September 18 2020

Friday September 18th Cape Cod Fishing Report


Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Welcome to another episode of the MFCC fishing report podcast. The north wind is howling right now on Cape Cod and the seas are rough.

However, the surfcasting and tuna fishing prior to the strong winds had been solid. In this podcast we get the latest reports from Ryan of MFCC, Phil Howarth of the Goose Hummock Shops, and Bruno Demir of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi.

In today's podcast we provide you with a full update on what's happening in the waters surrounding Cape Cod & the Islands. You'll hear about striper fishing, bluefin tuna fishing, fluke fishing and much more. Please scroll below for an overview, or click here to start listening now.


ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Ryan Collins

My Fishing Cape Cod

We start this episode with a call to MFCC founder Ryan Collins, who has been trying like crazy to catch an albie from shore. Nevertheless Ryan had some success this past week filming an albie and striper blitz with his drone. Ryan also reports slow mid-September fishing inside Cape Cod Bay and along Sandy Neck Beach (at least compared to several years ago). We dive into many other subjects as well which you'll hear in the podcast.

Phil Howarth

Goose Hummock Shops

Next up is our good friend captain Phil Howarth of the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis. Phil and the crew from the Goose did extremely well with stripers of up to 40 inches prior to this north wind, by surfcasting from the beaches of Outer Cape Cod. We also get a full tuna fishing update from Phil, plus we hear his thoughts about how the fishing will be once the winds calm back down.

Bruno Demir

Cape & Islands Mitsubishi

Third in today's lineup is Bruno Demir - My Fishing Cape Cod member and owner of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi. In our conversation with Bruno, he provides us with his take on the fishing around Nantucket and Vineyard Sound, for fluke, stripers and more. Bruno is hopeful for a productive fall season and so are we.

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The my fishing Cape Cod podcast brought to you by the goose hammock shops, Cape Cod's largest outdoor outfitter. So every new England, since 1946, sharp them [email protected]. Welcome to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcasts. The mind fishing Cape Cod podcast is your local source for the latest news and information on fishing Cape Cod. Now here's your host, Kevin Collins. Well, hello and welcome

To another addition to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast here from my fishing Cape I'm your host, Kevin Collins, back with you for episode number six of our weekly podcast season here in 2020. And we've got a great show in store for you today. This is going to be our last podcast in the month of September, and we're going to lead it off with MFCC founder and creator, Ryan Collins we're then going to be joined by Phil Howard from down at the goose hummock and Orleans, and last but not least, we're going to be joined by our buddy Bruno Demir from down at Cape and islands Mitsubishi. So let's dive right into today's program. Well, first step on this week's addition to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast is MFCC founder and creator. Ryan Collins, Ryan, how are you on this windy Friday?

I'm doing well, Kevin, no complaints here. How are you doing?

Doing very well. Uh, looking at this North Northeast wind blowing right at my face here on the inside of Cape Cod Bay and some, probably six to eight foot swells crashing on the beach. So it's not exactly a prime fishing weekend, isn't it?

Well, fortunately with Cape Cod shaped the way it is, you can always find a nook or a Cove somewhere that's protected, but you're right. Cape Cod Bay, the outer Cape downright dangerous right now.

All right, Ryan, let's dive into your report for this week. I know last week when we spoke, you tried catching some Applebee's from the shoreline. How did that go?

Well, it's a goal for me to get into some albums from shore this year. Last year, I had some really nice trips in the kayak the year before I caught a bunch out in the boat. So this year I'm really trying to zone in and get some from shore. And I had some shots earlier this week, Monday and Tuesday and upper Buzzard's Bay fishing from shore. I probably got maybe 10 really good casts and to feeds, but no love. So they've been hard to fool for me. I know some folks are catching them, but I got some good chances and they're feeding on peanut bunker. That was maybe three inches long. And usually when they're on the bigger bait, they're a little easier to fool, but maybe I was doing something incorrect. I don't know, but at least I had chances. And if we don't get any crazy, crazy storms, you know, hopefully those albums will stick around right until Halloween there a year, maybe three years ago, I caught one of the biggest albums I've ever caught from a Falmouth beach in mid October. So there's still plenty of time left for me to accomplish that goal. But this past week I got creative. I used my canal bike to access some otherwise inaccessible areas down by Hyannis and also in upper. It's very so getting creative, using the bike. I know it's got to pay off sooner than later,

And I know Ryan, you haven't had a ton of luck, maybe hooking them, but you've had some success filming some albums with the drone lately.

