September 19

780 Pound Giant Bluefin Tuna (On Video)


Jake Collins

I've been fishing since I was eight years old, however I still have a euphoric feeling after my son Ryan and I landed a 9 foot long, 780 pound giant tuna this past Friday.

I have been chasing giants rather unsuccessfully since my teenage years. I've caught plenty of cod, haddock, mackerel and stripers but giant tuna had always eluded me. 

The entire ordeal took several hours, yet all the highlights are recapped in the 8 minute video below. Please click play to watch. 


This experience will stay with me forever, and I have a great respect for this incredible fish. Needless to say I will be replaying this video below and reliving this day in my mind for the rest of my life.

Today I told my wife that after catching this tuna, I had the same feeling I had when my two kids were born! I am really happy to be able to share this event with everyone here on My Fishing Cape Cod.

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780lb Tuna - More Info

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About the author 


Boating has been part of my life since I was a boy hand-lining for mackerel from a dinghy. When Ryan of MFCC was young, we'd spend our days fishing from our 12ft tin boat. Today I still enjoy boating with Ryan, my daughter Katelyn, and my lovely wife Kathy.

  • Great article and video, such a pleasure to read about the accomplishment of Father and Son, I am so happy for both of your experience together, it is so nice that family can have this time to be shared and remembered for years to come, and hopefully many more!

    • Thank you Stephen. I have viewed the video many times, and enjoy it more and more. Hope to see you on the water.

  • Ryan,

    Were you able to gut the fish in the water, it looked it, did you cut out the gill plate, anus and blow the guts with your wash down hose. Once again awesome job and a memory for a lifetime catching a fish like this with your father. There is nothing more special


  • Holy Cow! How exciting! I had joyful tears in my eyes as I viewed the video.
    Father and son………. what a special moment!

  • Great achievement and great team work! Ryan, I can see where the rod holder on the Ms L. got broken as the rope attached to the tuna was tied to it. 07:11 of the video. Mystery solved!

  • I’m so proud of you and your dad. But you don’t have to get my admiration by catching fish. It’s the way you conduct your self HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS!!,!

  • Wow! Father and son catching a fish like that, on a 21′ boat, together! I couldn’t imagine a better trip.

    Really enjoyed the video.

    Great job guys.

  • This was the first that I have
    watched your website. I found it to be very interesting & exciting. Great team work with that tuna. Ryan, you learnt from the best! 🙂
    Linda & George

  • Great boat handling by your Dad by staying on top of that fish the way he did. That’s the way to truly beat up on a fish of that magnitude. Small boat tuna fishing at it’s best. Judging by the looks of that prime fish, I would hope that you paid for the whole season of boating and fishing gear with that one. Don’t forget to wear gloves next time when handling the line, LOL. Of course I’m sure that you were so excited that you never gave it a thought.

    • lol, my hands are all blistered up, so you can bet I will be wearing gloves next time Gary!

      I’m hopeful for a good price but I haven’t heard anything yet. Thanks for watching the video – I already can’t wait to give it another try during October.

  • Congratulations Collins boys!! awesome catch… And on the 21 footer ta boot!! what an accomplishment. You give us guys with small rigs some hope! Some day i’ll get my act in gear and give it a try.

  • Wow, was that fun to watch! Just you and your dad, what a team to bring that fish home. I think I will watch it again. Thanks for sharing and I always thought you needed a team of three to land a big blue fin tuna. What will you do next?

  • Awesome Jake and Ryan —- appreciated your teamwork !!! Also appreciated the flat calm conditions …. our tuna trip is supposed to be at the end of this week. Go away Jose !!

  • Congratulations on your adventure of catching a giant tuna. I realized how hard it is by watching the fishermen on Wicked Tuna working so hard and losing so many right when to land them. You guys proved to be a great team on this adventure. Thanks for sharing with us!

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