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Fluke Fishing on Cape Cod from Shore

*Note from Ryan: this post was originally published on September 4th of 2019. I figured now would be a good time to share it again, because fluke fishing around peanut bunker schools is something you can try doing this late summer and fall.

Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed at 5am and was fishing by sunrise. It was a beautiful summer morning, but there was a hint of fall in the air.

Usually this time of year I am focused on albies, stripers, or tuna. However, yesterday I decided to switch gears and try for fluke from shore.

Catching "keeper" size fluke is typically easier when fishing from a boat, but there are plenty of areas scattered throughout Cape Cod & the Islands where it's very possible to catch big fluke from terra firma.

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Grilled Swordfish with Chimichurri Sauce

Lauren Collins

I find it incredible that giant swordfish swim just off the coast of Cape Cod. These amazing fish are capable of hunting a mile below the surface of the ocean!

I also find it amazing how we are able to enjoy fresh boat-to-table swordfish. Ryan and I consider ourselves very lucky to live in such an abundant place.

The fresh meaty flavors of swordfish should never be hidden, only enhanced, and that's exactly what this recipe does. In my opinion, this recipe is "next level" swordfish, and is a whole new way to use up your fresh herbs from the garden.

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Friday August 21st Cape Cod Fishing Report

bluefin tuna underwater cape cod

Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Welcome to another episode of the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast. Today we bring you an exciting round of reports covering almost every type of fishing imaginable here on the Cape & Islands.

From huge bonito to stripers, bluefish to bluefin tuna and everything in between, this podcast will be a great listen for anyone interested in getting on the fish this weekend.

And for those of you who would prefer to read these reports instead of listening, you can click here to get access to a transcript of today's show.

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Why You Should Match Your Bait To The Size Of The Stripers

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

A lot of my striper fishing is done using artificial lures. However, over the past few years I have enjoyed fishing for bass with chunk bait.

I've found that stripers will often show interest in chunk baits, even during the middle of a hot summer day, when nothing else is working.

However, I recently learned a valuable lesson in regards to the size of the chunks I should be fishing with.

I usually like to use fairly large chunks in hopes of enticing a big striper, but I think the mouths on the striped bass in the following video were probably too small to swallow the size of the chunk I was fishing with. 

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Live Mackerel Tuna Fishing

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

This clip was filmed on July 22nd of 2019. Somehow I never got around to sharing it, but I figured better late than never!

During this trip myself and a crew of members from My Fishing Cape Cod were fishing with captain Cullen of Cape Star Charters

If you look real close in the video below, you might be able to see the bite! Watch as the tip of the rod on the left barely moves, right before Cullen starts reeling like crazy (in order to get tight on the tuna).

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Filter-Feeding Menhaden | Caught On Camera

menhaden filter feeding
ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

In this new video, you'll go underwater to watch as a massive school of menhaden (pogies) actively filter-feeds along the ocean bottom.

After watching, I feel you will have a better understanding why menhaden are often referred to as the "vacuum cleaners" of the ocean!

I used underwater cameras to film this school of menhaden last week on August 13th in Cape Cod Bay. In total, I estimate there were probably tens of thousands of menhaden filter-feeding in the area.

Please click play below to watch now! 👇

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Kayak Fishing Cape Cod for False Albacore with Alex Ridgway

alex ridgway false albie

Kevin Collins

Welcome to another edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast. Today we bring you a new Chronicles podcast about kayak fishing for false albacore on Cape Cod. Our weekly fishing report will return next week.

In this episode we interview Alex Ridgway-MFCC member and passionate kayak angler. This podcast will be a great listen for anyone intersted in false albies, and/or kayak fishing on Cape Cod.

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Fishing The 2020 Big Game Battle

veatch yellowfin tuna

My dad and I, and a friend, recently had a great weekend fishing the Nantucket Big Game Battle. We fished down south at the canyons on day 1 of the tournament, which was on Friday.

We departed Nantucket Harbor at 2:30 am and set a heading for Hydrographer Canyon. After making pretty good time, we set lines in at the tip of the canyon at approximately 6 am. 

The spread consisted of 4 spreader bars off the riggers, a marlin lure down the center, a weighted daisy chain off the flat, and a Nomad DTX Minnow (pictured below) off the other flat.

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Our Favorite Places To Take The Boat For Lunch

This past winter I asked the MFCC community where they like to go in the summer to dock the boat and have a bite to eat.  

Now the votes are in, and here are the top spots, complete with mooring information, so you can enjoy the Cape, whether by boat, car, bike or hike!  

This list begins with the Upper Cape and works it's way down to Provincetown. At the end we even mention a couple of MFCC's favorite spots on Martha's Vineyard.

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Giant Bluefin Tunas Attacking Mackerel | Filmed Underwater

Yesterday we had another great bluefin tuna fishing trip off Cape Cod with my friend Cullen of Cape Star Charters.

Also onboard for this trip were My Fishing Cape Cod members John Conroy, David Hoganson and his 13 year old son Carter.

The bite was really, really good and I was able to capture some footage of tunas attacking mackerel 200+ feet beneath the boat.

You can click play below to watch some of the footage! 👇

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