Yeah. And it was interesting. This was one of the first times I've successfully filmed Abby's with the drone. And I published the video on my fishing Cape for members to check out. So you'll see that over on the blog. And most of the fish in that video were actually stripers. So there were stripers and these feeding together, which is interesting most of the time when I've caught albums, they were feeding with bluefish or Benito, but these babies were feeding with stripers. And most of the fish, I believe in that video that I publish worth schooly stripers. But if you look close, there are some more explosion, more slashing type of splashes. And those wouldn't be the Applebee's. So after I filmed that video, I think that was on Monday. I went back to that same spot, again, an upper Buzzard's Bay on Tuesday. And I brought my kayak with me and I went out into the middle of the feed and I actually had the abbeys exploding to the left and to the right of me.

And I put underwater cameras out. But unfortunately the water was a little too murky and I didn't really get any good footage, but that was another interesting thing because oftentimes I usually find out what he's done more clear water or the visibility is better, but in this particular instance, they were in murkier water in a Cove and buzzes Bay. So again, I may not be successful at catching them this past week, but I had a couple interesting experiences and that's pretty much what it's all about. Especially during September, whenever you head out on the water, there's a pretty good chance you're gonna encounter some interesting things. So if you don't end up hooking a fish, then hopefully you still have a nice experience

Real quick, Ryan. I know you mentioned you spotted, you know, the bass feeding with the Albi side by side. You mentioned the difference in the splashes up on the surface. Do you notice any other differences in the way these two different species of fish feed?

Well, I mean, aside from the speed, the albums are certainly much quicker. You know, the stripers seem to hang out in one general area for a little longer. The Applebee's definitely. I observed them coming back to the same spots and this is something a lot of people talk about and it's something to keep in mind when you're chasing the Aldi's around. Oftentimes there's really no need to chase them around. If you see them in one spot, they'll be there for a few seconds and then they'll pop up somewhere else. But if you hang out in that spot where you first saw them, they seem to come back around. And I did observe that on Monday and Tuesday of this week, when I was in the kayak, I did not want to put the physical effort into chasing them. So I more or less stayed in one general area and that they did keep swinging back around.

And I know Mike lap too, and Dex Chatsy, who's a member of my efficient Cape Cod. He actually sent me a video clip of this, but Mike LAPT who has done some incredible underwater work with Albus. And I'm sure if you maybe spend a little time on Google or reach out to Mike, he might be able to share with you this clip, but there's a clip out there of Ali's underwater and Mike lab to film them underwater. And they, they formed tight groups. And there's a video that Mike has of maybe six to eight hobbies, forming a tight group and just kind of slowly cruising. And then all of a sudden they split up, go on the attack real quick and then come back down and re congregate and slowly cruise around again. And then a few minutes go by and they burst forth again for another year.

Yeah. Well I know Ryan as well. We had a group trip with captain Colin Lon home of Cape star charters this past week. Did you hear any reports from that trip and how it went?

Yes, they had an incredible trip and it's been a really nice giant tuna bite. Uh, guys are catching them off peak town and Cape Cod Bay. So Tom salt's install, he's a member better known as salty Richard Lawson, Nathan Bella, Donna Rice, and Jamie Stewart were with Colin, I think back on September 9th. And they had an incredible experience cooking and fighting 107 inch giant tuna that I would guess probably weighed over 800 pounds and a, yeah, just another successful group trip. So I'm not sure how many more group trips I'm going to be able to put together for this year. And we didn't do quite as many with COVID, but, uh, next year I'm hoping to do a lot more. So hopefully if you're listening to this and you want to get out on a group trip next year, we'll hopefully have plenty more to offer

Ryan. I know you love fishing from the kayak and you've spent a lot of time on the tin boat this year as well, spent a lot time in Cape Cod Bay. And I've spent a lot of time with you in that tin boat on Cape Cod Bay. I know you want to explore other areas with the kayak and the tin boat as we get into the fall. Talk a little bit about your plans.

