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MFCC Chronicles: The Story Behind Eastman’s Sport & Tackle

Kevin Collins

In the second episode of our new podcast The My Fishing Cape Cod Chronicles we will dive deep into the history of Eastman's Sport & Tackle in Falmouth.

Eastman's began as a neighborhood hardware store in Falmouth about 100 years ago. The Eastman family has now been servicing the Falmouth community for 4 generations.

In 1988 Charles Eastman shifted the focus of the store to fishing. Since then the store has serviced Falmouth anglers who fish for everything from scup, to tuna.


This picture was taken in the basement of Eastman's (circa 1940) where fishing tackle was sold from the 1920's until 2001.

Our guest on this episode of the Chronicles is Evan Eastman. Evan took over ownership from his dad in 2019 and is the 4th generation Eastman to operate the store.

In this in-depth interview, Evan shares with us family stories and more from 100 years of doing business in the Falmouth area. 

You can listen to our chat with Evan by clicking play below 👇

Click here to read the Podcast Transcription

Evan Eastman (pictured above) was born and raised in Falmouth, MA. Growing up he spent his summer days fishing the waters of Vineyard Sound, and working at Eastman's with his dad Charles. Evan worked for 15 years in the finance industry before taking over ownership of the store in 2019.

In this photo from 1988, Charles Eastman Jr., left, and his manager James H. Young, are getting ready to open Eastman's Sport & Tackle on Main Street in Falmouth. Current owner Evan Eastman (son of Charles) is the fourth generation Eastman to run the business, and Jim still works at the shop to this day.

Our mission with the new Chronicles podcast is to share the magic of Cape Cod through through interviews with local experts and members of the Cape Cod fishing community.

Each Chronicles episode will last around 25 minutes, and will include a written transcription of the podcast for people who prefer to read instead of listen. 

Episodes of the Chronicles can also be listened to on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your podcasts! 

Thank you as always for listening to our podcasts here on My Fishing Cape Cod. 

Tight lines and take care! 🎣

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