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3 Reasons Why I Charge for Full Access to My Fishing Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

Some folks get confused (or even a little angry) when they realize they have to fork over a small amount of $ to get full access to this website. 

The reality is that the website's monthly membership fee is exactly what makes everything you see here on My Fishing Cape Cod possible.

Today I want to take a moment to explain a bit more about the "pay for access" concept. Here are my top 3 reasons why charging for access makes perfect sense.


1) No Banner Ads!

Most fishing websites are supported through advertisements. When you visit these types of websites, you will see all sorts of ads begging for your attention. 

I believe banner ads take away from the online experience. Advertisements are distracting and often annoying. Personally I just don't like them. 

When I started My Fishing Cape Cod in 2012, I quickly realized I did not want to populate the website with a bunch of ads. I knew banner ads would annoy visitors to my website and detract from their experience. 

By charging $9.99/month for full access to this website, you are essentially paying to maintain the "advertisement free" browsing experience. 

Imagine if you could pay to have advertisements removed from the entire internet? How much would that be worth to you? 

I know I would pay at least $25/month to never see an advertisement again!

2) Paying for Access Eliminates all the "Haters" and "Bashers"

Have you ever tried posting a question to an online fishing forum, only to receive a bunch of rude and disprespectful replies from "haters and bashers"?

Have you ever read the nonsense and profanity left in the comments of videos posted on Facebook and YouTube?

Here on My Fishing Cape Cod you will encounter exponentially less "hating and bashing" due to the simple fact that our members pay a small amount of money each month for full access to our website. 

Even our 1.00 dollar 30 day trial is enough to scare away almost all the haters and bashers out there. As soon as you start charging money for something (no matter how small that amount of money is) the haters and bashers go away. 

This is particularly true in regard to online fishing forums.

There are several 100% free online fishing forums out there, but often if you post a question you will receive sarcastic or degrading replies - especially if you are new to fishing and are just getting started.

Because of our monthly membership fee, I can say with confidence that our forum is one of the friendliest and most helpful fishing forums on the web.

3) Maintenance, Additions and Upgrades

Each month I invest thousands of dollars on hosting, software, technical support, email services and more just to keep My Fishing Cape Cod going. 

I also invest between 20 and 60 hours per week maintaining and upgrading the My Fishing Cape Cod website, social media network, and all our other services and opportunities. 

As our membership base grows, I am able to create and improve upon everything we offer. This means I am consistently re-investing membership dues in an effort to create a better and more valuable experience for members.

For example, the table below highlights just some of the additions I have made to My Fishing Cape Cod over the years.

What MFCC offered in 2012

  • Written fishing reports

What MFCC offers in 2017

  • 1,000+ written fishing reports
  • 500+ videos
  • Courses and educational materials within the new My Fishing Cape Cod University
  • A weekly podcast during the season
  • Intercom customer support software 
  • Weekly group fishing trips
  • My Fishing Cape Cod TV (coming soon on Comcast SportsNet New England)
  • Members-only forum with thousands of forum posts/reports, as well as private messaging
  • Weekly email newsletter/updates
  • Active social media networks on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Off-season events, breakfasts, and appearances at regional fishing shows and clubs
  • The My Fishing Cape Cod Derby
  • Guest blog posts from members of the MFCC community and other local experts

As our membership base grows, I can continue to add more services and improve the overall MFCC experience. 

Simply put, none of what you see in the table above would of been possible without the revenue generated through our small $9.99/month membership fee.

I hope this helps explain a bit more about how My Fishing Cape Cod works the way it does. If you have any questions, just let me know by commenting below.

Tight lines!