Yeah. I got the 10 boat on the trailer here, just waiting to go. So as soon as the wind comes down, I plan on splashing it again. One thing I'd like to do is explore what Kuwait Bay, a little more, and maybe take the 10 boat over to Washburn Island and explore over there. Probably have the place to myself. I would imagine, especially once October rolls around now that place I'm looking forward to exploring a little bit more as competent competence, the Bay, all those harbors on the South side during October, I think a small 10 boat or a kayak is really just a lovely way to explore all those spots. And October is a nice time of the year for the bays and harbors along the South side. Sometimes you get some really nice schools of adult pokies in there and some nice baths chasing them in and also a good chance that Abby's along those outflows. Another thing in Buzzard's Bay I'm looking forward to doing with the tin boat is hopefully doing some fluke fishing in some of the bays and harbors. So I know you talk with Bruno a lot about fluke out on a rips and Monomoy, but in the fall I've had success in buzzards Bay in those coves, in those harbors with fluke. And that's something I'm looking forward to doing. So if you do have a kayak or a small tin boat, those are some nice fall ideas for you.

Let's talk about the canal, a little Ryan, get a quick canal report from what's going on on the forum.

Well, a few MFC key members like Tim Mogherini have had some lockout out the canal, nothing real big. I have seen some albums. I have heard of Albus cot and a few pots here and there again, no big, uh, what's this to report on a few peanut bunker feeds here and there. I heard a rumor of a nice peanut bunker feed at the East end at some point this past week, but not a heck of a lot, but I do really appreciate the guys in there who have been posting all year about how they've been doing down there, Rick Landry Marius. If you go in the now forum, you'll see him in there. So I traditionally with the Northeast, when in September, I would say the canal would be a great place to go. But, um, you know, it seems like mostly mostly school he's down there. Kevin, I haven't heard of any, any monsters being caught.

Well, speaking of the forum, uh, when are the MFCC tracksuits going to be on order here?

That's right. That was kind of funny. I just came across that this morning. Uh, kinda just some guys joking around and like Paul Pierce maybe started a, a conversation saying it'd be cool if we all had like the same matching attire so everybody would know who everybody is. So I think that the closest thing I can do with regards to that are stickers. So if you want some MFCC stickers to slap on your canal bike, just drop me a message. I'll mail some out to you. And if you're interested in and maybe ordering a MFCC hat or some clothing, just let me know, I'd be happy to place a preorder. Maybe we can get a bunch of stuff ready to go for Christmas time. And next year, everybody will have some gear cause it does work. I mean, I was out and about all week, I bumped into some guys at an obstacle lighthouse. I bumped into some people over in Hyannis. So if you are wearing a MFCC hat or if you do have that bumper sticker, it definitely is a nice way to get recognized by, by other members. I bumped into somebody at Dunkin donuts a few days ago. So just let me know. I'd be happy to help. Maybe not with my fishing Cape Cod tracksuits, but I can get you a hat. I can get you some stickers. So just let me know.

And the last thing I wanted to ask you about Ryan is just what this Northeast wind looks like. It's going to stay with us through the weekend and into next week. What's your forecast for the rest of this month, since this is pretty much the last podcast of September? Yeah.

Yeah. Traditionally, if I saw a Northeast wind this time of year, I'd be down on Sandy neck beach or the beaches and sandwich. But, um, you know, yesterday I was out with captain Steve leery out of Barnstable Harbor and we went and the entire length of Sandy neck and we didn't see much at all those, unfortunately those big schools of stripers that we had five years ago, four years ago, they just, uh, I don't know, they've just vanished. So normally I would be down there surf casting and conditions like this and banking on those fish, getting pushed tight up to the suds rating, written in the wash. And normally I would be pretty excited about the East end of the canal with the Northeast when like this, but, um, I'm really not sure what to make about maybe next year, things will, will turn out differently, but I was down there today.

I, I checked out town, NACA, checked out, um, down towards Skorton and I didn't really see a heck of a lot. So I wish I had better news with regards to the Bay and the canal during this Northeast wind, but maybe things will change, um, as they often do things change quickly. And, um, I'm very hopeful for a good October. And I'm very interested to hear what captain Phil has to say about the action down in his neck of the woods. And I'm very interested to hear what Bruno has to say about Nantucket sound and the South side.

