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Interview with Paul Osimo of Lo-Fli Fly Fishing System

Billy Mitchell
Member since 2014

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod! My name is Billy Mitchell and I've been a member here on the website since June of 2014.

Over the years I've communicated with many of you here via the blog or within our forum. I've also had the pleasure of fishing with many MFCC members in-person!

During 2018 I launched my own personal website called Seven Stripes Fishing, where I share my own fishing reports, products, information about charter services, and most recently, interviews with local captains and people involved in the industry.


At the end of 2018 I received a message from Ryan Collins, asking if I would be interested in sharing some of my interviews here with the MFCC community. I jumped at the opportunity, and today I would like to share with you the second of hopefully many more interviews to come.

In this interview, we chat with Paul Osimo, creator of the Lo-Fli Fishing System. Over a couple pops, we talk about fly fishing minimalism and being innovative in an industry that doesn’t exactly react to change well. 

Click play below to listen-in!

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