October 23, 2022

Here's some slow motion highlights from a bluefin tuna fishing trip I went on this past Friday October 21st. During this trip we hooked 4 bluefin tuna and landed 3. I believe most of the tuna fish in this video are probably in the 40-60 inch class size range, however ...

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Bluefin Tuna Hunting Butterfish in Slow Motion!
July 6, 2022

Last year the crew from the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans released an Intro to Tuna Fishing video on their YouTube channel. They then released another video which I feel will be very helpful for anyone interested in targeting tuna during the upcoming 2022 fishing season. In addition, there are ...

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Tuna Fishing Q&A with Captain Phil Howarth
November 26, 2021

During 2021 I had many awesome opportunities to go fishing with members and fans of the My Fishing Cape Cod community. In many instances this proved to be extremely helpful. For example, in the following video, MFCC member and owner of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi, Bruno Demir, is driving his ...

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Bluefin Tuna Feeding | Caught on Drone
June 14, 2021

So far this season I am yet to hear about anyone catching a bluefin tuna off Cape Cod, but I am sure that will change soon! Last year's tuna season was pretty amazing, so hopefully the fish show back up this year in good numbers. In the following video it's ...

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Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna
September 13, 2020

Over the past week I have seen photos and heard reports about school-size bluefin tuna being caught off Cape Cod.During late summer and fall it's not uncommon at all to encounter young bluefin tuna in the 45-70 inch size class.  I would never recommend using spinning tackle to catch a ...

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Spin Fishing for Tuna (Full Episode)
August 18, 2020

This clip was filmed on July 22nd of 2019. Somehow I never got around to sharing it, but I figured better late than never! During this trip myself and a crew of members from My Fishing Cape Cod were fishing with captain Cullen of Cape Star Charters.  If you look ...

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Live Mackerel Tuna Fishing at the Regal Sword
August 10, 2020

Yesterday we had another great bluefin tuna fishing trip at the Regal Sword with my friend Cullen of Cape Star Charters.Also onboard for this trip were My Fishing Cape Cod members John Conroy, David Hoganson and his 13 year old son Carter.The bite was really, really good and I was ...

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Giant Bluefin Tunas Attacking Mackerel | Filmed Underwater
July 26, 2020

My dad and I had a great day-trip to the canyons this past Wednesday July 22nd. We left the Nantucket Boat Basin at 4:30 am and headed straight for the tip of Veatch Canyon. We chose Veatch due to some fresh intel we gathered a day or two prior to ...

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Veatch Canyon | Offshore Fishing Report
June 27, 2020

Now that summer has arrived, many anglers here on My Fishing Cape Cod will soon be targeting bluefin tuna.That's why I figured today would be a good time to re-publish captain Phil Howarth's seminar "Intro to Tuna Fishing", which is perfect for anyone who is interested in trying to catch ...

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Intro to Tuna Fishing with Captain Phil Howarth
August 20, 2019

Ryan Collins This past Saturday August 17 myself, captain Cullen of Cape Star and MFCC members Jim Murphy and Cal Wheaton met at 5AM to go hunting for bluefin tuna off Cape Cod. The plan was to hopefully locate some wild topwater feeds and cast swimming lures to school bluefin ...

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Wild Topwater Bluefin Tuna Feeds at Stellwagen Bank
July 16, 2019

Vertical jigging for tuna is a highly effective tuna fishing technique off Cape Cod, especially when tuna are feeding down below in deep water. Jigging for tuna is also something you can do while drifting live bait or casting other lures.A lot of times all you need to do is ...

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How to Vertical Jig for Bluefin Tuna off Cape Cod
April 3, 2019

Locations Cheat SheetDownload extra information about the locations and areas discussed in this seminar.Equipment Cheat SheetDownload the exact lures, tackle, gear and other equipment talked about in this seminar.Timestamps:00:01 - 05:23 - introduction to me, my family, and my upbringing05:30 - introduction to My Fishing Cape Cod07:53 - introduction to ...

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Cape Cod; A Fishing Wonderland [Full Seminar]