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Big Bass Return Inshore

Ryan Collins

Up until this past weekend, the fishing in many of the inshore areas I tend to visit had slowed way down.

Yet that has changed in a big way over the past 72 hours. For whatever reason some awfully nice bass are once again roaming in shallow water.

In the following video my father and I are anchored up in 10 feet of water. I was casting in towards the shoreline and could almost hit the beach with a well launched cast.


I plan on posting more updates very soon (probably tomorrow). Until then MFCC members can download more information about this trip by clicking the orange button below.

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More information about where and how this 44 inch bass was caught

  1. Hey Ryan,
    Been trying to surf cast here in Barnstable south side with a tsunami sand eel. Haven’t had much luck. Also it’s 2.5 oz. wondering if I need more weight or a bigger pencil popper instead? Also trying to catch the right tide. Thoughts

    1. Typically I like the area you have been fishing much more later in the season at night, especially during the month of October.

      Continue following along here on MFCC Colin and you will in time pick up the secrets.

  2. Well, I got out at 5:20am and hit the Brewster area. Next chance I’ll hit Barnstable. No big fish but I had a blast. Just me and one kayaker. Caught fish pretty consistently from 5:30 – 9:30am on the incoming tide. Thanks for follow up message Ryan.

    1. Sounds like a great day on the Drew. Happy to hear you enjoyed a nice trip!

  3. Yes, I also thought the “more information” would include the WHERE!! I fish out of Marshfield and am somewhat of a rookie. Once the bite at race point dies out in early July I have trouble finding them. Tried Scorton area last week. Marked tons but couldn’t get them to bite!!

    1. Continue following along with MFCC and you will in time put the pieces to the puzzle together. Several veteran members have figured out where I was.

      As I mention to Drew below, “the hunt” is the most fun! Revealing exactly where I was would do you no good, especially as a rookie. Greater fulfillment will come in figuring out the details on your own 😉

  4. Brewster Flats or Barnstable Harbor channel for the AM incoming tide tomorrow morning, that is the question? Probably better options out there, but those are two areas I’m comfortable getting to in the boat. But I’m up for new adventures too…going to fish from 5am – 10am

    1. I’ll send you a message Drew

  5. I get it- shallow near the beach- but what area are we talking about-
    chatham? barnstable- I’m such a newbie could you spell it out
    your maps are great too.

    1. Hey Viv! The “hunt” is the most fun part. Keep at it and continue following MFCC. You will learn the best areas with time and effort, and I am happy to help along the way.


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