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An Early April “Escape To The Cape”

Lauren Collins

Greetings My Fishing Cape Codders!  Lauren here, bringing you another episode of living life as the wife of Ryan Collins.  Let's jump right in, shall we?

The day started with the sun shining, the birds chirping, a slight wind and a little nip in the air. Spring has sprung, and that means more time spent outside!

After a few days of rain and a snow day in April, I caught the itch to be outside again. It was time to plan an outing. Ryan and I had been watching the weather all week, and wouldn't you know it, this past Thursday there wasn't a cloud in the sky!

It seemed like the perfect day to head down Cape with Rosie and my "God-dog" Buddy, the miniature schnauzer, for some much needed hiking and fresh air.

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Spring Has Finally Arrived On Cape Cod

Lauren Collins

For most people, visiting Cape Cod is strictly a summer expedition.  You pack up the car to spend a week in a little cottage down Cape, explore the beaches and towns and eat as much ice cream and lobster rolls as possible.

For Ryan and I, we have the very fortunate privilege of exploring the Cape any time of the year.  

Now that we have our sweet little rescue pup Rosie, it's a no-brainer to head down on the first warm days of spring!

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Adventures in a Tico Kitchen

Lauren Collins

One would think that making ceviche, rolling dough for arepas, and shooing dogs and cats out of the kitchen (all while you're trying to make arroz con pollo) doesn't sound that labor intensive - but it totally is.

However, no one can argue that catching the fish is the most work. You put in countless hours, wake up with the sun (and sometimes fish until it goes back down) because you know the next fish could be bigger than the last one.

But what should you do when your significant other succeeds in bringing home a giant fish? He or she may filet the fish with excitement and pride, and then just hand it to you in a bowl with expectation that you do something delicious with it.  

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Halibut Stew With Coconut Green Curry

Lauren Collins

There are always a few recipes you keep on hand because you know they are easy and quick to make.

This halibut recipe is certainly one of my "go-to meals" when time is of the essence. Halibut is delicious any time of year, perfectly filling and very healthy.

​This recipe originated from a magazine, but I have cooked it so many times that I now add my own personal touches and can confidently call it my own.

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The Life of a Fisherman’s Girlfriend Wife

Lauren Collins

Hello and welcome to the second edition of the Life of a Fishermans Girlfriend Wife!

As we come up on our one year anniversary of the day I finally married a fisherman, I thought I would share a few thoughts from what I have learned so far in marriage.  

You can still refer to my original post, Life of a Fishermans Girlfriend, because that post is still absolutely relevant, but read on for a few additions to that list.  I bet there are a lot of women out there who are in the same boat (pun intended).

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Truro in October

Lauren Collins

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Cape Cod is a playground for people from all over the country, and even the world.  

Once the fall hits however, the roads are clear, many businesses are closed for the winter, and the pace of life slows down again.

October is one of the best times to visit Cape Cod, and I was lucky enough to spend a night in Truro with Ryan this past week to explore the empty beaches and restaurants all to ourselves.

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Two Simple Ways To Prepare Striped Bass

Lauren Collins

Striped bass is a staple in our house.  Baking this white flakey fish with bread crumbs, butter and lemon juice is great, but that simple method gets boring pretty fast.  

This summer I experimented with different spices and marinades to help keep things new and interesting.

Please continue reading below for some delicious inspiration, and two simple ways you can prepare striped bass.

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5 Side Dishes for Your Next Fish Dinner

Lauren Collins

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod! As many of you know, I have a serious passion for food and cooking.

Of course since I am married to a fisherman, it's pretty common that I'm cooking something involving fish. However, if you're not careful, fish can get boring real quick.

So with that in mind, today I am sharing 5 of my all time favorite side dishes, which you can use to pair with your own fish dinners.

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Stripers, Toucans, Weddings and Phosphorous

Lauren Blacker

I have this funny feeling that when a guy goes fishing, all he really wants is to catch fish, and enjoy utter silence.

That is really not a strong point for me. So when Ryan asked if I would join him on the little 12 footer for a few hours of fishing, I was stunned.

For one thing, it's a 12 foot boat, so there is no escaping each other.  He can't just "disappear" to the front of the boat to escape my ramblings.  But for some reason, he loves it when I accompany him, so off we went in the little 12 footer.

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Buttery Linguine with Shredded Striped Bass

Lauren Blacker

Honestly, I was skeptical of this the minute I saw the raw filet sitting on my counter.

Now, I have eaten a lot of striped bass in my day thanks to the super talented fisherman I get to call my future husband, but when I saw this I really wasn't so sure.

And you know you're with a fisherman when he brings home the filets, nape and all.

I've heard people say that the nape of the bass, meaning the meaty part of their chin/throat area, is the most tender part of the whole fish, so I knew we had to give it a try.

Ryan reassured me this would taste similar to lobster meat, and you know what? He was kind of right!​

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Five Pepper Cod With Mango Salsa

Lauren Blacker

During the summer I spend mostly every weekend on Cape Cod, relaxing on the beach and enjoying some of the freshest seafood around.

This kind of meal makes me think of those warm nights by the water with a glass of wine and great friends all around.

I chose Cod for this recipe because the meat is so light and flakey. Cod is so versatile that it can be paired with just about anything.

​The most important part of cooking fish is to season it just right, so you get the flavors you want, while still being able to "taste the sea."

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Striped Bass & Roasted Vegetable Tacos

Lauren Blacker

Fresh striped bass is the star of these tacos. Just roast up some quick vegetables, whip up some guacamole, and dinner is ready in minutes.

Now that the stripers are back on Cape Cod, Ryan will be out every week, searching and hopefully catching keepers.

Fresh, wild-caught fish, is something that just can't be beat. In addition, this recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.

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Pan Seared Tilapia with High Hook Wine

high hook wines

There is nothing quite like a fresh piece of white flakey fish, lightly pan seared in a white wine & butter sauce, served with sautéed shallots and roasted asparagus.

Does this not scream spring?  I sure think it does! Despite it snowing earlier this week, warm days and clear skies are right around the corner. [continue reading…]

A Look Back at Costa Rica

Lauren Blacker

It's been less than one month since Ryan and I were living it up in Costa Rica, however it feels like it's been decades.  

Our lives changed from the moment we stepped foot in CR, and I will forever be grateful for our experience.

Out of all the moments we had in Costa Rica, there are several that stand out in my mind the most.

Let me take you through my most memorable experiences in CR - I hope you enjoy!

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Finding the True Meaning of “Pura Vida”

Lauren Blacker

My feelings won't be hurt if you'd like to skip ahead to Ryan's latest fishing report, but I think you'll enjoy my Costa Rica travel update below...

Where we are in Costa Rica, there are no beach chairs. When I asked some people where I could rent a chair, they simply replied, "Find some driftwood to lean on!"

To be honest though that's all I needed, and to make it even more luxurious, I used a boogie board propped up behind me for extra comfort.

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