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Must Know Fishing Knots

Hi Folks!

If you are just starting out in the fishing world, then learning a few knots is critical.  I'd say I tie around a dozen knots each time I go fishing (depending on how many bluefish are around.)  Often I'm tying these knots at night in a pitching boat.  The ability to twist up a good knot in under a minute is very important, especially when there is a big school of striped bass under the boat.

I don't know how to tie a lot of knots because I have no need to learn them.  Odds are that you probably do not need to worry about learning a ton of knots either.  Having a good grasp on the following 3 knots will easily cover you in almost any fishing situation Cape Cod (and anywhere else for that matter) has to offer.

1)  The Trilene Knot

This knot is extremely useful and very simple to tie.  I use this knot anytime I am tying a mono-filament or fluorocarbon leader to a hook or lure.  The second loop through the eye of the hook or lure is what prevents this knot from slipping.

When the bluefish were in thick a couple weeks back, I had a trip when I tied this knot 20 times in one night!

How to Tie the Trilene Knot


2)  The Slim Beauty

I love this knot.  The slim beauty has caught tons of big bass and tuna up to 160 pounds without failing even once.  That's an impressive knot!

I use this knot for joining braid to a mono-filament or fluorocarbon leader.  I also use this knot for joining leadcore to a mono-filament or fluorocarbon leader.

Tying this knot will take some time to get used to.  However if you practice, it is possible to tie this knot in under a minute.  The slim beauty is a super strong knot for joining two lines together, and I definitely recommend it!

How to Tie the Slim Beauty


3)  The Palomar Knot

I use the palomar knot for tying braid to a piece of terminal tackle.  This knot is extremely strong and very easy to tie.

A lot of knots that are great for mono are terrible for braid.  Braid tends to slip easily, however I have never had braid slip out of a palomar knot.

This knot can also be used with mono-filament or fluorocarbon for tying a leader to a hook, lure or sinker.

How to Tie a Palomar Knot

4)  The Spool Cinch Knot

This is a very simple knot that can be used to tie a line to an empty spool prior to loading the spool with line.









  1. I use uni to uni when tying fluorocarbon leader to braid and a loop knot when tying leader to most lures.

    Uni knot can be used for a variety of purposes and one of the strongest as well.

    Try it if you haven’t used it before. It takes a few times to get the hang of it but quick once you do.

    Let me know what you think.


    1. Excellent! Thanks for the insight Dave I really appreciate.

      I’ve never used the uni to uni knot, but it seems simple enough.

      Thank you!

  2. Hey Ryan, just found your site today, good stuff! I fish out of Sesuit. I am retired Coast Guard (still work for them in WH) and I appreciate your continuous comments of being safe. See ya around the bay, tight lines. Scott

    P.S. I tried your knot today, the slim. I have always used a modified Albright, but really liked that knot!

    1. Thanks a lot Scott!

      It’s all about getting out there and getting home safely-getting fish is just a bonus.

      Thanks for the comment and for subscribing to the My Fishing Cape Cod newsletter.

      Glad you liked the Slim Beauty-good knot!

      Take care,



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