Dex Chadsey

dex chadsey and gracie

I discovered at a very early age that I love nature, the ocean, and fishing. I was very lucky that my aunt had a house in Chatham and let me stay with her during the summer.

Every morning she would drop me off at the bridge where everybody fishes and nobody catches anything, then pick me up at the end of the day, tired and happy. I soon found an old rusty beach bike that I would ride to Morris Island to fish every day and return home well after dark.

As an adult I continued to fuel this passion by fishing from Bar Harbor to the Jersey Shore and many places in between. My fascination (obsession?) with the ocean and the unspoiled beauty of nature extends way beyond the pursuit of "Morone Saxatilis”.

Whenever a hurricane comes near Cape Cod I hurry to Chatham to walk the beaches of Monomoy. On other days I am scanning the water looking for White Sharks.

As an elementary Phys. Ed. teacher of forty years, I turn the school Gym into a natural museum exhibiting different ocean environments for the kids to explore, using over 5,000 actual specimens collected from the sand and rocks of Cape Cod.

I discovered saltwater fly fishing about 15 years ago and dedicated myself to learning as much as possible about this artistic world of fishing. I am excited to be bringing saltwater fly fishing to MFCC.

The aesthetics of fly fishing blend perfectly with the tone that Ryan has set for My Fishing Cape Cod. “A community of folks who like to fish, and love “just being out there” in the Cape’s terrific natural environment”.

I look forward to continuing my learning with you.