All right, Ryan, we're gonna let you go. And we're going to dive right into that content as well. As soon as we let you go, I'm going to have Phil Howard from down at the goose summit, joining me up next and then last but not least will be Bruno. So it's going to be a great action packed podcast.

Thank you, Kevin. And I'll talk with you soon.

Well, next step on this week's edition of the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast is our good buddy, Phil Howard from down at the goose hummock and Orleans. Phil, how are you on this windy Friday?

Well, I'm a little bit jaded Kevin, cause I was fishing on the beach or night, but we'll come onto that later, but now in a good place. Great pushing. Um, obviously we're just about to get storm a getting hits is the first of the year or first of the season. So hunkering down for that, but yeah. All good. Thank you,

Phil. I know the 2020 cheeky fly fishing tournament is coming up this weekend, uh, in the goose is a headquarters where participants can pick up their captain's bags for the tournament. What are you looking at for this year's tournament? How do you think it's going to play out?

It's a really cool concept having it this time of year. I'm I'm really for it. I think it's going to be really tough. Um, in so much as this wind is yeah. Not, not very fly fishing friendly, so the guys are going to be, you know, have a real challenge obviously with COVID. Um, they couldn't do the traditional, you know, pre pre tournament, um, gathering. So we actually, I was in the buyer's Dan up and talks and offered to handout bikes. So I had lots of people trickling through to pick up the caption bags, ready to go out and speaking to them, they're all excited about doing a September tournament. Um, and yeah, there's, there's a, unfortunately with the swim, the slim Hulk of Alabama is because of that either Cal Alby category, which would have been phenomenal. And I think the guys are just gonna, yeah, you're gonna have to find those really sheltered places. You're getting into the likes of Barnstable, Auburn things, and just get it after this. Cause it's gonna be screaming out with them on thesis weekend. So just in a very, very tough conditions,

Phil, you teased right off the top of the show that you've had a chance to do some beach surf casting. Give us a little bit of a taste as to what that's been like. I've heard the bites been pretty good. Yeah.

I went out, wait, we were on the beach yesterday. We had a team building event yesterday. So the, basically the whole shop went last night and yeah, we just went down to car park at North, sir, and we'd got into it and I can't quite say how many fish we ended up. Cause we ended up about, you know, we're all spread down the beach, but we probably had 20 fish over 40 inches between us that fished at 43 44 inches. We were absolutely Simon them last night. It was phenomenal fishing. I fished I pre-finished it just to make sure there's fish there on Thursday, sorry, Wednesday nights on my own. And I got fishing into the 40 inches. I'd 20, 30 fashion, two hours. Phenomenal. Amazing. I what's really cool about it. Kevin is you don't need a fancy boat and expensive gear to do it. You can, anybody can do it. You just walk onto the beach. I said, just be careful with, depending on how experienced you are with the surf, um, on the fishery pay, they're catching them on. Yeah. The Savage gear, some did really where needle fish did really well. The North bar ticks did really well. We were catching them on buck tails. I'm sure if we shoved a bud light cancer specialist, the more disconcerting pressure had gone for some albums.

It was really good. I was really cool. And there's probably like 15, 20 people down the beach, which is really cool that people are getting out there and doing it now. Obviously you're not going to, unfortunately, looking at the forecast, I would suggest that the outer beaches are going to be dangerous to fish for the next probably five days. Possibility. Wednesday, more likely to be first. Yeah. That's a long time this time of season. So we shall see us. So what the fish do or don't do, but we got them there. They were all fat. They were all healthy. I got the impression that they were on a hard migration, these fish by any means. So I think that there's a good probability. That'd be here after the blow as well.

Phil, have you seen or heard of any blue fish along the outer Cape beaches mixed in with these bass?

Not yet. It will still catching him. He had people catching him in the sound Patriot, catching him off chat to him. People don't catch him at the North end on the, on the, in the Bay. Um, but not that I'm not witnessing the traditional blue fish run yet down the beach. So hopefully that's still ahead of us, which would be great, but it's not, that's not really happening yet on the answer. We just

Phil with this wind really how and out of the North Northeast, I know that a lot of folks will seek out, you know, little harbors, like you mentioned Barnstable Harbor, but also little coves as well. And I know you guys have town Cove right there in new Orleans where the goose is located. Do you think those are pretty good spots maybe for folks that are looking to try to get out this weekend, despite this wind?

