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Hey folks!

Well "it" is here-the end of the striped bass season.  I'd say we realistically have another 2 weeks until the vast majority of bass have left our area for warmer waters.

Pretty hard to believe if you ask me.  It seems as if it was just Memorial Day.

The good news is that there are still plenty of big bass around.  Each trip has the potential to intercept one of the last big schools of big bass as they gorge themselves for their long journey south.  Trips during mid to late October can produce some of the biggest bass of the entire year.

Because I would like to get out onto the water as much as possible before it all ends, I am going to offer an end of the season special.

5 hour striped bass trip for $325 with the Keeper Guarantee. Early morning, afternoon or evening.

That's a savings of almost $200 compared to my typical trip, plus if your group does not go home with at least one keeper striped bass, you only cover the cost of bait and gas ($150).

So split amongst a group of 3, that's just over $100/person for a chance at catching 30 pound plus bass.

Anyone who's interested can give me a call at 774 313 8571 or send me an email at

Thanks and tight lines!

Captain Ryan

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There will still be plenty of these babies kicking around until Halloween.


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