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Ryan, you’re doing a great job with the forum!
    I can not believe that you need to explain why there is a charge!!! Our forum became almost daily thing for me, off season and more than daily in season, great networking and source of info. Happy to have this on the Cape and ignore the haters, plenty of love around 😉🦀🦑🎣

    1. You are right Igor, there is plenty of love around – well said! 🙌🏻

  2. Right on target Ryan. Best investment I’ve made for local knowledge just wish I had more time to rub sholders with ya. LOL

    1. That’s great to hear Jim. Glad you are happy with your membership!

      Are you around during April?

      We’ll be having 2 meetups at the Fishermen’s View Restaurant. It’d be great to have you there if you are in town. I will post the dates to the blog soon.

      1. Been living on the Cape year round. Mashpee have a “Trailer Queen 22′ Eastern Lobster” Won’t win any races but I can make an expresso underway. LOL

        1. Love it! Sounds like a great boat. 👍🏻


      the great out doors and learn


      1. Hey Mark 👋🏻

        I don’t have any openings right now for albies, but if I put together more trips then I will email our membership base and let everyone know so they have a chance to signup.

  3. I live in North Carolina, but have been coming to the Cape in May the past couple of years. Ten of us rent a house in North Truro, but surfcast with flies and spinning rigs from Race Point down to Nauset. We killed it last year, mostly schoolies (est 2500! over 4 days), only a couple of keepers. This year each guy with a keeper gets a really nice brass striper belt buckle. I joined here because I want to increase my odds of catching keepers. I also fish down south and belong to a similar website known as Salt Strong. Thus far, I am very impressed with the way Ryan runs things. I am getting pumped about the upcoming year. I am retired now, and with a cousin in Chatham with a guest house, I plan to start coming every spring and fall to catch the run. I’m in. Thanks for doing what you are doing! Walt Liggett

    1. It’s great to have you onboard Walt! Thanks for commenting. 👍🏻

      Interesting you mention Salt Strong. I just checked out their site and it looks like a great resource for down south.

      Tight lines!

      1. Hi Ryan, I’m a snowbird (fla & Cedarville) and a seasonal member. Love your site and the way you manage it with good info. In Florida I look at the Salt Strong site and was a member but dropped it. That site is good but they are constantly offering more info at higher prices. I’m sure some of it is worth it but I think they get a little carried away. You, on the other hand minimize the extras and offer great info. MFCC is a model for fishing sites on my opinion. Keep up the great work!
        I’ll be back in the spring!

        1. Nice Steve! I am very familiar with the Cedarville area. Nice little part of town, and Florida doesn’t sound half bad either. 👍

          Thank you for the insight and I am glad you are happy with MFCC. Spring will be here before we know it. I’ll look forward to having you back onboard during 2020. 🎣

    2. I am new to saltwater and have only caught 1 striper last year off of Whitehorse beach. I enjoy reading everything I can to learn.

  4. You get what you pay for in life! I am happy to pay. I had a rough summer and wasn’t on much after July 1st. I then purposely avoided the site with a plan to jump back in around 2/1. Basically using MFCC to get me through the final months before I will be back on Cape! I didn’t quite make it and have started reading and watching a little sooner than 2/1. I am already making notes and thinking about ways to get better this summer. Everyone is so helpful! Hopefully I will be able to “participate” more on the site this summer. Although with my inexperience Im not sure how helpful my “reports” actually are – “was out today, tried everything and was unable to catch fish” 🙂

    1. What I see happen all the time Rick is that people struggle to catch fish for a period of months (or sometimes a few seasons) but if they stick with it, they eventually have an “ah hah!” moment in which they experience some success, and then really start dialing-in and catching fish.

      That is exactly the process I went through, and it’s still the same process for me when I fish in new areas, like Costa Rica for example.

      The thing is that a lot of people give up before they ever have that “ah hah!” moment. Fortunately, I feel like you are VERY close to that moment and I feel that this will be the season things start clicking for you.

      I know you’ve mentioned in the past how it’d be really helpful if I came out with you on your boat to show you the ropes. Well last summer I was remodeling our new home, but this summer I hope to have more time to do that sort of thing, and I might put together a program for folks like yourself who want that extra level of hands-on guidance.

