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A Day in the Life at TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth

Andrew Burke

This past Labor Day, I had the pleasure of joining captain Shawn Brule of TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth for a behind the scenes look at their incredible operation. 

The plan was for me to hop on board with captain Shawn and film "a day in the life" at TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth. I met Shawn early in the morning, and in no time at all we were sitting in the middle of Buzzard's Bay waiting for a tow call to come in.

 It was quite impressive to see how proactively TowBoatUS Cape Cod/Plymouth operates. Rather than sitting at the dock waiting for a call, we were floating in the middle of Buzzard's Bay ready to spring into action.  


After a few radio checks, a call regarding a stalled boat in the Cape Cod Canal came in, and we were immediately under way and en route to the distressed boater.

Please click play below to watch.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Burke.

Before heading out on a trip off Cape Cod, consider joining BoatUS as a member - which starts at $149/ year for unlimited saltwater towing. Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can use their BoatUS discount code to receive 10% off.

Not being a member of TowBoat US could result in an expensive tow back to the dock. Even a tow of less than two miles can cost $900 or more, but if you are a member of BoatUS, then your tow will be free.

Tight lines 🎣


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  1. In my 40 years of boating I have been towed four times by TowBoat/US, twice in Cape Cod waters and twice in North Carolina. Each time was a positive experience with Captains who went out of their way to help me. They are extremely competent and professional. Anyone who boats in the salt should have this service. I have helped people with tows on at least three occasions but having a professional tow is far better.

  2. Used them 4 times, that is four…in my first boating season ‘18! I can’t be more grateful to those guys.

    1. That is amazing. You are definitely getting your money’s worth Igor!

  3. Captain Shawn towed me in last summer. I was very impressed with his skills. Perfect landing at the dock, a professional seaman.

    1. His skills on the water really are something!

  4. Hey Andrew,
    As a boat owner I would always renew my BoatUS membership before my first trip of the season. It’s not like breaking down on the side of the road in your car. You can’t just get out and walk!

    1. Lol very true Dex! It’s definitely nice to have that added peace of mind on the water.


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