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December Striper Fishing On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

The bass were biting this weekend!

Christmas may be right around the corner, but stripers can still be caught on Cape Cod, if you know where to look.

I would imagine that 99% of the Cape's striper population has migrated south. Yet for whatever reason, very small and scattered schools of bass remain here on Cape Cod.


So after receiving some very helpful intel, I launched my Hobie Mirage kayak this past weekend, in search of my first December striped bass of the season.

Weather conditions were breezy, but pleasant. The sun was shining and it felt really good to be back on the water.

I began spotting bait minutes after launching the kayak. A school of around one hundred 4 inch minnows (probably silversides) swam right beneath the kayak. 

I tossed my lure behind the kayak and started trolling. 30 seconds later I got my first hit, my rod bent over, and I was on with a fish! 

december cape cod striped bass
  1. Hey Ryan,
    I live right down the road from this creek. Never had any luck with the holdovers but get into bass all summer, spring, and fall. Would love to meet up and fish it sometime. Happy New year!

  2. I have never fished this late in the season and have been finding schoolies in the Acushnet river where I never imagined fish would be never mind this late

    1. That is terrific news Mike. Have fun and let me know when you find a keeper!

  3. do you guide

    1. Not right now, but we will have a limited number of trips available for MFCC members in 2017.

  4. December stripers…you stud you…lol

    1. Ha!

      I’m just happy to be catching.

      Happy Holidays Mark!


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