👇

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Wingman Sportfishing 2020 Season-In-Review | Part #1

wingman sportfishing cape cod, ma
steve leary

After adding a few more frisky mackerel to the live well, I punched in the GPS setting and turned Wingman east toward Billingsgate Shoal, located along the eastern side of Cape Cod Bay. 

It was a prefect early June day, with bright blue skies and a light breeze out of the south. Aboard for this season’s shakedown cruise were my mate Mark and his dad Chris. 

With our first charters of the season just days away, I wanted to ensure we were ready. As my boat the Wingman hopped up on plane and effortlessly cruised across the bay with engines humming in unison, I ran through a series of system checks with no issues noted.

All systems were go! As many Captains can relay, it felt like the boat and I were again tied together as one. Life was good!

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Cape Cod Fishing Report for Tuesday November 17th

cape cod fishing report for tuesday november 17
ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

It's a sunny, clear and cool day on Cape Cod, with a crisp breeze blowing from the west. In this video, I'd like to share with you a brand new Cape Cod fishing report and MFCC news update which I hope you will enjoy.

There are still striped bass being caught on Cape (more on that in the video), and bluefin tuna fishing could remain strong right through Thanksgiving. Tautog are also biting well.

However, on days like today, I can't help but reminisce and feel a little melancholic, as I daydream about watching the summer moonlight on Cape Cod Bay, or the sunrise over Nauset Beach.

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What It’s Like To See Striped Bass Chasing & Attacking Flies Underwater

cape cod striper underwater fly fishing
ryan and lauren collins

In today's video clip, I'd like to share new underwater footage of stripers (and a couple mackerel) chasing and attacking a 5in white fly. 

I filmed half of this footage during August in Cape Cod Bay, and the rest of the footage during October in Buzzard's Bay. 

At the time, these stripers were feeding on peanut bunker. Please click play below to check it out! 👇

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Extended Report | Stripers Attacking Flies Underwater

cape cod striper chasing white fly underwater
ryan and lauren collins

In this members-only report, I'd like to share with you additional video footage of striped bass chasing and attacking a white fly underwater.

I'm also going to share extra information about how I filmed this footage, as well as some general location information for where this was filmed.

Please scroll below to access the additional content and information.

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My First Experience Smoking Bluefish (and Our Smoked Bluefish Pâté Recipe)

Smoked Bluefish Recipe
ryan and lauren collins

Ever since I was a little kid, I have heard anglers talking about smoking bluefish. I've eaten smoked bluefish before and I've always enjoyed it.

However, it was not until the summer of 2020 that I finally tried smoking bluefish on my own. I'm happy to report that the results were great!

Smoked bluefish has now become one of my favorite locally available seafood items. In this report, I'd like to share with you what I've learned so far about smoking bluefish and smoked bluefish recipes.

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My First Experience Smoking Bluefish VIDEO FOOTAGE

bluefish caught in cape cod bay
ryan and lauren collins

This video post goes alongside the written report which I published earlier today. If you haven't read that report, then you can do so here.

Bluefish are not only good for smoking, but as many of you know, bluefish are also a lot of fun to catch. They are aggressive and fight hard.

In this video, you'll come along on a tin boat blue fishing adventure with my wife Lauren and I. This video was filmed on September 5th 2020 inside Cape Cod Bay.

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Surfcasters’ Meetup | Friday November 13th

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

If you are a surfcaster, and would like to meet other surfcasters from My Fishing Cape Cod, then this would be a great event to attend!

MFCC Meetup is a speed networking format that enables everyone to connect with each other through multiple rounds of five-minute, one-on-one conversations. You can catch up or discuss a particular topic with each other.

This meetup has been created for anglers who primarily fish from the beach. The meetup will happen on Friday November 13th from 9am-10am. The event is free for MFCC members to attend.

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Exciting New Underwater Video Clip of Bluefish Chasing Live Bait

bluefish underwater
ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Cape Cod's saltwater environment is a wild world. Each day on Cape, countless underwater dramas unfold as predators such as stripers, tuna and tautog hunt their prey.

The vast majority of the action is never witnessed by human eyes. However, in today's video I'm going to give you a glimpse of the fascinating world beneath the Cape's waves.

I filmed the following video on October 8th in Buzzard's Bay. In this video clip you'll see an estimated 2 pound bluefish in hot pursuit of a live killifish. I found the agility of both predator and prey to be fascinating. 

Please click play below to see what I mean!👇

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