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Cape Cod; A Fishing Wonderland [Full Seminar]

Ryan Collins

Back on February 17th I had the awesome opportunity to host a seminar at the boat show in Boston, as part of the Goose Hummock Seminar Series.

The seminar series was great and I need to thank Phil, Jan and the rest of the crew at the Goose Hummock for organizing the seminar series and making it happen!

My seminar was titled "Cape Cod; A Fishing Wonderland." In this seminar I will take you month-by-month through a season of fishing Cape Cod. Learn what species will be available from shore and boat. Discover top locations and techniques for striped bass, bluefin tuna and more. Complete with high resolution photos and videos.


Thank you to Tyler Adams of the Goose Hummock for recording my seminar! Today the full 44 minute video recording is available here on MFCC for members to download and watch.

In addition, beneath the video below, I have included two "cheat sheets" which members of MFCC can click to download. The first cheat sheet includes extra information about locations discussed in the seminar, and the second cheat sheet includes detailed information about the exact lures, tackle and equipment.

Please click play below to watch!


  • 00:01 - 05:23 - introduction to me, my family, and my upbringing
  • 05:30 - introduction to My Fishing Cape Cod
  • 07:53 - introduction to Lauren and "funny video"
  • 11:02 - January in Costa Rica
  • 13:44 - ice fishing during February
  • 15:55 - monster holdover stripers during March
  • 17:24 - April trout fishing
  • 19:08 - May black sea bass
  • 21:10 - targeting big striped bass in June
  • 25:25 - offshore fishing the canyons in July
  • 28:37 - August surfcasting for stripers and sharks
  • 31:02 - September false albies
  • 33:23 - October tautog
  • 34:56 - November bluefin tuna fishing
  • 39:09 - the very last stripers of the season, December
  • 40:18 - BONUS, the future of the fishery

Tight lines 🎣

What do you think?

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  1. Nice seminar presentation Ryan…hadn’t had a chance to watch the full 44 minutes until now. Enjoyed the June segment and getting reminded of our trip with Ron, and the beautiful striper that is still my personal best. Hoping to break that record this coming season.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Drew! I remember when you caught your personal best striper as if it was yesterday! LOL. That was an awesome morning.

      Will you be going to the Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Expo on March 27-29? I’ll be giving an updated version of this seminar on Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Ryan
    I am a surfcaster in Brooklyn and fish primarily for stripers and blues
    Can you recommend any guides that are available to fish places like South Cape beach Mashpee, Waquoit Jetty?
    Also, your lead-in about your seminar attracted me to listen to it however, I am unable to access it. What am I doing incorrectly?

    1. Hey Joe 👋

      Thanks for stopping by MFCC.

      Unfortunately I’m not aware of any shore guides that offer trips to that area. There honestly aren’t many shore guides here on Cape Cod period.

      To access the full seminar video, please join My Fishing Cape Cod as a member, login and then return to this page. The full seminar is only accessible by logged-in members.

      LMK if you have any other questions. Happy to help! 🎣

  3. Busy work and family schedules kept us from the fishing/ boating show circuit this year. Was great to get a small taste with your seminar vid, Ryan. Thanks bud. See you in a few weeks!

    1. Thanks for watching Doug. Almost time to start scouting for the Cheeky Tournament! I have some ideas. Will keep you posted.


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