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Bluefish Have Reached Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

I was quite surprised to find out that My Fishing Cape Cod member Jordan Brainson had caught a bluefish this past Saturday afternoon on May 4!

Earlier in the day I had chatted with Jordan at the MFCC meetup at Fishermen's View Restaurant, before he left to go fishing. I figured he would have a good chance with stripers - I definitely didn't expect to hear about bluefish.

Then on Monday May 5th I received a photo of another bluefish, this one caught by Trevor Anderson. So while there may not yet be huge schools of bluefish around, a few have already arrived.

The rest of this post will provide more information about the bluefish, as well as a recap of what our members have been catching and encountering this week here on Cape Cod.


First Bluefish Of The Year

Honestly, I am quite surprised the Bluefish MFCC Challenge was completed so quickly. We're off to a good start!

Here is the story of the catch from Jordan:

Jordan Brainson

I was fishing for stripers and felt a bite but the fish missed the hook so I kept reeling and a second later another another bite and the fish was on.  As I was reeling it in I thought it was fighting different than a schoolie and once I landed it I realized it was a bluefish and was surprised to catch one this early.  He had bitten the tail off my Al Gags which explained the missed bite at first.

And as you can see from the photo below, Jordan was using an Al Gag's Whip-It-Fish that is probably in the 1 ounce range. 

You can learn more about the fishing in the general area where this bluefish was caught by reading these forum threads.

For being the first MFCC member to complete the "Bluefish Challenge" Jordan has won a free My Fishing Cape Cod plug bag!

Our 40 Inch Striped Bass Challenge is still live and awaiting to be conquered. Whoever catches the first 40 incher will also win a free plug bag. You can learn more about these Challenges by clicking here.

Then on Sunday May 5th Trevor Anderson got into more bluefish!

Trevor was fishing from his kayak and reported encountering multiple blues. Bluefish are not in thick and heavy, but it does appear more are showing up by the day.

You can learn more about the fishing in the general area where Trevor caught his bluefish by reading these forum threads.

30 Inch Class Stripers

MFCC member Mike Marcus has been having a blast this spring catching schoolie stripers from the beach. 

Yesterday on May 6th, Mike caught and released his second "keeper size" striped bass of the season. The bass swam away in great shape!

You can learn more about how the fishing is in the general area where this fish was caught, by reading these forum threads.

Eric Gutekunst also got into a mess of stripers in the 25-30 inch range, yesterday morning in the wind and waves.

The howling wind and small craft advisory was unexpected, but the guys persevered.

You can learn more about how the fishing is in this area of Cape Cod by reading these forum threads.

The Squid Are Also In

On Sunday May 5th, Igor Vasiljuk and Yi Zhang headed out in Igor's new boat for the first time ever.

On her maiden voyage, Igor's new boat performed well, and the guys loaded up on squid!

You can learn more about where folks are having success with squid, by reading this forum post.

In Conclusion

The photos and updates above are just a small preview of what's happening right now inside our forum.

Many folks from MFCC are hitting the beach and getting out on the water, catching stripers, tautog, squid and now bluefish!

As we move into the weekend, please stay tuned to My Fishing Cape Cod for the latest updates.

Good luck and have fun if you are able to get out fishing!

Tight lines! 🎣

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Wow, already a challenge winner! Last year we didn’t see many blues in the Plymouth area which is very unusual. Actually there is an annual Bass & Blues tournament (Plymouth 400) in early July and not one blue was entered, so no one claimed the $500 first prize?

    1. Last year definitely seemed like a slow season for bluefish. I cannot believe not one single bluefish was entered into the tournament!

  2. 2 years ago I got a 12 pound blue on May 4th In some Barnstable Backwater.

    1. Wow that is a big bluefish for that early in the season. Thanks for the intel David. I guess you never know what to expect! 👍

  3. Ryan, I came into acres of pogies in west bay today. Nothing was pushing them but that won’t last for long, I hope.Loads of schoolies in north bay but none of them had lice. Best today was 26″ with lots of 22’s. Roy

    1. Very nice, thanks for the information Roy. Hopefully those pogies will stick around for when the big fish arrive. I’ve also seen pogies in Bass River and Hyannis the past couple weeks.

  4. Thanks for the info it really helps cause I’m not close to the sea and it can be costly to go there and come home empty handed

    1. Roger that Bill 👍

      With these reports I try to strike a balance between being helpful, but not giving away anything too secretive. Good luck if you get out fishing this weekend!


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