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The Cape Cod Striper Season Is Far From Over

Ryan Collins

This weekend myself and members of My Fishing Cape Cod have found good numbers of striped bass from shore and from boat.

Early this morning I met up with my good friend and MFCC member Todd Baranowski at the un-Godly hour of 2am for a few hours of eel slinging.

We hooked into plenty of nice stripers as the stars shone above in the cool clear sky. As soon as the moon began to sink near the horizon the coyotes began howling and barking somewhere in the woods nearby, all while we were reeling in fish!


All in all myself and Todd (pictured above) caught at least 15 stripers on eels, and received many more bites.

For a time we were receiving bites on nearly every cast. The largest fish were in the 30-34 inch range, and all the bass were released to fight another day.

Please click here to obtain more information about this trip, including the general area fished and the best tide.

This weekend I was surprised to hear about good boat fishing for stripers and bluefish. One of our members got out on the boat and encountered big bluefish and stripers of up to 35 inches. 

You can learn more about that boat trip by clicking here.

In conclusion if you know where to go then I feel you can expect to find good action with stripers from now into November. It's not unusual for schoolies and some surprisingly big fish to be caught as late as Thanksgiving here on Cape.

As always, tight lines and take care 🎣


  1. Great to see we can still get consistent action

    1. Hopefully they’ll stick around into November!

      1. Hi Ryan played hooky from work today fished incoming tide at point Allerton in Hull had a dozen fish with 2 keepers on Joe Baggs chicken scratch swarter. Just letting all know fish are still to be had. All fish were released to continue their journey south.
        Fyi only been fishing JB Swarters this month and the blurple at night has been unreal .
        Long Story short without The MFCC site I wouldn’t have even heard of them.
        So Great info again

        1. That’s great news Ronan! Good to know there are still quality fish up to the north of the Cape, and I’m pumped the blurple Swarter is working for you. I had a great season down here fishing those at night as well. Awesome having you onboard MFCC as a member 👍🏻

  2. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow from the shore tomorrow, hope for it!

    1. Gluck Igor!

      How’d it go?

  3. Found a bunch of smaller fish in the backwater of a few bayside beaches this weekend, it was nice to get away from the wind. From the numbers and the activity they don’t seem to be in a rush to leave.

    1. That’s good to hear Mike. On the fly rod I would imagine?

      1. Small top water poppers and a small storm shad. I was casting up and down the length of the streams.

        1. Sweet, thanks Mike! 👍🏻


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