February 6, 2024

Fishing enthusiasts and angling aficionados, gather around as we dive into a comprehensive Zoom call crafted from a seasoned fisherman's insights.Our journey through this 1hr and 30 minute Zoom is tailored to elevate your 2024 springtime fishing experience, focusing on 3 different fish types, including the cunning Tautog, the beautiful ...

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Springtime Inshore Fishing Zoom Call with Captain Cullen of Cape Star Charters
September 6, 2023

In this episode you'll join us for a morning of fishing for stripers and bluefish from my boat at the East End of the Cape Cod Canal. The East End of the canal can produce fish from mid-May through mid-November, but I feel September in particular can be very productive ...

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Fishing the East End of the Canal during September
May 4, 2023

This post was originally published in 2019. With the boating season right around the corner, we figured now would be a good time to re-publish this post. This past Labor Day, I had the pleasure of joining captain Shawn Brule of TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth for a behind the scenes look ...

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A Day in the Life at TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth
July 9, 2022

July has arrived on Cape Cod and summertime is in full swing. In this episode we'll go fishing at the Cape Cod Canal for striped bass with topwater plugs on a foggy July morning. We'll also go searching for great white sharks and get a unique view of these incredible ...

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Fishing the Canal during July (and searching for Great White sharks)
July 5, 2018

Andrew Burke Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well, and have been able to catch some nice fish this season at the Cape Cod Canal. Earlier this season I fished with Joe D'Agostino, founder of Joe Baggs Tackle. You can read all about that morning in a post I wrote ...

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Canal Jigging Techniques with JoeBaggs Tackle
June 14, 2018

Ryan CollinsThe rocks along the banks of the Cape Cod Canal are notoriously slippery, and it is very easy to take a tumble if you are not careful.In fact, I am honestly amazed that more people do not injure themselves when fishing at the Cape Cod Canal.Wearing korkers is a ...

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How To Not Slip On The Rocks @ The Cape Cod Canal
May 5, 2018

Ryan Collins If you fish the Cape Cod Canal with any sort of regularity, then you have probably noticed the trash which accumulates in the rocks and in the surrounding areas.I'm not going to point fingers or place the blame on anyone. Instead, I want to inspire as many people ...

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Cleaning Up The Cape Cod Canal
March 19, 2018

Ryan Collins In this seminar presentation I will take you through a full season of fishing on Cape Cod. You will learn how and where to target big stripers, tuna, albies and other species from Cape Cod’s many inlets, bays, jetties, harbors, beaches, estuaries and of course the canal. This ...

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How To Make The Most Of Your 2018 Cape Cod Fishing Season
March 8, 2018

Ryan CollinsIn this 1+ hour seminar recording, you will discover simple methods for successfully fishing the Cape Cod Canal. You'll learn about proper tackle and equipment, tides, striped bass feeding and migration patterns, plus more.Included in this class seminar recording are dozens of slides, audio, videos, and a Q&A session. This ...

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Cape Cod Canal Basics: Seminar Recording
December 6, 2017

Ryan Collins If you do not already have an organized, tangle-free, efficient system for storing all your canal plugs and jigs, then this blog post is for you.Unlike other bags on the market, this plug bag featured in the below video can easily store large lures commonly fished at the Cape ...

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Get 20% Off The Cape Cod Canal Plug Bag
November 27, 2017

Ryan Collins The canal magic swimmer will always have a spot in my tackle bag, because it has proven itself as a reliable lure not just on Cape Cod, but also in Costa Rica.The magic swimmer can catch a multitude of different fish species, because it imitates a wide array ...

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How to Modify the Canal Magic Swimmer