August 22 2022

See a Spout, Watch Out! – Receive a Free Pair of Polarized Sunglasses by Taking this Online Course

by Lauren Collins

See A Spout, Watch Out! is a partnership program between local environmental and government partners. This program gives boaters the tools they need to be prepared to share the seas with whales along the US Atlantic seaboard. 

With the large amount of whale and marine wildlife activity we've seen this summer, it's especially important for boaters to know guidelines for each species of whale, what to look for, and who to contact when something happens.

My friend of mine, Monica Pepe, works for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) out of Plymouth, and they have put together a quick and easy, completely free e-course to help increase safety for boaters and whales.  

Even better, the first 300 participants of the course will receive a free pair of polarized sunglasses!

To take a look at the program and to get started, you can either click here or use your phone to scan the QR code below.

What you can expect from this free online course:

  • Resources to prepare for a  safe trip out to sea
  • Help identifying common whale species found along the US Atlantic coast
  •  Information to assist in recognizing whale behaviors
  • Whale watching guidelines
  • Information about what to document and who to call if you encounter a whale in distress
I completed the course and it took me about 30-40 minutes.  I learned the differences between each species of whale so I can be better at identifying them. I also learned about the different whale watching regulations each species has.

Right whales in particular are considered critically endangered, and the difference in regulations between them and other kinds of whales is drastic.  With only around 368 Right Whales left and approximately just 32 calves born since 2017, it's more important than ever to keep them safe.

We hope you can participate in this free e-course to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of whales and other marine life in our waters around Cape Cod and beyond.  Not to mention it's a great bonus and opportunity to snag an awesome pair of polarized sunglasses!

Tight lines 🎣

About the author 

Lauren Collins

Through the eyes of a fishermans' wife, I'm excited to share my cooking and photography with you here on MFCC. You can learn more about cooking, and get more recipes by visiting my website Creatively Delish.

  • This is awesome! Will be featuring this on this week’s MFCC podcast and I just took the course myself! It’s fantastic! Thank you, Lauren!

  • Thanks Lauren! Although I dont have a boat I took the course anyway. I am out in boats a lot. I was really interested in whale safety and I wanted to learn how to identify different whales. I thought the course was interesting and very informative. Thanks for bringing this course to our attention at MFCC. Great info!

    • That’s awesome Leslie!! So glad you took it and now you get a sweet pair of sunnies! I am never in charge on the boat so me taking this test wasn’t necessary either, but I agree I thought it was very informative!

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