March 1 2023

Our 10 Longest Standing My Fishing Cape Cod Members

by Ryan Collins

My Fishing Cape Cod is now 12 years old, and a lot has happened since I started MFCC during the winter of 2011. 

The website has been a dream come true for me, and I'm happy to hear that members and fans alike have found MFCC to be a helpful and entertaining resource.

Today I wanted to re-recognize our ten longest standing members. I say re-recognize but I first published this list three years ago when MFCC was turning 10. 

None of what you find on the MFCC website, email newsletter, or social media channels would be possible without membership support, so I can't thank you all enough!

10: Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy of Bourne, Massachusetts has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since August of 2012.

"I’ve stuck with MFCC for so long because of the invaluable information and advice, the friendly community, and the fact that it changes with the times. When I became a member, back in 2012, I was desperate for local advice, and that came in the form of a ton of useful content about how to catch stripers on the Cape. I mean, while I would have eaten up any and all information I could regarding where the fish were biting, what I wanted was exactly what Ryan delivered—advice about how to find and catch fish on my own. It was a revelation when things clicked and I started to catch fish on a consistent basis. Now I can hardly understand why it seemed so hard at first. 

Secondly, MFCC offers a friendly community of anglers with various backgrounds and experiences. Connecting with other anglers on the uniquely helpful online forum, in meetings and on group trips have not just made me a better informed fisherman, but have led to many lasting friendships. 

Last, MFCC has continually evolved, with new features on the website, like the weekly podcasts, and opportunities for new experiences, like great white shark tours. Perhaps more importantly, it’s grown beyond a community that helps us anglers catch fish; it offers advice and advocacy to ensure the preservation of the fishery and the sport I’ve come to love."

9: Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer of North Attleboro, Massachusetts has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since July of 2012.

"I first found MFCC while trying to learn more about tube and worming, as this was a technique I used to use with an old timer down the Cape.

When I finally bought my own boat I started my search for more knowledge about fishing the Cape. Upon finding MFCC I decided to join. After talking with members, meeting Ryan at the Sandwich Marina, and contributing some blog posts of my won to the site I was hooked!

Great site and community of fellow fisherman."

8: Greg Wilson

Member of My Fishing Cape Cod since July of 2012.

Most Popular Forum Posts by Greg:

7: Matt Borrelli

Matt Borrelli of Needham, Massachusetts has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since June of 2012.

6: John Branda

South Grafton, MA - member since June of 2012

5: Paul Okeefe

Bourne, MA - member since June of 2012.

4.  Mike Wood

Mike Wood has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since May of 2012.

Most Popular Forum Posts from Mike:

3. Robert Sparacino

Robert Sparacino of the Adirondak region of New York has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since May of 2012.

"I stayed with MFCC because you are good, honest, caring people, and simply put we need more folks like you members in this world. Ryan has always impressed me with his hard work and efforts.  Ryan has a great knowledge of all types of fishing on Cape Cod and works hard to stay on top of the newest information."

2. Joe Strumski

Member since May of 2012.

Most Popular Forum Posts from Joe:

1. Brian Atchinson

Brian Atchinson is our longest standing member. He joined My Fishing Cape Cod in February of 2012.

"I've stayed with MFCC because members are more willing to share honest opinions and information here than anywhere else on the web. I also love that there is no "bashing". Other sites can be very toxic, but I have never seen that happen on MFCC. The podcasts are also really well done and informative."

Honorable Mentions

Special thank you to each of the members listed above!

In addition, I would like to recognize the following honorable mentions. To be honest, the list below could extend for several pages, as we have hundreds of members that have been onboard for many years.

  • Gregory Callahan - July 26, 2012
  • Shane Cassavant - August 3, 2012
  • Larry C - August 26, 2012
  • Bernard Niedzielski - August 30, 2012
  • Greg Smith - August 30, 2012
  • Jane Simpson - August 31, 2012
  • Cape Cod Mike - September 17, 2012
  • Owen Reilly - September 22, 2012
  • Ed Parker - October 12, 2012
  • Jeff Lang - October 17, 2012
  • John D Silva - November 16, 2012

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of the site!

Have you been onboard MFCC for several years now? If so then I'd love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment below. ?

