June 4 2013

Stage Harbor Fishing Report | June 3


Before we dive into this report, I want to let you know that there is a lot of pretty cool and exciting things coming down the line here at My Fishing Cape Cod. I won't get into the details just yet, but one thing I am really excited about is the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast.

The MFCC podcast will further expand upon some of the fishing strategies and most recent reports featured here on the blog. The podcast will be debuting very soon so definitely stay tuned.

Until then here is our latest fishing report.

Lower Cape Fishing Report for June 3

The weather was not pretty yesterday morning around 3AM. I was not awoken by my alarm, but instead by torrential rain, wind and lightning. The conditions on the beach would have been pretty tough, so I figured I was best off postponing the trip and trying again in the evening.

Before I knew it the day had slipped away and it was already 5PM-time to hit the beach. I began a long drive down Route 6 towards Lower Cape Cod, where I hoped to find stripers and potentially weakfish. Things were looking up.

About halfway to my destination the skies opened and rain dumped down in buckets. I debated turning around but figured I might as well continue.  I had already invested this much time and effort, so I might as well give it a good shot.

25 minutes later I parked my car and headed off down the beach. The howling wind-driven rain made it difficult to walk the beachfront, so I opted to take a path through the dunes. Despite the weather it was one of the nicest walks I have made all season.

lower cape fishing report

I was still unsure as to whether I had made the right decision coming all this way in such tough weather. Regardless it felt good to be on the beach, and as I looked around I realized it was pretty much just me and a few terns. Solitude on the beach is a nice bonus that often accompanies rainy conditions.

As I rounded the final dune I could see birds off in the distance. The flock was a mix of terns and gulls, both species taking turns making dives towards the water's surface. Seeing this unfold was enough motivation for me to pick up the pace.

So far I had seen birds and bait, but no bass, blues or weakfish. I hoped the birds were a sign of a feeding frenzy going on just below the water's surface. Once I reached the birds I wasted no time entering the water and getting into position.

cape cod fishing report for lower cape

The wind made it difficult to cast and keep tabs on where my lure was in the water column. All I could really do was reel the soft plastic in and hope for the best. As I finished my first retrieve there was a swirl just behind my offering, and I caught sight of an interested bass that chased the lure right up to my waders.

The fish were here.

Wasting no time I tossed another cast back into the same exact spot. Just as before I caught sight of a swirl, and a bass, just a few yards from my rod tip. The only difference was this fish made a lunge forward, grabbed the lure and got the hook.

Despite the tough conditions I was hooked up with what would be the first of many stripers on this particular trip.

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