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Herring Are On Their Way To Cape Cod

Each spring, herring migrate from the open ocean into Cape Cod streams and rivers.  

For centuries on Cape Cod, river herring were harvested for many different reasons.  However today, they are a protected species.

According to what I've heard, herring have so far been spotted in Middleboro and Orleans. Have you seen any herring? Please let me know by commenting below!

I personally have not yet seen any, although I haven't really been looking for them. Last year I spotted herring for the first time at the Bournedale herring run on April 9th. 


If you are just as fascinated by the herring migration as I am, then you might enjoy the following video.

Some of you might actually recognize this video as part of the "Angler Education" series which has been airing during commercial breaks of season four of My Fising Cape Cod TV.

These segments feature my favorite underwater and drone footage of Cape fish and wildlife.

Please click play below to watch! πŸ‘‡

More schools of herring will arrive with each passing week throughout the spring. Once the month of May rolls around, striped bass will arrive on Cape and will begin hunting the herring.

Right now is without a doubt one of the most exciting times of the season. I know many people are "chomping at the bit" for the saltwater season to kick off, and the arrival of the herring is always great to see.

I've included some more links below for members of My Fishing Cape Cod who are interested in learning more about herring. Please LMK if you have any questions or herring reports of your own by leaving a comment below. 

Tight lines! 🎣

Learn more about herring

If you'd like to learn more about the herring migration, then we have the following content here on My Fishing Cape Cod which you might be interested in. πŸ‘‡

Access The Full Episode

This river herring video was part of our Early Spring Saltwater Fishing episode. Members can click below to access the full 28 minute episode.

Watch More Angler Education Videos

Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can watch more Angler Education videos by clicking here, and new videos will be added throughout 2021.


Have you seen any herring in the runs?

Let us know by commenting below!

  1. Herring in run at Marston Mills on Route 149 today 4/8 around 5 PM

    1. Always good news. Thanks David!

  2. Any change in season is still a real kick for me, senior citizen that I am. Spring is my true joy and your herring video signals the annual regeneration of species and hope for the future. Your video captures both and it inspires me for yet another season on the salt. Good job!

    1. Glad you liked the herring video Jack. It’s always great to see them return. Spring is here!

  3. I checked out the herring run at the Brewster Grist Mill over the weekend (3/27/21). There were a few (a dozen) swimming about. The Harwich run with the electronic counter was at 428. They are slowly working their way here.

    1. Awesome! That is good news. Thank you for sharing the intel David. πŸ‘

  4. Ryan! That is so cool! Yes! now I remember the voice actors name, David Attenborough. Great job! Some day I’ll be saying “I knew you when!” Strong work!

    1. David has done amazing work and he is definitely an inspiration for me. His latest documentary called “A Life On Our Planet” is a much watch!

  5. Tom and I went scouting yesterday. Stopped by both the Middleboro and Bournedale runs. Middleboro is in full swing with Herring in the run and then reentering the river above the dam. I have always wondered why Middleboro starts so far ahead of the other Cape runs. Found the answer with some research before our trip. The connection from the ocean to Middleboro starts in Mount Hope Bay near Newport, RI. From the bay, the Herring enter the Taunton River which winds northeast then connects with the Nemasket River in which the Herring swim upstream on their way to spawn in the Assawampset Pond complex in Lakeville, MA. The Middleboro run is in the middle of the Nemasket River stretch of their journey. So the Middleboro run is independent from the other Cape runs and actually on a timetable more aligned with that of Rhode Island than that of Massachusetts.
    There were no Herring at the Bournedale run although there was a good sized Yellow Perch finning in the current

    1. Super cool info Dex! Very interesting! Thanks!

    2. Awesome info Dex, thanks for sharing!

  6. Ryan I love the angler education videos! Who is the lovely English narrator!? In this herring video? Sounds familiar, like someone I’ve heard on Nat Geo or something! Great job! Thanks!

    1. The narrator is Scott Tunnix. He’s from the UK and is a professional voice actor. He does a pretty good David Attenborough impersonation (David is the world famous narrator for Discovery, Nat Geo etc.), and that is probably why the narration sounds so familiar to you. Lots of fun creating these videos!


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