I think he's worth, it's worth a try. I mean, it's um, you probably want to go angel the deep render fish the inside. So yeah, I don't know if he went to Priscilla landing and fished in the deeper water on the inside there. We want it to be well protected or down near the shop for school is I don't think he's going to catch big fish in the tote by any means, but it's still punchy peanut bunker and silversides and small fish around. So there's plenty of bites around. So they're going to be there, but traditionally town covers are smaller push fishery. Yeah. And actually saying, you know, we'll come up with the fresh water truck. Who's going to start to get interesting. So I might get an opportunity to do that.

Have you been hearing about the tuna bite over the last couple of weeks? Since we last spoke,

It's still been really strong. It's been a little bit sketchy on and off please, to Chatham, um, Bates, ironically macro at one stage of season, you could walk on them and now the guys are finding it hard, find, um, the bar by to slow down, out, out East and the ballyhoo people not picking them up. But as you go further North, the run and gun game was just starting to, to kick off. And I had multiple of our Roman gun captains, you know, reporting, you know, two under one over fish. So getting rec size fish, casting album, and also jigging on the, kind of on the East side of cell line, going up into the lines. And then meanwhile, the, you know, the big fish, you know, the Bay is still being fishing strong for giants. So for the commercial guys, you know, they've been, they've been picking away, um, their weather predicts it, but you know, he's, he's still been a strong bite pogie seems to have been the bikes of choice if he can find them.

Phil, how is the fishing Ben in the Eastern quadrant of Cape Cod Bay? We haven't touched on the flats or Billingsgate show. I know, obviously right now in this wind, you couldn't fish it, but if you've been hearing anything over the last week to 10 days about it,

Not so much, I mean, there was a good belief, fish bite off the beach is actually, and yeah, it's unfortunate. The wind is going so far out the North because the Southern side of the beach is often fish well and, and all the blueberries. Um, but he's just going to howl and there's been some good blue fish fishing. So I'd certainly try. And if you can get up towards your Wellfleet and, you know, get round the corner on the tips of Wellfleet and things and fish back into the welfare Chava woefully harvest, sorry, that's, that's been attracting glues. Um, but it's yeah, from a striper fishing, it hasn't been lights out. Um, but also still be some Tootie found efficient, you know? So, so people have been getting into the frown, but so, and I certainly know if you go out East that similar flounder fishing has been off the charts the last couple of weeks. Yeah. You had a blue fish runs starting. It's just coming on and it's wonderful that you're catching these fish off the show because it's such a sporting fish. Great fun to catch.

Well, speaking about Chatham, we want to touch on Monomoy real quick. Obviously not an option in this wind, but if we go through September and into the early part of October and you get some days where the wind lays down a little bit, do you expect the rips to hold some fish for another couple of weeks?

I hope so. Yeah. I mean the patient gonna migrate through there anyway. Yup. So as, as the fall run stocks, certainly. Yeah. It's always worth a try there. Um, just, it's always worth a try though. I cause the fish are gonna migrate down the side obviously on the, out, down the outside of the Cape and through the reps. So yeah, there's, there's a good chance in the next few weeks. You just say obviously your weather windows get tighter and tighter around time

And talking about funny fish real quick, Phil, we talked about how this wind and the upset seas that we're having right now are probably gonna really mess up the Albi fishing, but the Ebony forecast from your experience on how this will affect the funny fish fishing over the next couple of weeks. Yeah. Sad news.

Funny news as unfortunately the first day, ignore Easter in yeah. Late September normally kills it. Yeah. Just give me a half an hour. There's a whole body of cold water then you can in with it. And I strongly suspect the Alvarez would shut off, you know, fingers crossed and lay down. Um, but yeah, it's going to blow now. So it's going to be Thursday, Thursday, Friday, if you're lucky. Yeah. Thursday. And I'm just looking at the charts Thursday afternoon. Currently, according to the fish weather app is the first time you'll have a chance to fishing. Use the chatter. Um, certainly for Alvin. So yeah, the big boats will get out of it earlier, but so that's a long time this time of year when it blows like that. So, so, you know, I'm feeling it could be it, I sincerely hope now. And if I didn't, I'd be fishing down into the warmer waters off the pituitary and things. I wouldn't be so much on there. The fish have been holding really strong just on Monomoy. I think that the fish are gonna be quiet way South to find this my gut feel

And Phil last but not least just want to check in on how things are going down at the shop. I know there's still that special online on the mighty on bomber Lewers. And you guys are offering free shipping on orders over 75 bucks for folks that might not want to go in the store and may want to place their order kind of hands free online. I think that's great. But is there anything else going on in the shop we should know about?

