June 11 2023

Our Favorite Bluefish Recipes

by Lauren Collins

Over the years on My Fishing Cape Cod we've asked members to share their favorite bluefish recipes, and the response has been great!

Through the forum, email and blog post comments, I was able to create a bluefish recipes e-book, with tried and beloved bluefish recipes, shared by members and fans of My Fishing Cape Cod.

If you are a member of My Fishing Cape Cod then you can download the book for free by clicking below.

If you aren't a member (and don't want to become one) then you can purchase the book here for $7. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Cape & Islands Veterans' Outreach Center.

Our Favorite

Bluefish Recipes

  • Nantucket Baked Bluefish
  • Smoked bluefish pate
  • Bluefish burgers
  • Bluefish poppers
  • And more!

I also owe a big thank you to everyone from My Fishing Cape Cod who contributed to this cookbook. 

  • Laurie Rajewski
  • Don Wurster
  • Cal Wheaton
  • Leslie Kalinowski
  • Justin Demers
  • Tim Donnelly
  • Eric Meyer

If you have a bluefish recipe you'd like to share, then please leave it below in the comments. We'll be sure to include your recipe in the next edition of the bluefish recipes ebook.

Happy Cooking! 🍽

About the author 

Lauren Collins

Through the eyes of a fishermans' wife, I'm excited to share my cooking and photography with you here on MFCC. You can learn more about cooking, and get more recipes by visiting my website Creatively Delish.

  • Very nice of you to include my recipe!

    I was also given a bluefish ceviche recipe by a friend of mine on Long Island a couple years ago. I thought Vin was joking me, but after talking to him I realized he was serious. He considers it the best fish for ceviche. The dude can cook and knows his fish so I gave it a try.

    This recipe really changed the way I think about bluefish. I always enjoyed it smoked, but with the improved handling of it I like it many other ways now too!

    First, always bleed and immediately ice the fish. This is critical.

    Mike and Vin’s Bluefish Ceviche

    Filets of one medium sized bluefish, blood line removed – diced (approximately ¾ – 1#)
    Juice from 3 limes (with pulp)
    ½ medium red onion – diced
    1 large jalapeno (or 2 small) – seeds removed, diced small
    1 medium tomato – diced
    1 mango – diced
    Chopped parsley – 1 or 2T
    S&P to taste

    Place bluefish and lime juice to a glass or other non-metal container and fold to combine. Add remaining ingredients. Place in the refrigerator overnight.

    It can be eaten after a few hours, but it is better after the acid in the lime juice cures the meat.

    These are modifications/additions to his recipe that I like to try:

    Cilantro instead of parsley
    Diced cucumber
    Use a combination of lime and lemon juice
    Red pepper (orange/yellow are fine too)
    Minced Garlic (1 clove)
    More mango

    • Of course! Thank you for sharing your recipe inside the forum. It is actually what inspired me to revamp the recipe book and publish it again.

      Bluefish ceviche, now that is something I never thought of doing. I figured ceviche was best for white firm fish, but now I will have to give bluefish a shot!

      Thanks for sharing the recipe. 💪🏻

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