Tight lines! ?

About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • This April will mark my 6th year with MFCC! Ryan, Congrats on what you have built here.

    I’ve expressed in many times in various forms over the years but MFCC is the sole reason I got up to speed in the salt water fishing game (transitioned from freshwater). Who knows, if i didn’t find MFCC & the wealth of knowledge it provided me I may not have even moved down to south Plymouth back in 2018!

    Anyways – this MFCC community is the best anywhere bar none. It’s informative, interactive, exciting and most importantly: it is home to true professional adults & kids that keep things mature & productive

    I continue to wish MFCC success and growth. Tightlines to all!

    • Thank you for that comment Nick. That means a lot, especially when you mention that you might not have moved to Plymouth had it not been for MFCC! It’s been great having you onboard on the site.

  • Ryan: First of all, Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!! Time really flies. Although I have fished since I can remember, most of what I had done was centered around the pursuit of trout and fly-fishing. Although not a complete stranger to the salt, your writings and the contributions of so many others from the MFCC family enabled me to fine tune my efforts to the point that I actually thought I knew what I was doing. Every post, every blog, every interview provided more information which enabled me to enhance my pursuit of our elusive quarry. And, it still does.
    As Jim Murphy mentioned above, this blog has continued to evolve throughout the years and continues to provide guidance, information and knowledge to the newest among us to the more mature and seasoned veterans. Of note is the fact that it has always been a place of sharing without judgement. Some of us older guys may not be as active in our posts as we used to be, but there never seems to be a lack of individuals ready to step in and offer their guidance and knowledge to those seeking to learn. It really is a unique environment for all.
    My congratulations and thanks to you. I look forward to the next ten years.

  • While my membership information doesn’t reflect it, I believe I have been a member of MFFC since 2013. I joined the MFCC group and had formed a Surf casting Group in a social organization I belong to and invited Ryan to come and speak to the members. As an fyi, I tried to join some other fishing groups but no one ever responded to my messages. Ryan has always been quick to respond to emails and has always been extremely supportive of all efforts to promote fishing both on and off Cape Cod. He has been equally supportive of efforts to improve the lives of those less fortunate here on Cape Cod. The annual breakfast meeting is always a must attend event not only for the good food but for the opportunity to meet others with similar interests and concerns.
    The monthly membership fee is a small price to pay for the amount of information you can access and the amount of information that is shared throughout the network by the members. It is all informative as well as entertaining.
    Thanks for Ryan for starting MFCC and doing a great job keeping it up and running with informative speakers, interesting articles, fabulous pictures and always being eager and willing to lend an ear and offer advice and support.
    Best regards,
    One More Time

    • Thanks for your feedback Richard! I always appreciate your posts in the forum and having you at the breakfasts. Not to mention the donations you’ve made by taking fellow MFCC members out shellfishing! You’ve been one of our most active members when it comes to donating trips. It’s been a blast these past 10 years and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years. Give my best to Kathleen and tight lines ?

  • As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun”. Haha Looks like I’ve been a member since April 2017 after getting into Saltwater Fishing for the first time ever in the late Fall of 2016.

    I’ve mentioned it multiple times to you and others, that if I didn’t come across MFCC in my internet search to gain more knowledge into the local saltwater striped bass game, it is easy to say that there is for sure a chance that I wouldn’t have grasped the sport as quickly as I would have liked and in turn, I may not have become obsessed with it to where it shaped my future. I could have easy reverted right back to my freshwater fishing circle where I was comfortable but MFCC for sure got me much more up to speed in a timely manner and very excited for all the potential possibilities I could encounter in the Salt.

    Fast forward to February 2018 and my girlfriend & I moved to south Plymouth, MA (we love it here), I bought my first boat in April 2019 and to present day I am still as excited to be down here & part of the MFCC community every single day.

    I am a perfect example like the countless other MFCC members that most likely came to MFCC looking for serious saltwater fishing direction and support, that ultimately propelled them to a level of saltwater fishing that gives them confidence in their abilities & knowledge. With that being said, as I continue to be an active member on MFCC, I routinely learn new things reading the forum that is filled with various experience levels/tactics/equipment mentions/all of the above.

