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Why are Certain Canal Fishing Spots Better than Others?

When there is an all-out blitz at the Cape Cod Canal, just about any Cape Cod Canal fishing spot can produce a fish.  On certain days things come together perfectly, and just about every Cape Cod Canal fishermen leaves with a bass in hand.


However it's the slower days that really separate the ones "in the know" from the folks who are just learning how to fish the Cape Cod Canal.  One of the best ways to increase your chances of consistently catching fish at the Canal, is to be able to locate the best Cape Cod Canal fishing spots.


I'm sure a few guys reading this post right now are grinding their teeth, praying that I don't start rambling off the pole numbers of some of the best fishing holes the Canal has to offer.  Don't worry fellas!  No pole numbers will be revealed here - mostly because there is no need to.

There are hundreds of productive ledges, holes and rips scattered throughout the Canal.  I promise that if you put in just a little time and look for the right things, you'll be able to find your own productive Cape Cod Canal fishing spots.

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