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Cajun Grilled Swordfish with Mango Salsa

Lauren Collins

In the middle of the summer, especially in August, no one really wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking over a hot stove!  It's grilling season!

This Cajun Grilled Swordfish with Mango Salsa is the perfect solution!

Mango salsa is a great staple to have in your fridge during the summer.  Not only is it great over fish or chicken, but also great for tacos, tossed in salads and of course just keeping it simple with some tortilla chips.  It requires little time, and a big batch can last days in your fridge.


The cajun seasoning is very simple for this dish, and it's the same cajun seasoning I use for a lot of my recipes.  You can use whatever kind you prefer, or if you're new to the cajun seasoning, I recommend the Zatarain's brand.

Portions & Servings

I generally prefer to portion out 1/2-3/4 pounds per serving of swordfish, and although this recipe is for two, you're going to end up with a lot of extra mango salsa, so if you are cooking for three or four or even five people, you won't need to double the salsa recipe.  If you're still only making this for two, I still recommend making the same amount of salsa and storing it in the fridge for snacking or topping on a later dinner in the week.

Mango Salsa

When I graduated college and moved out on my own, I learned a few go-to meals to get me through my new and exciting "adulting" life.  Besides my famous quesadillas (those started in high school!), it was lemon chicken, chicken parmesan and this amazing mango salsa.

What I love about this mango salsa is that it is packed with flavor, and you can be versatile with the ingredients.  Of course a fresh mango would be best to peel and dice, but sometimes you can't get a fresh mango, so you use frozen chopped mango instead.  

The same goes with corn.  Frozen corn can be just as sweet as the kernels you get off a fresh cob, so either way is fine.  If you like to use canned corn, that's fine too, just make sure to rinse and drain it first.

As for the lime juice, I will say that you should only ever use fresh lime juice.  The bottled lime juice just isn't the same.  When you're shopping for limes, make sure they feel slightly soft to the touch.  The harder and firmer ones are going to be difficult to squeeze the juice out of.

The Dish

For this recipe, I headed over to the Fishermen's View Fish Market in Sandwich, located right on the canal at the East End.  They have an incredible selection of fresh, wild-caught fish and shellfish, which is where I got this sword steak.

When grilling swordfish, be sure to let it sear on one side without touching it or moving it, so you get those nice grill marks.  

Grill each side for 5-6 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish.  If you want to ensure your fish is fully cooked through without cutting into it, you could use a food thermometer and make sure the temp is no more than 145 (otherwise you risk overcooking the fish).

I hope you enjoy this easy, delicious, perfect summer-weather meal!  

You can click here to print the recipe.

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  1. Looks great Lauren! The salsa looks yummy! Thanks!

    1. That salsa was my favorite part! 🍴

    2. Thanks Leslie! The salsa is great for so many different meals 🙂


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