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Catching Bait

Using live bait usually results in more and bigger fish.  This rings true no matter what species of fish you are after-from fluke to giant bluefin tuna.

Problem is that catching and keeping quality bait alive and frisky is often the greatest challenge to overcome.  Sometimes finding the pogies is harder than finding the tuna!

This section, like all sections on the blog, will expand over time.  Use the tabs to navigate through the different species of baitfish and how best to find and catch them.

Catch 'em up!


  1. Going back to the Bourne/ sandwich area in a few weeks, I love using Macks but fresh macks are hard to find. Not looking for spots but what should I look for? And sabiki’s work?

    1. Hey Chris,

      For mackerel your best bet will be from a boat in 50-80ft of water in Cape Cod Bay. Sabiki rigs work very well. I would try jigging them slowly from 15ft below the surface, all the way to the bottom, until you find the depth the mackerel are holding at.

      From shore, your best bet will be the East End of the canal. I’ve caught them before from the Scusset Jetty.

      Good luck and LMK if I can help answer anything else! 🎣


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