    This community is filled with people that genuinely love to fish, that want to preserve the fishery & to simply enjoy the great outdoors. And given the state of affairs we continue to see in our Nation to date, it is a breath of fresh air to open the MFCC membership forum / blogs / etc. at any point in time of the day & immediately begin feeling a sense of positivity and unity.

    Anyways – congratulations Ryan on 10 years ! It is quite an accomplishment & I know how much effort you put into it. Thank you for all you & Lauren do and Thank you to all of the members that are on board for this fun ride ! Tight lines

    • Wow Nick, that is an epic comment! I know we’ve chatted about your transition into the salt before, but I’m still very humbled to hear how much MFCC helped launch your saltwater fishing obsession. You’ve definitely had some pretty awesome saltwater fishing adventures since you began in 2017. I’ve been having a lot of fun following along with your successes! I also can’t express how appreciative I am that you continue to give back by posting in the forum and taking other MFCC members with you on your boat and on surfcasting trips. You’ve been a great help in growing this community.

  • Hard to believe I’ve been a member since August 2016? Honestly seems like yesterday. I don;t think I can add to any of the things said above other than there are all true – a great site with a great community. Congrats on the anniversary!

    • That’s right Tim, you joined on August 1st 2016. Time does fly when you’re having fun! You’ve been a great addition to the community these past several years, and I really appreciate all your posts and the advice that you share with other members. ✌?

  • I found this MFCC Forum in 2017 , I’ve been on others, this is without a doubt the friendliest and most informative of Any site , I have been able to speak with and meet quite a few members who have taken the time to bring me and show me new places in an in-depth way I couldnt have imagined . My fishing skills have increased in so many ways, I hope to be able to grow with the community and to be able to do the same for and with other members of this great community.

    • Thanks Steve for the great comment! It’s a pleasure having you aboard MFCC as a member. I appreciate the support! As you mention, I’ve also been impressed by the willingness many anglers on this site have for sharing advice, and also for inviting other members to go fishing with them. I think 2021 will be a great year for the community. More to come soon! ?

  • When you were five I saw it happen with that first tinker mackerel. You fell in love with fishing ,and a passion for the environment. I have been fortunate to observe the birth of M.F.C.C. that really started thirty years ago . I am amazed at how hard you work keeping your vision alive and healthy. Dad

    • Thanks Dad for the nice comment. I have you and mom to thank for getting me into fishing. I also appreciate the hundreds of hours of sleep you lost while night fishing for stripers with me! Those were some enjoyable nights. More to come in 2021! ?

  • Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary of MFCC! You do a phenomenal job! Your passion is infectious. I thoroughly enjoy the website. I have learned so much in the past 2 years! I grew up in a fishing family but what I have learned on my own from MFCC is incredibly valuable. The camaraderie within the forum is great.I always feel comfortable asking questions, posting success or failure! I really enjoy the different threads. The information available is tremendous. I love Laurens recipes and her info on places to eat. It’s cool to see how new ideas evolve like the new swap/trade/sell thread or books about the Ocean or Rock and Roll Fishing! It’s all good! Last but not least, I really enjoy the friends and fellow fisherman I have met and fished with. I have had so much fun! Thank You to you and Lauren for all your hard work! Here’s to the next 10 years!

    • Good to hear you enjoy the new “swap and sell” forum. I actually believe you helped to spark that idea! The website is a dream come true for me and I’m happy you and many others are enjoying the site and finding the community to be of good value. Plenty more to come in 2021. Stay tuned! Thanks Leslie! ?

  • Congratulations Ryan on your ten year anniversary. Your mfcc community is a very unique and special group of people. Although I’ve never met you I know people (whom I’ve met through mfcc) who have. They all describe you in the same way. Great person, very knowledgeable, and always willing to provide great information. I cant help but think this community mirrors your personality.
    Cheers! ?

    • It’s been terrific having you onboard as a MFCC member Mark. I think you first joined MFCC way back in 2014. My how time flies! Can’t thank you enough for your support these past 6+ years.

      Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet one day. In the meantime, if you are interested, I’m going to host an “online meetup” event Saturday morning November 7th. It’d be great to have you attend if you are available! Here is a link where you can learn more.

      Tight lines Mark! ?

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