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Humpback Whales at the Regal Sword East of Chatham

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All this week I have been busy editing a giant tuna fishing episode for season #4 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, which will air during the winter of 2021.

Today I wanted to share a sneak peek of humpback whales for My Fishing Cape Cod members to check out.

Locating "the life" is typically pretty important when tuna fishing east of Chatham. Usually you want to find the whales before putting your lines out. Often times the whales and tuna are feeding in the same spot.


The video clip above was filmed on August 7th in the general area of the Regal Sword. The Regal Sword is a sunken freighter that was built in Sweden back in 1961. It sunk in 1979 roughly 30 miles ESE of Chatham after colliding with another vessel.

The exact location of the vessel is unknown, therefore oil removal procedures have never been carried out, and there is a chance that oil from the ship could (or already has) leaked out into the ocean. The ship was carrying 3,000 tons of diesel oil. You can learn more about the shipwreck here.

Ironically the approximate location of the shipwreck (and the 3,000 tons of diesel oil) is in an area rich with marine life. When we were fishing here on August 7th the bottom of the seafloor was "paved" with sand eels and bluefin tuna, and we spotted whales, dolphins, seals and sharks feeding the bounty of sand eels.

Please stay tuned over the coming weeks and months for more "sneak peeks" of video footage I plan on sharing during season #4 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, which will air during February and March of 2021.

As always thank you for reading/watching.

Tight lines! 🎣

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  1. So important to respect what nature has given us.

    1. 🙌🏻

  2. I tremendously enjoy your new Angler Education series, Ryan. Looks like the Humpback Whales are exhibiting their “bubble netting” technique for feeding on baitfish.

    1. Yes they were bubble feeding around us all morning. It was an incredible sight!

  3. Beautiful video Ryan. I love the all the history you bring us too! Very interesting to read about the Regal Sword. It’s amazing what goes on in our Oceans! I just finished a book “Until the Sea Shall Free Them” by Robert Frump. The book is a true account of an incident that occured in 1983 on a merchant marine ship (T2 Tanker).
    Thanks for the video! Looking forward to more!

    1. Thanks for the book recommendation Leslie. I will probably have to check that out!


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