November 2, 2023

This HUGE Giant Tuna ENGULFED My Bluefish!

by Ryan Collins

In this video I had a camera on the line (with no hook), and the boat was drifting at around 1.5 miles per hour. I was using 20lb leader and the bluefish was about 22 inches long.

This footage has been slowed down to 5% of the actual speed. I’ve been trying to get this shot for a while now, and finally on October 5th in this area off Cape Cod it happened.

I was so lucky to get this shot. The bluefish was nearly dead and it was getting late in the day. With the sun about to set I decided to put the bluefish out for one last drift.

15 minutes later and I notice lots of marks down along the bottom. I dropped down a jig and hooked into a big bluefish, which I lost at the boat.

Suddenly two huge “boomerrang” marks show up on the sonar, about 40ft beneath the boat, the same depth as my little 22 inch bluefish.

I remember thinking, “WOW I wonder if those are giant tunas chasing the bluefish!”. It was all happening right beneath my boat which I thought was pretty terrific.

Suddenly the rod jolted downward and line peeled from my very loosely set drag. The tuna had bitten the blue! Woo hoo!!! 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

As soon as I got home I popped the SD card into my computer. I was ecstatic and amazed by what I saw!

I think this giant tuna may have been a true monster, perhaps as large as 800 pounds. What do you think?

Plus if you look close, you can see the 2nd giant tuna in the background.

Thank you as always for watching. 🙌🏻

If you have any questions or comments, then please feel free to LMK by commenting below. 👇👇👇

Tight lines! 🎣


About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • Incredible film footage. It’s great that we see it happen when trying to realize this in our thoughts. Gives me some solid ideas. Yea, that’s a Big Fish. I am now getting into using Blue Fish for Bait with Mackerel some times being scares these days.” Congratulation Man “ Party at your place for sure. Solid club stuff to keep us Tuna guys going CRAZY.

    • I figured this view would make some of the hardcore tuna guys go crazy! To think I ALMOST called it a trip about 15 minutes before this bite happened. My bluefish was nearly dead so I figured my odds of getting bit were low. But then a big school of gator bluefish swam underneath the boat, with two giant tunas chasing them. I saw the marks on my sonar before the bite happened. You just never know what to expect when you go tuna fishing off Cape Cod.

    • The bluefish is about 24 or so inches long, and yes I agree it looks like a peanut compared to that tuna. In real time the tuna had the bluefish in his mouth for 3 seconds before he spit it.

  • That’s certainly a large mouth !
    Looks like it wasn’t alone either. A blur at the bottom looks like another.

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