Yeah, just a couple of things. Right. As we start on Monday, we had Gracely backing out of the rental season. So we have a load of kayaks and standup paddleboards from our rental fleet. They're lightly used. We start a sale at 9:00 AM on Monday. So come on down there. It's first come first serve. We've got about 30 votes. That'd be silent selling. It's a good discount. And also whilst we obviously we're moving off fishing, but we've got a big archery sale this weekend and shooting supplies. So we're doing, you know, 50% off a whole trailer full of, uh, archery, um, whatever, you know, bows arrows targets, um, decoys, everything. So there's gonna be a big sell in the shop this weekend. Um, I just sent you a chat, rotating our inventory and then yeah. And then he's kind of getting ready. Um, and I think now actually I've just got the mother load of, I think I've got more Gary Yamamoto in stock and now my Moto right now, we just bought an enormous order. And I think now with this bad weather, we want to turn ourselves to the freshwater bites is where this cool breeze, the traffic getting more active. Um, Danny my manager in the store, he was on crystal light yesterday and uh, uh, dusk, there's a rise as a trout rise. So the traffic is starting to move again after the deeper water, which is lovely. So that'll give us something else to target in the fall. And of course the water is still really, um,

Which isn't all good, but it's not all bad because it means now he can go into the water and Wade around the edges and not be in the trades. So I think it's time to, yeah. To venture back into the field. We've been ironic in my last fishing report st kind of like screws through freshwater because the salt water so good. I think we're now in that tipping point where a freshwater is getting interesting again, which is really cool because it changes it up and it gives you something over the next three or four days that you can actually go and do. And I say relative comfort, because if you're in a, you know, if you're in some of these protected ponds, you bet it'd be a hell of a lot more pleasant than standing on North beach right now, nobody's going out on a boat. So we're all going to be fishing from land.

All right, Phil, thanks for all that updated information. It was a treat to chat with you. And I look forward to catching up with you in another week or two.

Yeah. Look forward to that tight, getting CSUN

Next step on this week's edition to the, my fishing Cape Cod podcast is our good buddy Bruno Demir from down at Cape and islands Mitsubishi. Bruno, how are you today?

We're doing great. Hello? MFCC members. And, uh, just trying to stay away from the wind.

Yeah, it's been really windy. I know it's been hard to get out in the boat Bruno, but what kind of fishing have you done over the last couple of weeks since we've spoken? I know you've mentioned to me on the text that you'd been out in Cape Cod Bay poking around.

Yeah. You know, uh, well, I was poking around Cape Cod Bay when the wind was blowing from the South last week. And, uh, my, uh, my cousin Eddie and I went out to, uh, Cape Cod Bay. We were out of, you know, just, uh, hugging the shore around squat and ledge and kinda that whole strip all the way back towards the Seward. And there was, um, liquor for some Benito, but we ended up hooking onto an Albi. There was some blue face, a lot of guys around this Stripe efficient. And, uh, there was a lot of activity there. There was a lot of, lot of bait and, uh, kept, kept a lot of fish, pretty close to shore, which was pretty nice. And, um, I'll pay that same day. A lot of guys got lucky on some giant tuna right off a P town too.

And Bruno, I know you had mentioned to me as well, your cousin had some luck out on Monomoy recently.

Yeah. Uh, Eddie was up over a Monomoy last week and he was looking for Benito again. And, uh, he got right to point rip. There was like five or six boats and everyone was behaving and there was a ton of big, big albums out there. And, uh, guys were hooking up less than right. And having a good old time

And Bruno you're our resident fluke expert here at my fishing Cape Cod. And we've often talked about how the first big blow, the first big storm of the fall as we get into September, usually kind of turns off the flute bite. And I think we're in the middle of that right now. Don't you think?

