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Top 5 Recent Catches by My Fishing Cape Codders

Ryan Collins

November fishing for fans and members of My Fishing Cape Cod has produced plenty of schoolie stripers, big brown trout, largemouth bass and plenty other species.

In this post I would like to quickly highlight some of the most impressive recent catches. 

If your photo or catch did not make this list, then have no worries! There were honestly too many good ones to choose from, and I just don't have the time to add them all to this post.

You can access the list of the top 5 catches (in no particular order) below. 👇


#1 - White Perch On The Fly

Angler: Todd Holden - member of MFCC since July 2018

Date of catch: November 11

You can learn more about fly fishing for white perch by reading Todd's extremely informative forum posts.

#2 - Tog & Stripers

Angler: Leslie Kalinowski - member of MFCC since February 2018

Date of catch: October 27

You can learn more about Leslie's trip by reading her forum posts.

#3 - Bass From The Beach

Angler: Mike Marcus - member of MFCC since March 2017

Date of catch: November 6

You can learn more about Mike's recent trips by reading his forum posts.

#4 - Big Brown Trout

Anglers: Anthony Besaw (member since 2017), Nick Beltramini (member since May 2019) and Kevin Conway (member since 2015)

Date of catches: Oct 23 - Oct 27

You can learn more about brown trout fishing on Cape Cod by staying up to speed on the Trout Time 2019-2020 thread.

#5 - 71" Bluefin Tuna

Angler: Kyle Wiley - member of MFCC since 2016

Date of catch: November 5

You can stay up-to-date on the tuna fishing this fall by following the Tuna fisherman wanting to team up thread.

In Conclusion

Sure the saltwater fishing season is winding down, and the cold weather is quickly approaching. Nevertheless it makes me happy to know that big fish are still out there and actively feeding. 

Whether it be bluefin tuna or brown trout, Cape Cod certainly has a diverse range of fisheries and ecosystems that remain active well after the summer tourist season ends.

Tight lines! 🎣

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Ryan, MFCC clearly has become Cape Cod’s most unique fishing resource. You and Lauren’s tireless efforts and work have created many wonderful opportunities and content for all of us to enjoy. Keep up your excellent work and we look forward to the future direction of MFCC.

    Thank you from a most appreciative member.

    1. And thank you Mike for your posts this year in the forum! Hopefully you are out there right now tracking down some late season stripers.

      As always it’s great having you onboard and I have a lot in store for this winter. In fact, here is a new blog post which touches upon a couple of additions which I have in store.

  2. Thanks Ryan, We are among so many great fisherman/women, so many beautiful species and such a fantastic area to fish! Kudos to your MFCC platform a place to enjoy, learn and share all of this!

    1. Well said Leslie! Thank you as always for being such a great supporter. I have really enjoyed reading your posts this year in the forum. Keep it up!


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