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Big Blackfish Have Arrived On Cape Cod

Steve Kwietniak

Member since 2015

I arrived at the dock at 5:45 as my fellow MFCC crew members were strolling toward Capt. Cullen’s boat. I also saw Ryan getting ready to launch his kayak. He wouldn’t be joining us today, but it was good seeing him after a long winter.

After the customary greetings, all were on board and our Tautog trip began. 

We cleared the dock and went full throttle into the early morning mist. The cool temperatures of early May on Cape Cod were evident as everyone pulled up their hoods and bundled up tight in the 40-degree temps. With wind and sea spray stinging our faces, Cullen guided the boat to his chosen spot.


Tautog Fishing | May 3rd

We reached our destination quick enough. We were soon idling over rock structure. Cullen made a few loops to make sure we were right where he wanted to be. We would soon find out that we were right over the fish.

Cullen got the craft precisely situated and lowered the anchor. We would not be drifting this trip – rather we would hold fast, right over the rocky bottom.

Cullen then poured out dozens of green crabs onto the bait board.

If you have seen the tautog videos here on MFCC, then you will understand the technique. Cullen followed what you will see in this video to the letter. 

We all went to work while Cullen continued to prep the crabs for us to re-bait as needed. Before we started fishing he made one last reminder. “When you get the bump – get right on these guys, and set your hook quick.”

And with that we were fishing.

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