Yeah. I mean, we got that, that hurricane coming off the land, you got one hurricane coming from the South, go in and see each other. So I think last, I looked there's about seven foot seas out there right now. So historically that'll pretty much shut down the fluke bite. You know, I, I, I love to be wrong on that one. So I guess once the, the winds are down and, and guys can get out there, we'll find out if there's anything still left. But, uh, me personally, my, my fluke season is pretty much done at this point. And this is when I start, uh, paying attention to try to get some decent seeds and go East and bottom fish and tuna fish this time of the year,

Bruno. When we talk about decencies, it seems like they've been hard to come by and they're going to be hard to come by this weekend. The winds turned around from the North Northeast. It's blowing right in my face here, down in Plymouth on, on the inside of Cape Cod Bay here, when it gets really gnarly like this, what are some areas you like to fish to try to stay out of the wind?

You know, when it says Northeast swings, uh, especially right now. I mean, when you go on the forums for the bankers out there, you know, there's, there's a decent, uh, fall run right now through the canal. And, uh, if you see a Northeast wind, your best bet is to just, uh, get into the West end of the canal and work the top of buzzes Bay. And, you know, you've got a shot at multiple different species right now in that area from Al to Bonitos bluefish and, and, um, most definitely some slot striper. And the nice part about that is the Western canal. You know, when you got that Northeast flow, if you stay pretty close to the West, then, um, obviously without going into the canal, it's pretty comfortable and you can still get out there and, uh, get your line with

Bruno. When it does lay down a little bit, you mentioned you are able to get out there and do some bottom fishing. My last question for you is just give us a little kind of sneak peek as to what you're going to be targeting. As we head further into the fall with the stripers kind of making their way out of town and the fluke making their way out of town, give us a peek at what you're going to be doing.

Well. Luckily for my wife, I get to fish all the way into pretty much Thanksgiving. Awesome. And, uh, w basically at this point, I'm, you know, picking my days and going East and, uh, you know, looking for, uh, the tuna bite, you know, um, I'm also at this time of the year, looking for blue fish to put on my a freezer. I know a lot of folks are big on blue fish, but I gotta tell you this time, the year, um, they fat enough and they're absolutely delicious. So I love to target bluefish this time of the year, uh, for the table and, uh, some tuna fish out East. And, uh, if I get stumped on tuna, uh, we break out the Viking jigs and go down deep and we got some Cod and haddock and Pollock spots out there that are phenomenal fishery for this time of the year.

All right, Bruno last but not least just want to check in on how things are done at Cape and islands Mitsubishi. How's the dealership doing?

Dealership's doing great. Uh, the only problem or avenues, um, we've had so much success with, with selling vehicles, pre-owned vehicles that we are low on inventory. And so what we did is we're putting together a special right now, if you're remotely thinking about selling your car outright, but you're not interested in necessarily buying a car, we will buy your car cash, uh, no purchase necessary. And we don't care if it's a clunker, or if it's something that's more on the expensive side, we're looking for inventory. So, um, even if you don't buy a car from us, if you have a vehicle that, you know, you just want to get rid of, or you don't need anymore, uh, before you go on Craig's list and have to deal with a bunch of tires, because bring the right in the air will make your cash offer right on the spot.

All right, Bruno, thanks for the Intel. I'm sure there's a ton of people that are in the market for a new or used car or trying to trade their car in. As we get out of this pandemic. I know I'm sick of my car. That's for sure. Yeah. Most people. All right, Bruno, thanks for checking in with us. Thanks for all the Intel that you provide the members every week. And I look forward to catching up with you in another couple of weeks. Alright, man, you got a big thanks to Bruno and Tamir from Dan behind his desk at Cape and islands Mitsubishi for checking in with us on a busy Friday. And I want to take a moment to thank all of our guests, starting with MFCC founder and creator. Ryan Collins, Phil Howard, from down at the goose hummock and Orleans. And last but not least, you just heard from Bruno Demir at Cape and islands Mitsubishi. That's going to put a wrap on episode number six of the weekly podcast here for 2020. This is your host, Kevin Collins signing off. And until we speak again, tight lines and take care. Thanks for tuning in to the mic fishing Cape Cod podcast with the latest local news information and fishing reports, be sure to log onto my fishing Cape from all of us, had my fishing Cape Cod tight lines and take care.

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