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A Simple Way To Catch Tautog During The Spring On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

For most of my fishing life I have been obsessed with striped bass. However in recent years I have really enjoyed branching out and fishing for other species.

One species of fish which I find super fun to target is the tautog (also called blackfish). Tautog are extremely strong and fight great. They are a challenge to find and hook and are also wonderful to eat.

In my opinion, the simplest way to catch tautog is to use a Togzilla jig. These jigs are specially made to present a crab (one of the tautog's favorite prey items) right on the bottom amongst the rocks and boulders where tautog call home.


When fishing for tautog you will almost always want to present your bait right along the bottom. Tautog generally hold very close to the bottom and are often found in and around rocks and boulders.

When you drop your bait, allow it to head straight for the bottom. Once it hits bottom, leave it sitting there - do not reel it up off the bottom.

During the spring tautog move into shallow water to spawn. During this time of the year it is not unusual to find tautog in water depths of 5-30 feet. 

A few months ago I was asked by ANGLR to create a series of how-to articles for their audience. The following PDF download is a copy of one article I wrote which outlines very simple and specific way to catch tautog during the spring.

If you've already caught thousands of tautog on Cape Cod in your life, then this PDF download probably won't teach you anything new.

However if you are new, or only have a couple years experience, then the info in this members-only PDF download will probably be of good value to you.

Please click below to download your copy.

A Simple Way To Catch Tautog During The Spring On Cape Cod

Members only PDF download which explains a simple and easy-to-grasp technique for catching tautog on Cape Cod during the spring.

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