      I will for sure post details of the program here on the website once I am ready to launch it. Thanks Rick and I look forward to your reports this season!

  5. I believe what makes MFCC different than the other sites out there is the sense this is a “club” for Cape Cod fishing aficionados, and the fee is really a membership. Whereas the other forums tend to take on the personality of the posters, MFCC is really an extension of Ryan’s persona. The non-hostile/friendly/helpful nature of this community is what Ryan is all about. Having the fee helps enforce this as for the most part only these individuals who commit to being here participate in the on-line conversations. This is what it’s all about.

    I tell anyone listening … best $10 you can spend if you plan on doing any fishing at all on or near The Cape.

    1. I like your comment about MFCC being an extension of Ryan’s persona Jeff, very insightful. We are very lucky to have such an honorable man setting the tone for the site.

  6. This website is worth every cent. I joined last year then cancelled, during the winter. I’ll keep paying all year from now on. The blogs, podcasts, and drama free forums make it worth it. Looking forward to the mfcc tv show.

    Thanks for the site Ryan. And Kevin, I really enjoy the podcasts.

    1. Thank you Craig. It is terrific having you as part of MFCC!

  7. Ryan,

    I totally agree with all the points you and the other members have made regarding this site and the great value it provides. I would also point out that the member support which you provide personally is truly stellar. You won’t find that type of support on a free site. You are awesome and I really appreciate everything you are doing for MFCC members like me and the community.

    1. Great having you onboard MFCC Dean!

      I really appreciate having your support 🙂

  8. Ryan,
    Great Blog! I appreciate the content I receive with limited access. As a New Englander now situated in Texas, I give my support to local fishing organizations. Keep up the good work! Bill D.

    1. That’s terrific Bill!

      Please give my best to your Texan fishing buddies!

  9. Ryan – I joined years back then cancelled when I stopped fishing the Cape. I’ll be moving to the Cape next spring and you bet I’ll be joining again. Well worth the price of admission. Great job!

    1. Pumped to hear you are heading back to the Cape Gary!

      That is great news.

  10. I think the monthly fee is somewhat like an HOA fee. Everyone pays a small amount in order that the facilities are well maintained, up to date and the value is maintained. The information provided by Ryan is well worth the money. Even though I don’t get out fishing as much as I would like to, the reports keep me connected to the sport and the people who are doing what we all love to do. Thanks to Ryan for producing a great site and thanks to all the members for their input, information and insights.

    1. Can I still fly my American flag on my vessel with a membership?

      1. Of course Josh! lol

    2. Richard, it’s been great having you as a member since 2013!

      I appreciate your support, and I hope the clamming has been good for you!

  11. Ryan you are the best and I look forward to signing up with your MFCC tell me what I need to do.And thank you for those dead porgies at the east end of the canal recently.You are OUTSTANDING.

    1. Great to hear from you Dave!

      You can learn more about membership and signup by going to this page >

      I hope those pogies worked well for you. Unfortunately I heard the seine boat got all those big schools of pogies 🙁

  12. I think this site is great, a true bargain for such detailed and helpful info
    for fisherman who love fishing, created by people who love fishing.
    I would like to thank you for the work that you and your colleagues do to make this site awesome.

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 We have a lot in store for 2018 and will keep working hard!

  13. This site has certainly come a long way since when I joined in 2013. Nice work piecing everything together.

    1. And thank you Ryan for helping to make this year’s Derby a success!

  14. Never thought of the weeding out haters and bashers angle but true dat. The forum is friendly and helpful.
    Your openness and willingness to share knowledge is worth the price. If I buy one RIGHT lure instead of 5 wrong lures…that’ll pay for most of the year. Glad to help monetize your info sharing.

    1. Well said Marty and I appreciate having you onboard as a member.

      None of this would be possible without members like yourself!

