September 27, 2022

*For the latest reports updates please visit the MFCC forumIt had been a while since I had been fishing in my Old Town Sportsman 106 pedal kayak. I got out a few times in the spring, but the consistent southwest winds quickly warmed up Nantucket Sound, and the night bite ...

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Bluefish Kayak Adventures in Cape Cod Bay
February 20, 2021

In this post, you'll find links to all the tackle, equipment, recipes and additional information from 2021 episodes of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. To navigate this post, simply click the link below to jump to the gear and tackle for a particular episode. February 13th Episode: Early Spring Saltwater Fishing ...

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TV Show Season 4: Resources and Tackle List
August 14, 2020

Download Kevin Collins Welcome to another edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast. Today we bring you a new Chronicles podcast about kayak fishing for false albacore on Cape Cod. Our weekly fishing report will return next week. In this episode we interview Alex Ridgway-MFCC member and passionate kayak ...

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Kayak Fishing Cape Cod for False Albacore with Alex Ridgway
August 2, 2020

This past Wednesday July 29th I had a unique opportunity to film and photograph two amazing schools of menhaden.  Over the past several days I've seen menhaden schools inside Cape Cod Bay, as well as along the Atlantic-facing beaches of Outer Cape Cod.  Each school probably contained several thousand menhaden. ...

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Amazing Menhaden (Pogie) Schools Off Cape Cod
June 18, 2020

‚ÄčAll this season I have been having a blast filming Cape wildlife using a variety of different cameras. It's been an eye-opening experience for me!Today I wanted to take a moment to share with you another quick clip that I hope you will enjoy watching.This past Tuesday I filmed with ...

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Spooking a Big School of Stripers in my Kayak
April 15, 2020

‚ÄčThis week I launched my kayak for the first time this year. My plan was to troll the shoreline of Cape Cod's kettle ponds in search of trout.Not only was I able to catch some nice fish, but I was also able to film trout underwater as they approached my ...

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Trolling For Trout On Cape Cod
September 19, 2019

Ryan CollinsWhen the albies first arrived on Cape Cod back in late August, they were extremely finicky and difficult to catch!However, recently the false albacore in our area have finally started feeding on larger baits, which is making them much easier to fool.Quite a few of our members in the ...

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The Albies Are Finally Less Finicky!
September 9, 2019

Ryan CollinsSlow-trolling live eels is a super effective way to catch big striped bass on Cape Cod, especially during September and October.The intricacies of eel fishing are many, and there are lots of tricks to the trade. However, slow-trolling is a relatively simple technique to learn.In this post I'll first ...

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Slow-Trolling Live Eels for Monster Stripers on Cape Cod
June 6, 2019

Ryan CollinsWhen weather conditions allow, bottom fishing from the kayak in the waters surrounding the Cape & Islands can be productive and a lot of fun.Just remember to please put safety first! The water this time of year is still very cold, and depending where you are kayaking, you might not ...

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Kayak Fishing for Black Sea Bass, Scup & Tautog
May 23, 2019

Ryan Collins This morning before the wind picked up, myself and a bunch of members from our forum headed out in our kayaks for black sea bass. I am happy to report that black sea bass was not the only species caught! I was lucky to also hook a few ...

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The Cape Still Has Plenty Of Scup, Tautog & Sea Bass!
April 19, 2019

Ryan CollinsI'm happy to report I caught my first striped bass of the 2019 season this past Wednesday afternoon April 17th!I was fishing from my kayak on Cape Cod and was very surprised to find that one of the stripers was covered in sea lice.Sea lice are marine external parasites ...

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My First Striped Bass Of The Year
April 2, 2019

Ryan CollinsYesterday I broke out the 5 weight and caught a half dozen rainbows and a gorgeous brook trout, while fly fishing a kettle pond on Cape Cod. The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful bright blue, with big puffy white clouds bouncing along on the breeze. It ...

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Fly Fishing Cape Cod | April 2nd Trout Report