  15. I think that the services and info provided to us as members is beyond what I have ever found before on fishing. Everyone is nice and helpful and willing to share and help with any questions . Fantastic job and I appreciate everything you do for us as members and the public as well. A big thankyou to you Ryan and all the supporting members.

    1. Awesome having you onboard MFCC, and I appreciate your participation with the site!

  16. This is a great website for HONEST reporting and up to date fishing information and the methods used to catch them. I learn something new every time I open up the forum read the blogs and the member threads and posts. It maybe what baits or lures are working, rigging, boating tips and the list goes on. Been fishing the salt for forty plus years. I’ve seen many changes and I’m still learning and still catching. This site has helped me to maintain my edge.

    1. I think it is a great having someone like yourself Gary (who’s been fishing the salt for 40 years) as part of MFCC.

      There are lots more new things/adventures in store for all of us in the coming months and years!

  17. I have been in IT for the better part of 40 years – so know the investement it takes to deliver a site of this quality.. and the amount of effort you personally put in to deliver the stellar content should be appreciated by everyone.

    This is simply my favorite $10 spent each month… I promise you… the gas, time and frustration I spent before joining this site – cost much more than a lifetime membership will.

    And yeah – the people I have met along the way just makes it an even greater value!

    Keep up the good work Ryan – greatly appreciated!

    1. I will definitely keep up the good work Steve! I am in this for the long haul.

      Pumped you feel you are getting great value from your $10/month investment.

  18. It’s quite interesting that individuals think that it’d be ridiculous to charge a fee for these fishing strategy details when these individuals could always put in their own extensive research and time to potentially get to the same result, but obviously aren’t doing so if they are expressing negative backlash over a price, meaning they are yearning for the key details disclosed in the membership haha. Nothing is free in this life ! Yes I can do my own research and be successful, and I do, but hands down, I have gotten better at striper/saltwater fishing in a much more progressive manner thanks to this membership (mind you I just joined in April 2017). But Ryan said it best, the fee weeds out the individuals we won’t want among us. And no offense, but if someone is barking at a $9.99/monthly fee for key access to great information that will guide you to success in the world of fishing, they probably shouldn’t be spending money on fishing gear in general if $10/month is a struggle for them hahaa. Just sayin ! #tightlines

    1. I hear you loud and clear Nick. I think the internet in general is moving towards more “pay for access” models to help weed out the junk information/fake news etc.

      As you mention, the small monthly fee helps attract the right people. I appreciate having you onboard and tight lines out there this week!

      1. No Problem Sir , you as well.

  19. I started Striper fishing in 2012 with little to no knowledge. With the help of MFCC I have caught hundreds of fish each year, with this year being the best yet!
    Thank you Ryan!

    1. It’s been a lot of fun following your progression over these years Chris! Looking forward to seeing what is next in store for you!

      1. Block Island this weekend and casting to tuna ASAP!

  20. An MFCC membership is probably one of the best pieces of “tackle” a recreational New England fisherman could own.The content quality, quantity, unique resources and above all, tone of MFCC is vastly superior to anything else I’ve seen for a regional fishing enthusiast web platform. You’ve built a great product Ryan and the growing membership is a testimony to that.

    1. Awesome having you onboard as a member Doug!

      On another note, I’m already looking forward to our 2nd appearance in the Cheeky Tournament next year! I like our odds…

      1. me too, Ryan!

  21. Ryan, I think it’s worth every penny! It’s the one site were I can get everything I need and I have made some friends as well. Keep up the good work as it’s fun to watch the site grow!

    1. And thank you Ron for being onboard as a member since since 2013!

      As you mention, connecting anglers is a great benefit of MFCC.

      Any plans to circumnavigate Cape Cod again in 2017?

      1. I don’t believe you should have to justify to anyone. All the comments above are spot on. The only thing I could add is thank you for all you do.

        1. And thank you Joe for being part of MFCC!


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